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All was quiet and serene

"ATTACK!" Kirito yelled as he led the thirty members of the "Laughing Coffin" in a charge, their weapons raised to the group of twelve or so luckless fools that had decided to travel through the forest on the twenty-seventh floor.

Kirito was the first to make contact with the soon to be besieged group. He swung his two swords behind him and then pushed forward with his back leg into the Shattering Meteor strike. Kirito's strength and speed was more than a match for what looked like the group leader, as he only had time to raise his katana in a feeble block before both of Kirito's blades cut through it. The man only had a surprised look on his face before one of Kirito's blades left a deep gash on his right arm and the other struck the man's neck.

Kirito watched with a sadistic smile as his opponent sank to the floor and his health meter rapidly depleted, smirking as the final three red dots disappeared and the man's body fell into polygons. Shouts of fear and loss came from the leader's frozen teammates as the rest of the ambushing "Laughing Coffin" group surrounded them. A couple tried to fight back, only to fall to the ground as swords came from all around and impaled them.

"You have only one chance left to live, and that is to surrender your weapons and everything from your inventory, NOW!" Kirito said as he placed his two swords back into the sheaths on his back.

Weapons fell to the ground as the beaten group operated their menus with their right-hand to place all items onto the floor. The "Coffins" eyes gleamed as they saw the intricate designed weapons, high level healing potions, several full set of white shining armour, five teleportation crystals, and what appears to be over 300k of gold.

When they were done, Kirito approached the loot and selected one of the swords on the floor, swung it around for a second, nodded and placed it in his inventory, also grabbing 20k.

"C-can we le-leave now?" One of the captured players asked.

Kirito ignored him as he addressed his subordinates, "You guys can split the rest of the stuff".

Everyone cheered and thrust weapons into the air. "What do we do with these losers?" Cline asked.

Kirito gave a smile that sent shivers down everyone's back; "Kill them all, and do it slowly. I want to hear the screams when I go over that hill for a nap" He said as he strolled to where a hill with a solitary sakura tree sat.

"You got it boss" Cline intoned as he and the rest of them brandished their weapons.

"W-w-wait, you said that we would be- AHHH!" one of the prisoners protested, right before Cline stabbed him in the throat with his katana.

Kirito threw his head back and laughed maniacally as the pleas and cries of the defenceless dead-men reached his ears. Kirito rested with his head against the tree sitting cross-legged and his eyes closed with a smile on his face. A sudden weight fell onto his lap and he opened his eyes to find Asuna straddling him. Asuna was smirking as she inched her face closer and closer to his until only centimeters were between their lips.

"Having dirty thoughts?" Asuna asked innocently.

"Now I am" Kirito growled as a tingle ran through his body from the feel of Asuna's hot breath on his face and lips.

Asuna only smirked as she lustfully pressed her lips against his, their tongues battling for dominance until Kirito won and began exploring the inside of her mouth. Asuna moaned and bit his lower lip, she moaned again as someone's high-pitched scream reached her ears. They both pulled away after a couple of minutes to catch their breath and to gaze into each other's eyes.

"Take me here?" Asuna asked with a purr as she shifted in his lap.

Kirito sighed as he kissed her again and picked her up bridal style when he stood up. "Not right now, my dear" he replied huskily "There are people watching". That in fact was true, after finishing off the little worms, the LC members noticed their boss' girl holding him down as they kissed, several had jealous looks on their faces.

"So what?" Asuna asked. "Does it actually matter, or do you not want me?" Asuna began to pout.

Kirito chuckled as he let Asuna stand. "Not at all, but I have much work to do, and some training as well… would you like to join me later for some 'strenuous activity'?" He smirked.

Asuna replied by pressing her body against his and whispering into his ear; "I would love to, but I get to choose where we "train". Asuna finished by nibbling on his ear.

Kirito growled again as he began to suck on her neck. Asuna moaned one last time before pulling away from him, pulled out a yellow teleportation crystal, gave him a wink and cried; "Teleport Falador" before disappearing in a flash of light.

