The Missing Links: Collecting the Pieces Pt. 1 Ch. 1

Word from the Authors: We want you all to know they do not claim any ownership of Gundam Wing or any of their original characters or any piece of their franchise,...The creation of Thia, and Serene (who will arrive later) however are purely from our highly creative...albeit, twisted imagination...

The sun was just coming up over the mountains of northern Sanc Kingdom. The birds hadn't even started to sing at a quiet country estate. The morning air smelled of salt off of the coast even though it took more than two hours to reach either side of the country's watery boarder.

It was only early April, yet the weight of the humidity that would arrive when the sun was fully in the sky, seemed to foretell bad tidings as it was already hard to breath. Yet neither of the two people seemed to notice as they leaned closer around the table in the small kitchen. Their voices were hushed as if even though there were no surrounding houses they might be over heard.

"It went out this morning. That email's been quiet ever since that day." The unsaid words hung in the air between the man and woman. His hands gripped the mug tightly as he revolted against having to be here. He revolted against having to bring the news that he was endangering her life again. "They finally linked you to me and put the hit out about five hours ago. You need to leave with me." He looked up his eyes pleading with her yet she wasn't even look at him. She was sitting calmly looking out the kitchen window.

"What about Thiana, and Aiden?" Her voice hadn't changed a bit and it still affected him the same way. That voice was one of the reasons there even were a Thiana and Aiden.

"What about them?" He was getting tired of this round about conversation that they had been having for the last hour. It always came back to this problem.

"Oh Odin, I could never leave them, and they could never live with your life style. They would constantly be in danger." She took a deep sigh. "To leave with you to save my life would mean to leave my children, our children behind. To stay would mean that though I might die, I might not. I have friends that I can take them too so we could hide. You could stay with us. Really be the father they both need and deserve." She had finally looked back at him, her Prussian blue eyes pleaded with him.

"Aio…" He couldn't say anymore for he truly didn't know what to say.

"Mummy…" A sleepy little girl's voice came from the doorway. Her wavy dark brown hair seemed to be a fuzzy mass around her angel like face. She rubbed at her eyes as a yawn made her loose her balance and fall.

"Thiana, pea-pod, what are you doing up? It's still early." Aio rushed over to her daughter picking up the tiny girl and holding her close. The warning from Odin ringing in her ears as the fear for her children wanted to make her paralyzed.

"I hear voices" Thiana spoke in her sing song way as she smiles up at her mother. "Guess!" She said clapping her hands before covering her mouth like she had a surprise. Her actions made her mother laugh as the silly antics.

"What am I guessing about pea-pod?" Aio asked as she tapped Thia's nose.

"I Birthday!" Thia shouted as she bounded in her mother's arms. She looked at Odin and held up two fingers. "I two." She covered her mouth again before giving an impish grin as she realized she didn't know who this person was.

"My birthday, Thiana, you say 'My birthday'." Aio corrected her daughter. She didn't know how it had happened but for some reason her, just two year old daughter, was farther ahead then most three and four year olds. She didn't know why, but Thiana could already count, read very easy books, and even seem to reason things that fully grown adults have problems with.

Odin couldn't believe this child that he was watching in Aio's arms. She was a child any father would be proud to show off and yet he didn't even know her. Yet as she held up those two fingers and then gave the impish grin he realized that he was caught: caught in her glittering black-blue eyes. Two years old? The idea of her being so young did not match the level of intelligence she was showing. As Aio brought her closer he froze and saw Aio visibly tense up as if she feared his reaction as much as he himself did.

"Mummy, who dat?" Thiana looked at her mother before back to Odin.

"He's a very close friend… A close friend that just came to talk to mummy." She quickly replied. Thiana seemed to buy what she was told but wouldn't stay in her mother's arms as she wiggled to get down. When her feet hit the floor she quickly ran up to Odin and gave a small curtsey.

"Mummy told, this proper… I T-ana." Thiana said holding out her hand to Odin. He didn't know was came over him as he stood up and bowed back.

"Your mummy is correct. My name is Odin Lowe" Thiana gave a bashful smile as Odin sat back down. It was then that a faint baby's cry could be heard. Aio startled, looked down the hallway before back to Thiana and Odin.

"Go Aio, I'll watch her for now." It wasn't two seconds later that Thiana jumped up into his lap starting to rattle on about everything under the sun. Aio quickly left to retrieve Aiden as they talked.

"My fwiend Lado is coming too." Thiana raddled on as Odin just listened. He was mesmerized by this little girl and didn't even notice Aio coming back in with Aiden. However it didn't take long for the name Lado to register in his mind. For there was only one person Thiana could mean that that nickname could stand for, and he hoped he was wrong.

"Pea-pod, go start getting ready I'll be there soon to help ok?" Aio said having seen Odin's look.

"K, Mummy." And with that she hopped off of Odin's lap ran over to give her one year old brother Aiden a kiss which he fussed about getting and ran back off down the hallways towards her room.

"Don't give me that look Odin; she's my friend so of course when she comes over she brings Milliardo with her." Aio stated as she started fixing Aiden's breakfast.

"She's a Peacecraft. Her face is everywhere. She is exactly the kind of person I told you to stay away from." Odin's voice raised in slight anger forgetting that Aiden was in the room too.

"You've been gone for almost two years, Odin. You left me here with no one. Are you surprised our friendship started back up again? We were best friends in private school. We met up again at the library when she was reading to the children. Thiana and Milliardo hit it off. With us both being pregnant we were able to help each other." She paused, taking a deep breath as if to collect herself. "However, it doesn't matter. Like I said you left us and when you did that, you gave up your right to have any say in what I do." Aio shot back as Aiden looked back and forth between the two adults not knowing if he should cry to get his breakfast, or if his mother would place the bowl in front of him soon.


"Oh, don't Aio me. Here take this and feed him," She said as she thrust the bowl of food into his hands, "I need to go help Thiana. Then, if you're staying around, I need to run in and get the cake. You can watch Aiden until Thiana and I get back." With that Aio quickly followed after her daughter leaving Odin and Aiden alone. He stood there for what seemed like a small eternity just staring at the child before looking in the direction Aio had disappeared to, tempted to call out to her.

The next thing Odin knew a spoon was thrown at his hand making him let go of the bowl of baby cereal spilling all over the highchair. A second later Aiden was playing in the porridge and eating at the same time.

"Are you sure you're only a year old?" Odin asked as he bent down to look at Aiden in the face. All he got in return was a challenging stare as Aiden raised his fist to his face taking another bite of his porridge.