Summary: Liz and Kid have been together for a while and now it seems that couple will become trio when Liz seems to be expecting.

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Chapter 1: Surprises

It was the dead of night, Liz was sleeping in Kids arms, both were peacefully sleeping. They had been a couple for a little over a year now and they were happy with how things were. There was a learning curve in the beginning but they had found their place together. They had come a long way together but they wanted to be together and were willing to work at it. Their biggest problem was when Kid wanted Liz to spend her nights with him in his room, it's not that they hadn't spent their nights there before but now Kid wanted her to put her things in the room too. They both knew it meant that his room would not be perfectly symmetrical anymore but he would rather have Liz in his room than symmetry, Liz did her best to keep the room as symmetrical as she could. It meant the world to Liz that Kid was willing to make such a sacrifice for her. The relationship seemed to be good for both of them, Liz made Kid loosen up and Kid gave a sense of security to Liz and gave her a sense of structure she never had when she lived on the streets. It seemed after they learned to lock the door at night, so Patti wouldn't walk in on them and they gave her a set of noise canceling headphones that their problem at home were all settled.

In the morning Liz threw up in the toilet as she had been doing so for the last week.

"Are you okay sis?" Patti asked.

"Yeah, it's just this stupid stomach bug." Liz told her sister. "Now you and Kid head off to school I'll be fine."

"So are you and Kid still going have your special night tonight?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine for tonight."

Patti smiled and she went off with Kid to school. Liz spent most of the morning in bed or near the toilet but by the afternoon she felt all better. She went to the drug store for a few things.

Kid walked back to their homes alone, Patti having told him she was off to meet Maka and Tsubaki but was actually spending the night at Maka's apartment to give the couple some alone time. Kid was surprised to find Liz wearing a revealing maids costume. Liz knew that Kid loved it when she wore outfits like this, she found out this when for Halloween party she dressed up as Slave Leia and they ended up spending the whole night in their bedroom. So now every once in a while she would surprise Kid with a new outfit. It was fun for Liz, when her and Kid were together it was alway amazing but when she teased him an outfit like this it was something new. Kid is usually very self controlled and he's always a little more relaxed around Liz and when they're together he's almost like a different person but with this new outfit it was a different story. Deep inside Kid there was a something smothered, trapped like an animal unable to be release clinging to one truth: that the beast this powerful cannot be contained and will be inevitably released. Liz knew he wanted out but she was in control, she had a key to it's cage and would she would not release him until she was good and ready. Liz bit her lower lip and ran upstair knowing that Kid was chasing her,Liz loved these games of cat and mouse. Eventually Kid tackled Liz on to their bed and ripped her clothes off.

Liz loved that she was the only one that could make Kid go this wild and she treasured these times. As powerful as Kid was he was every bit tender and loving to Liz. Both feeling that Kid instill in her eventually began to over come Liz, these moments together seemed to be a force of nature. As they both reached closer to their limits, their souls began to resonate. Liz began to feel everything Kid was feeling, Liz could feel every touch and every emotion the very sensation of freedom she gave him, she was surprised how could she make Kid feel this good.

"Of course you feel this good to me,I love you." Liz could hear Kids thoughts.

Liz then felt the sensation of Kids soul embracing her, making sure she always knew that she would always have a place to call home and someone that would always love her.

"I love you too Kid."

Their shared emotions overwhelmed the two. They spent the rest of the night sleeping in each others arms. When they these special nights they slept well into the morning but Liz woke up early in the morning to throw up. Looking through the bag of things she brought back from the store, she already made use of the protection she got but now she took a bit of stomach medicine. She found something else and bag and wondered.

Kid woke up later to find liz sitting on the couch in the living room. She was holding something in her hand. The air around her was tense.

"Liz is something wrong?" Kid asked concerned, he could tell something was troubling her.

"Um..." Liz struggled to find the right words. "You know how I've been sick all week long."

"Yes, of course you have up early every morning because of it."

"Well it looks like it I didn't have the stomach flu." She held up a pregnancy test.

Kid took it from her and read it's result, it was positive. Kid was overwhelmed by and then he tossed it to the side "Ah!" remembering Liz had to pee on it. "Uh, so you're pregnant."

"Yeah, I didn't really know it until this morning. Yesterday I went to get some stuff from the drug store and when I asked the person pharmacist for something for my stomach, she suggested that I was pregnant. I really didn't believe it I just took the test without thinking about it. But this morning I stopped and thought about it and it makes sense, so I took the test and it says I'm pregnant." There was a pause and Liz's eyes were filled with tears. "What are we going to do? We're both still in school. Neither one of us is ready to be parents."

Liz's mind was filled with memories about her own mother leaving her and Patti to fend for themselves on the streets,she was afraid that Kid would leave her to fend for herself.

Liz was about to cry when Kid put his arm around Liz. "Don't worry I'm going to be by your side. No matter what, I love you Liz and-"

Liz didn't have to listen to anything else, she kissed him. Liz was used to being the one to calm Kid down when he was freaking out about symmetry but now he was calming her down.

Authors Notes: So this story kinda spun out of my other story Gender Flip, you don't have to read it it just gave one way for this couple to get together. But anyway I'm going to try to update this story everyday there will be a few chapters so I hope to do it in a week, I'm going for a challenge. That and I noticed there weren't any story of Kid and Liz having a baby. Anyway review and tell me what you think. The next chapter will deal with them telling their families about the future baby.