Summary: Liz and Kid have been together for a while and now it seems that couple will become trio when Liz seems to be expecting.

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Chapter 5: Epilogue

It had only been a couple of months since the babies were born but for Kid and Liz it seemed that it had been their entire lives, they couldn't imagine life without their babies. Even though they spent most of their time burping, sleeping and eating those babies were loved by everyone they were babies after all. Liz was able to lose most of her baby wait to her delight.

So one day gathered their friends and family for a barbeque. Lord Death took over the grilling duties, he was able to make enough great food to fill up Black Star. Patti was playing with with Raven, the young baby girl nuzzled a small teddy bear. The baby seemed to be very serious, especially for a baby. Patti kept making faces at the baby hoping to get it to crack a smile. After several minutes and several faces without any luck Patti gave up.

Annoyed Patti went into her scary voice. "You will love me."

Raven responded by smacking her aunt with the teddy bear.

Tsubaki chuckled seeing this, Patti glared at her and she turned away. Tsubaki instead joined Maka in playing with the baby Bram. Though barely able to move Bram's eyes darted back and forth to anything that moved in front of him. Bram seemed to genuinely curious of the world around him and delight by it at the same time. As he stared at the two women that he would grow up thinking as his aunts and he smiled.

Tsubaki and Maka delighted said. "Ooh that's so cute."

Black Star spotting this told Soul. "If you're not careful Maka is going to want baby for her own."

"Yeah," Soul responded. "well it looks like Tsubaki already wants one."

Then both men grew slightly pale and quiet as the thought sank in, both realize that it was a strong possibility.

As Kid was bring out some more food, he placed it on the table. He looked at his wife and smiled, he was lucky to find someone so wonderful.

Liz set up a camera. "Okay everyone get over here so we can get a group photo."

Setting the timer Liz ran in front of it grabbing her daughter and Kid picked up his baby boy.

"I love you Liz." Kid whispered to his wife.

"I love you too." Liz whispered back.

Raven looked at her mother and smiled.

"You got her to smile." Patti pointed out.

Lord Death stood behind the couple,forgetting he was wearing a white apron that said "Kiss the Cook" and a big puffy white hat. As Patti looked at her smiling niece and couldn't help but smile. Their friends gathered around them. Looking towards the camera as the flash went off. Liz and Kid would often look at the picture and agree that was their first family portrait. That was what was pictured, their family, not just Lord Death and Patti,not just just their precious babies but their bothers and sisters. Liz was abandoned and Kid grew up alone but now they didn't worry about that and they knew their children would never have to worry about that.

Authors Notes: Ok the last chapter was going to be the last one but then I decided to add an epilogue.I am also playing with an idea to write stories for the other two couples having their babies, but I don't really have any real ideas. So maybe some day but right now it's the end of this story. Review and tell me what you think.