A/N: So I've been gone for a while. I truly am sorry about that. It was a bit crazy, I was the lead costume designer for my play, and I graduated from High School. BUT I will get back to In Your Dreams, because I seriously enjoy writing that story. But it's been a bit of a Harry Potter Summer for me, and Remus/Sirius is the only Non-cannon couple that I can ship right now. I heard this song, and I had to write these dribbles. This one is only for the first bit of the song, and I'll be writing out bits for most of the song, as a sort of story arc showing Remus & Sirius budding relationship.

BTW: Harry Potter is the property of Warner Brothers & J.K. Rowling, Bloomsbury & Scholastic, so please don't ask if it's mine-It's just not. Also, "Your Biggest Mistake" is the property of Ellie Goulding. I'd encourage you to give it a listen while you read this!

Take Cover...Signs don't show...

Remus opened his eyes, and after a moment of blinding light, he squeezed them shut once more. He spent thirty seconds debating the merits of actually getting out of bed, and dragging himself to class, but as he lifted his left arm to pull back the thick duvet, a white hot line of pain shot up his arm. Blinking back the sudden tears he turned his head away from the source of the light, and tried once more to discover where he was.

From the stark whiteness that seemed to invade even the most shadowy areas of the room, he could only assume that he had ended up in the hospital wing. It must have been a full moon last night. Even as the thought crossed his foggy mind, bits and pieces of memories began to float to the surface. Remus felt a bit of bile rise up in the back of his throat as the turbulent emotions of the night before began to make their way to the forefront of his mind. He looked down at his arm, and wasn't the least bit surprised to find it completely encased in heavy white gauze. It was almost funny, in the most cruel way, the way this routine, of sorts, had become almost normal over the past year. Hide - transform - destroy - pass out - wake up - hide - repeat.

Without any sort of preamble, the doors to the hospital wing burst open, and Remus just knew that it would be Sirius, come to check on his health after his latest fall or some other accident. He could only hope that after all of this time, his best friend didn't think him completely invalid. Swallowing back the lump in his throat, and the almost-gone tears, Remus shoved his wrapped-up arm back under the blankets, and plastered on a small smile. There was one excellent part of this sick cycle; every time Remus found himself in the hospital wing, Sirius would bring him chocolate. Would he still do the same, if he knew?

But you let go, 'Cos your hope is gone,

And every question fades away...