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Firestar's POV:

I was really bored out of my brains. There hasn't been any battles, and the Gathering is still a few days. Hmm, guess these laptops help the peace. What do you know? I'm starting to like this! "Firestar! Have you looked up YouTube yet?" Graystripe asked me one day. "Actually, no. What's that?" I stretched out.

"Well, YouTube is a site on the internet where you watch videos that twolegs make." Graystripe explained. I smiled, "Oh, that's cool. I'll look it up!" Then, I ran to my den and looked up YouTube. The almost-colorless site popped up. What a yawn… They should seriously change the colors... But what to search? Oh yeah, duh. I'll just search up for cats!

I typed in 'cats' on the search box. After a few clicks, I was faced with a pageful of possibilities. Hmm, what's that? I was a video named 'Nyan Cat.' I was really curious, so I pressed play. The music started to play and an adorable cat started to sing. Oh, how adorable! I love it! Then I saw a button that changed my life. The 'share' button. I pressed the 'share on Facebook' button and purred as my computer did all the work. The whole FOREST will LOVE this!

A day later…

Sorreltail's POV:

It's been one day since I've logged on Facebook. I hope my notifications isn't jammed like last time… I opened a page and searched up Facebook. After logging in, I saw my Notifications. Yep, it's jammed.

Firestar: This is TOO cute!

Nyan Cat: The Original Video



Graystripe: -.- A cat

Sandstorm: With a Pop-Tart for a body.

Bluestar: That has rainbows shooting out of its butt.

Ashfur: WTF? *bangs head on the nearest rock*

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Brambleclaw: There is no dislike button… WHY IS THERE NO DISLIKE BUTTON?

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Blackstar: That's it. That's evidence that Thunderclan's leader is on CRACK!

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Brambleclaw: Ashfur 64 people. You have 28. Be jealous.

Ashfur: Brambleclaw Suck it, you freak.

Brambleclaw: I'm not gay, I have Squirrelflight. And, if I go gay, it won't be for you.

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Ashfur: You… YOU ALL HATE ME!

Sandstorm: I try to squeeze in a short shut-eye, and this is what I get. My notifications is jammed. WTF Ashfur and Brambleclaw?

Squirrelflight: Mom, you know them. They're toms. Us she-cats are THE THING.

-1,479 people like this

Sandstorm: You got that right… -.-

Squirrelflight: Brambleclaw, Ashfur Beat that. 1,479 PEOPLE, BABY!

Onestar: A PERFECT example of twolegs and Firestar being total idiots.

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Firestar: That hurts… ;(

After reading that mess, I was kind of happy I didn't log on for a day. But that song is SOO ANNOYING! Aargh! My ears! It's an insult to cats! That's it, twolegs are officially INSANE! I shook my pelt and stalked out of the warriors' den.

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