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Firestar's POV:

I think I've already explored everything on Facebook! I thought happily. I already have games (TwolegVille and ClanVille are really fun!), apps (StarClan on the Go! and ChatCat.), and decorated my profile (Spottedleaf, DUH!). As I was admiring my profile, Graystripe entered my den.

"Firestar! When are you joining ThunderClan?" he said confused. Him, CONFUSED? I should be confused right now. I apparently was making a confused face because Graystripe said, "You can join groups! Thunderstar from StarClan and the other first leaders created groups, like RiverClan and WindClan."

Oh, THAT explains it! As Graystripe exited my den, I searched "ThunderClan." Oh, there it is! I joined and typed, "Leader." While I looked approvingly at my groups (Leaders United, Spottedleaf Rocks, and Forest Cats), my computer dinged. Ah, Notifications jingle. UUGH, how I HATE that jingle! I thought. I clicked over to my profile. Whoa! Firestar joined group, ThunderClan. Graystripe, Sandstorm, and 27 other cats like this. Yay, I can finally rest.

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