20 years before this story began. Werewolves ran amuck in Japan. In 1982 the WWHF- Were-Wolf Hunters Force was created with only 5 main members. They were created to find and kill Were-Wolves for the good of Japan and her people. The five Hunters were Megure senior (Megure-keibu's father), Shiro's father( Shiro is Sonoko's father), Commissioner Hakuba's father, Sharon Vineyard, and a man who only went by the name Rum. The last two members unknown to the others had an alternate motive for hunting Were-Wolves. To learn if they themselves could become them. Behind the backs of the other members Sharon and Rum became Were-Wolves, but unlike the bloodthirsty monsters, they had control. Using their new found power they started something no one but a Were-wolf could stop. Were-Wolves in known history can be killed by any object. The infected can be identified by provoking the wolf to the front.

Night's Shadow

Chapter 1: Midnight Walk:

Shinichi looked into the red glowing eyes looking at him. He left his mommy's side for two minutes and he got into trouble. This what mommy was telling him about. The red eyes were attached to a large blonde creature.

It looked at him strangely. Didn't it look hungry a few seconds ago? It looked him over with is strange eyes. Weren't they red before, now they looked blue.

"Child, I would have cursed you. But I see such potential in you. So I give you a gift instead." The creature said in a female voice.

A sharp pain circled his hand. Then his whole body…

Conan sat up in a sweat. He hadn't dreamt of that night in years. 15 years since he had gone through a fevered transformation that he had no idea about. In fear he had hide it from his parents.

He was sure his father had an idea, but he didn't dare ask him. His mother.. He wasn't even sure what she knew. He was afraid of telling Ran what he was. If she found out he didn't know what he'd do.

Haibara only noticed his cell structure was unique . He could control his transformations, but there was always that voice in the back of his head. He knew it was the wolf half of him. His controlled transformations came from the fact he and his wolf half were so close. He didn't even need the full moon.

He also got other abilities from his wolf half that were useful. The superhuman reflexes were honed and sharpened into his soccer skills. He hide the fact he didn't really need the shoes. Most murder investigations he used his sense of smell to great effect.

Sometimes he wondered if his intellect was also super natural. Maybe he had only been a normal child for two short years. Even with his perfect memory, the first two years of life were still blurry except that feeling and the meeting with the blonde were-wolf.

Now he was dealing with being a child again. And the 'wolf' in the back of his mind. It was more of a pup now. Wanting to play. Looking up into the window of his small room.

Ran had been nice enough to clean this out for him. The full moon shined in through the window. Maybe that was why he felt so restless tonight. The full never truly controlled his changes. He himself did.

Looking back at the door hearing Kogorou's snores and Ran's soft breathes. He wondered if they would notice if he took a short break and played in the moonlight.

Hearing no sounds of telltale waking. Conan eased out of his small bed and opened the window. He carefully edged himself and slowly climbed down to the ground. He was lucky.

Beika Park wasn't that far away, and hunting season didn't start for another couple weeks. Casting one long look back at Ran's window. Shinichi escaped to the woods...

Tomoko tried to scream as the man held he down a knife gleaming in the moonlight.

He was going to kill her or make sure she was dead by morning. That wasn't all that was going through her head. Her husband and her daughters would be distort.

So she bite the man's hand. He yelled out. Tomoko took her chance and ran bleeding into Beika Park. The man did not follow. But a dark brown wolf did. It was time for a hunt.


Has it really been two-three years... wow and I'm finally back revising a few things and contuining on with this story.

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