The Missing Links Pt 1 Ch 4

The air was tense in the small conference room. The only light cae from the projector showing stats and diagnostic scans all under the code name project Alpha, and a vid-screen showing a containment cell holding an eight year old little girl.

"Updates, gentlemen, that's what I'm here for, and I had had better see progress." The other two men were equally nervous at the same time but for very different reasons. The older of the two understood exactly what was going on and what this man's plans for this little girl was, while the younger was trapped in the illusions that they were making a better future.

"Yes, Mr. Barton," The younger man hastily replied. "You were sent a file on Alpha when she had reached the age of four. She was excelling at the three different areas we were testing her in." A clicking sound echoed in the room as the next slide come onto the screen with a picture of the subject at that stage. "She was mastering four different languages, and other subjects that students in the fifth level of primary schools were just being taught. It is truly amazing. A child at that age soaking up so much knowledge; can you imagine her potential? If taught correctly, and with the diet and routine schedule we have her on, she will only continue to improve."

The older man, sure that their employer's interests laid elsewhere, began to explain further. "She also surpassed our expectations in her memory systems and hand to hand martial arts."

"Yes, I remember, but she was still resisting the zero system, wasn't she?" Their employer's voice held the tone of his skepticism.

"To a point; she had only been on the system for three months and at her age we only had her visiting the simulators for an hour a week."

"Ah, yes, I remember. You corrected your mistake, of course." It was meant to sound like a question but both men knew that it wasn't and for the first time the younger man was starting to realize that there was something darker to this whole program. The older man nodded his head and another click echoed as the slides changed again showing the same child now at the age of six.

"Along with the studies we were putting her through, she was started on different undercover, and hand to hand battle simulations. With the zero sessions daily she was beginning to outthink many of our soldiers at the base." The older man was starting to breathe a little easier as their patron was nodding in approval.

"While it is amazing what Alpha's been able to do, at the time she was still resisting the zero system." The older man could have hit his younger partner.

"I thought you had told me that the zero system had worked on her?" His voice had risen and the younger man stumbled over his next words.

"Well in a way, Sir. Her planning has become better organized for one her age but the zero system doesn't really affect her."

"WHAT! How can it not affect her?"

"Well you see, her imagination is amazing… Every time she was put into the zero system she always would out think the simulations. Zero would put one outcome before her and she would make it better. She would, in essence, trump it's every move. She is incredible, and over these last two years she's gone beyond anything we originally planned. Of course…had it not been for our recent… problem…"

24 hours earlier

"Ok Alpha, finish this simulation and then you're done." The intercom cracked as A's voice was cut off. There was no reply. She knew A didn't need one as she advanced the gundam across the ground. They were out there. Just out of range of the radar.

"Ok buddy, let's finish this mission." A red light flashed on the control panel shouting the warning of a large battalion of soldiers came into range. The flashes hit her like flickers of different moves all played on top of each other.

"We can do better than the." She laughed as she showed her plan and as she imagined the zero system grumbling.

"Let's try this new battle mode buddy." The simulation seemed to purr as it shifted into a full bodied control gundam. She stationed herself just on the outskirts of the battalion's radar. However in the nanosecond before she took the planned shots Zero gave her a glimpse of a small band of gypsies camping on the southern boundary of the battalion. Just next to the armory. Alpha saw one of the five missiles hit the armory and how it exploded backwards consuming the camp of gypsies. "Really? I'm not using the exploding missiles buddy." She gave a laugh as she let the five electrical missiles fly. These were a special missile that would deactivate all the electronics in the battalions. Each one took out the armory, communication tower, the first line of mobile suits, medical truck, and then the main head quarters.

"Well they know we're here now. Exploding missiles are so last year buddy. Did you locate the target though?" More flashes hit her on different routes to finding the intended target and different outcomes with taking those routes.

"Cloaking shield in place?" A series of beeps followed. "Ok let's go get the target". Everyone was scrambling in the chaos as her gundam flew over the compound. The few that had enough wit to get to the mobile suits were surprised when the suits wouldn't respond and she was already at her target by the time they realized it wasn't going to work.

She knelt down in the simulation and her gundam followed suit. A mouse of a man ran out from the barracks that she was knelling over. "Aw, look buddy, the mousy has come out to play." She reached down picking up the target and dropping him into a containment cell on her gundam before taking back to the air.

She returned back to the normal piloting control as she stirred her gundam to the previous scouted location. After landing and opening the containment cell she hopped out of the control seat and down to the ground. Her pistol was in her hand as she turned to look at the target. However, as she watched him stumble out of the cell and she raised her gun to finish the mission the man turned into two men. She froze.

"Buddy? What are you doing? That's not right. These are the two men that came in with Father Creeper this morning." She shook her head as no response came and reached over and hit the abort button.

