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Everything was going well for the clan. The cats were all well-fed, but still sleek. At least they weren't TOO connected to their laptops like the now fat ShadowClan… As Firestar was about to go to get some mice, he typed Wow, I'm still not dead! Hooray! After a minute of shut-eye, he saw the page FULL of comments!

Leafpool: Daddy, don't talk like that!

Tigerstar: I know! I have tried EVERYTHING, and he still won't die!

Erin Hunter #1: I know, the other Erins and I are talking abut killing him off!

Sandstorm: WHAT? My mate has to go to STARCLAN w/ SPOTTEDLEAF?

Spottedleaf: Ha, ha, ha. I will wait for my Firestar FOREVER! I told him when you guys were at SkyClan, but you were too deaf! Lolz… =D

Bluestar: Wow. SANDSTORM IS DEAF! I know I'm a leader and all, but SANDSTORM IS DEAF!

Snowfur: Can SOMEONE shut my sister UP? She DOES NOT have a good voice…

After Firestar read the comments, his mouth was agape. But, he didn't know what it was open for. Spottedleaf missing him, Sandstorm being deaf, Bluestar being a horrible singer, Tigerstar tried to kill him in every way possible, and WHO THE HECK WAS ERIN HUNTER? Firestar quit confusing himself and typed,

Firestar: WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH EVERYONE? I WILL NOT DIE YET! Spottedleaf, cool you are missing me. Tigerstar, I am RELIEVED there is a Dark Forest. Bluestar, STOP SINGING! StarClan, HELP SNOWFUR SHUT HER UP! Finally, Sandstorm, you are not deaf. There, cats' problems are solved…

Firestar felt he had said the right things and pressed Send. As soon as his head felt the moss, he was asleep…