Kirito brushed some non-existing dust from his person before heading back to his group. Several clapped him on his back and Cline gave him a fist bump. Several newer members had the stupidity to make snide comments about Kirito's sex life; the rest smirked as their leader dismembered each and everyone one of them.

A couple hours later

Kirito dashed to his door as the chime went off and standing before him as Asuna in her personalized KoB uniform, like the others only more like a school uniform and with knee-socks. "Are you ready for a night you won't forget?" She asked.

Kirito's reply was to pull her inside and push her back against the closed door as he took her in a fiery kiss. He pulled away a minute later and whispered; "First things first; more sword training and then relaxation... although I doubt we'll do much of that anyway".

"You'll have to wait and see" Asuna giggled as he nuzzled her neck.

"Let's go" He said as he led her to his training room in the basement.

Asuna went to the other side of the room and the two faced off; Kirito with his two swords and Asuna with her rapier. This was far from a regular match; on one side, there was Kirito and Dual Blades, while the other side had Asuna and Accel.

Although Asuna's speed was almost Kami sent, Kirito has already mastered his agility, dexterity, and intuition. They were almost evenly matched, but Kirito had the edge with more power and an extra sword. The two met in a burst of light and sound as they both jumped off from their back leg. The sound of clashing metal was heard as Asuna blocked and over-head strike from both of Kirito's swords. Kirito began chaining combos together; all the while Asuna parried and dodged strikes by millimetres. Only once did Kirito accidentally over step during the last move of Endless Rain. That one mistake was all Asuna need to begin her counterattack with Eagle's Talon. The winner of the match repeatedly switched between the two, until Kirito was able to use New Divide to hold off Asuna's rapier with one sword while the other rushed to her neck before coming to a halt a centimetre from touching. They sparred for an hour more before growing tired and calling it a night.

They both went into the kitchen and Kirito sat down at the table while Asuna placed on an apron from her inventory and began making dinner. At some point, Kirito grew bored and grabbed Asuna around the waist from behind while pulling her against his body. "I am very hungry right now... I might be forced to eat something else" He said while his eyes flickered from her eyes to over her body.

Asuna placed the meat back onto the table before fully turning around to face her lover; "Now, now. Main course first... before you get your dessert." Her tone had gone a shade or two more seductive on the other half of her sentence and as her fingers trailed down his body. Kirito growled before reluctantly letting go of her waist and sitting back at the table. Dinner was a delicious sandwich of a lot meat, some green, leafy vegetable and something that tasted distinctively like mustard.

After the plates and mugs were placed back in the cupboard, there was a new sense of urgency as the couple headed to the bedroom. The tension in the air finally caused Asuna to crack and she try to push Kirito against the wall, but with blinding speed, Kirito spun with her until she was the one against the wall.

Kirito smirked as he watched Asuna try to escape his grasp; all the while their gazes were locked. Kirito slowly moved his face until he felt her hot breath as she panted beneath him. He finally claimed her lips in a passionate kiss as Asuna wrapped her arms around his neck. Asuna moaned into his mouth, giving the chance for him to sneak his tongue into her mouth. Asuna gasped as Kirito picked her up bridal style and carried her to his room.

Kirito placed her on the bed before lying down next to her. Asuna took the initiative and rolled them over until she was straddling his waist. She bent forward to claim his lips while her hands went through his hair, Kirito's hands have also moved; one was on her hip and the other was holding her head.

"I... Want... You... Now" Asuna said in between gasps of air.

Kirito only smirked as he rolled them over until he was on top. Asuna all but forced him to get rid of his clothes and when he was done, she was already naked beneath him. Kirito's mouth was suddenly dry and he was unable to make coherent thoughts. Asuna smirked as she saw his predicament and crooked a finger for him. Kirito could only sigh as he pulled the covers over their entwined forms.

What feels like several hours later, Kirito is awake, but just barely. Asuna had fallen asleep after their late night activities and he couldn't help but think back to the time when they first met.

End of Prologue -