"Alpha? What's wrong? Why did you abort?" A's voice broke over as Alpha came to back in the simulator box, still hooked to the Zero system.

"Buddy lost it again. He turned the target into two different men. The simulation was over anyways. But you need to fix him again." She stated into her mouth piece.

"What?...Never mind I'll take a look at Zero to see what happened. Your times up."

She sat there for a moment though trying to figure out why Zero had messed up the simulation. "Why did you do it?" She asked "Why did you make me see those two men again?" She knew she shouldn't ask. Doctor A had made her swear not to talk to Zero outside of the simulations, but she just had to know. She had recognized those two men when they had arrived earlier with Dekim Barton or Father Creeper as she called him. She needed to know why she felt she knew them and after Zero had messed with the simulation she knew that this was the only way to find out.

She was side swiped into the flow of memories as Zero took her back to a time she didn't remember.

"She's such a pretty little girl, such a pretty smart little thing." A man ran his fingers down her check as she felt herself give a small whimper. She was sitting in the back seat of a van hooked into a car seat as a woman in front cried out before attacking the other of the two men. She saw blood start to bubble on the man's face as the woman had racked her nails across his face.

A shot rang out that sent the woman flying backwards into her seat. The woman landed so she was looking back at her. Alpha heard the word "Mummy" being ripped from her as the woman had enough strength to get out a final sentence.

"My little pea-pod, don't let them win. Never let them win."

Zero dropped her back to the present as she gasped and chocked on what she had seen. She didn't question that it was real, like she should had been taught. She didn't fight it at all. She wanted revenge and she let Zero show her how to get it.

The next moment the alarms were going off and she was sitting on her bed with blood splattered all over her. A pistol from one of the many guards at the base was next her as another group of soldiers came bursting into her room guns raised. She didn't care. It was finished.

"Old McDonald had a farm Eli Eli O."

I hadn't ever imagined she could do such a random act of violence. I have been analyzing her behavior to try and figure out what went wrong so I can correct it. Hopefully, with a little luck and some guidance we can reform her." As he finished his statement his employer began to laugh coldly, making his skin crawl.

"Reform her? Why ever would I want to do that?"

"But sir…she killed those two men…she snuck out and shot them point blank without batting an eye. Such behavior-"

"Is exactly what my soldier needs."

"Soldier? What do you mean? I've been training her to test the limit of what children can do…you make it sound like you want her to be a cold blooded killer…"

"Such behavior is necessary. You see, doctor, she is not merely a child. She is the key to the militaristic future."

"You cannot be serious, she's just a child! Are you suggesting we turn this little girl into a killing machine? I won't do it! I won't have my research used for such an atrocious act!"

Suddenly, his employer's fist made contact with his face, sending him sprawling to the ground.

"You will do what I tell you to. Do not forget doctor that I am the one funding your research. We have come too far to stop now. You will finish this project." He turns to leave the room. "I will return next week for the next update. Do not disappoint me." He pauses, casting them a strange smile. "By the way gentlemen…I have a surprise for you in the shuttle bay. Pick it up as soon as you're able. That is all." The door slammed shut as their employer departed. The young doctor began to pick himself up as the elder doctor tried to help him.

"Don't touch me! You knew! You knew what he was having us do all along!"

"I had no more of a choice than you did. What we are doing is far kinder for the child than what would have happened to her had Dekim's original plan been allowed to come to fruition. We are, by far, the better option for the child. This is the kindest thing we can do for her. You must see that."

Now feeling more lost than ever he hangs his head. J had a point. This child needed guidance and without his special touch in her training she might lose her very soul. He shuddered at the though of such a brilliant child being turned into an emotionless monster. He wouldn't let it happen. He stood up and adjusted his glasses.

"Ok J. You win. We'll train the girl. If anyone can make sure this doesn't go wrong it will be us. We created her. The least we can do is make sure she survives."

"I knew you'd agree. However, I'm afraid things are about to become much more complicated."

:"What do you mean?"

"Dekim wanted us to meet him in the shuttle bay…He has a curveball to throw us."


"Just follow me."

A adjusted his lab coat and exited the room, following J down the titanium halls. Something wasn't right. The bad feeling in his stomach became worse with every step. As they reached the bay, the back of the ship began to open. Dekim turned and smiled, his eyes full of twisted satisfaction that made A's stomach turn As they finally reached the ship, the final door opened revealing the form of a small girl, most likely no older than five. He golden hair was hanging loosely down her back, her ice blue eyes were as expressionless as her young face.

"Gentlemen… I'd like you to meet Beta. She is to be Alpha's new training partner. I want her at Alpha's level as soon as possible." Another look at the little girl made A's heart clench. What had been done to this child to make her eyes so dead? He silently promised himself that one day he would not only find out where these girls came from, but also help them escape from the hell he was about to subject them to.