Chapter 10: Full Moon Rising:

Vermouth smiled walking down into the underground labs. It would be so simple to activate the samples from here. But why do that when she could give a little style back to the wolves of the world.

Taking the machine that would amplify the blood in the subjects. She smiled this would be kind of interesting.

Taking out the device, she went back up the long stairs.

She wondered if they would hurt. She never asked and the time she changed, she was already used to pain.

Well she made an apology to her silver bullet for the pain she would cause his friends.

Walking out into the dark night. No moonlight. What a way.

Vermouth smiled to herself setting down the machine.

"Time for the world to start over again." Vermouth said in English.

She changed into her wolf for and nudged the device with her head the device hummed turned on.

Vermouth smiled and took a deep breath a howled to the open sky.

She felt the tug of her wolf answering its own call. And it would call to the others near and far.

And they would awaken…

A heartbeat Rum felt it the tugging on his very being, the screams around him of the top members of the organization as their very being was changed to suit his designs.

Rum changed as well and answered his loving mates call.

And soon was joined by more howling voices…

Hidemi clutched her chest and leaned against the wall of her apartment. What the.

The sound of something came into her ears.

Join the chorus sister.

Something was wrong. The snapping the pain unimaginable. But one thought jumped to the front of her mind. She was her own. She would command her own self.

As the pain died down the dark black wolf lying in scraps of clothing did not answer the call…

Jodie stood frozen in an alleyway as the pain met her.

Join the chorus sister.

That voice Jodie growled the sound becoming inhuman as Jodie glared and remembered her vow. She would not answer to that bitch. Not now not ever. And she wondered as skin was overcome by blonde fur. If Kudou would mind a get together.

The Blonde wolf with black marking around its eyes ran off ignoring the pain to start a call to those who would fight this evil. Forgetting about the scraps of clothes left on the alley floor.

The night filled with sound. Of the coming war…

Kaito, Aoko, Ran, Ai, and Shinichi all seemed to freeze together.

Shinichi easily brushed off the call to change.

The rest were not as use to the strange feeling coursing through them.

Shinichi turned at the sound of snapping bones. Hattori ran into the room and froze. He was thankful Kazuha wasn't here to witness this.

Hakuba had been at school. So this horrible scene was only witnessed by two people. Kaito seemed to stand up first a little tuft of messy brown hair on his wolfish head.

Built lightly and lean. His tail was long and he looked faintly alarmed.

'Don't worry too much about the training Kuroba-kun. I'm sure Hakuba-kun has some newspapers around here somewhere.' Shinichi smiled he had gotten the hang of talking like a wolf during his imprisonment.

Kaito glared clearly understanding him. Kaito tried to stand but fell over due to his clothes and the fact he wasn't yet used to four legs instead of two.

Aoko looked up she looked terrified. All dark brown, long deep fur. A tuft of lighter brown hair marring her forehead. She looked at Kaito who was trying to get up again, but failing. Aoko seemed to smile and barked something.

'Kaito you're so clumsy.' Aoko said.

Kaito huffed and stayed on the floor. Shinichi smirked at him then yelped as something small and reddish blonde bit his wrist. It seemed Haibara still had the child's clothes dripping off her small body. Haibara glared at him and growled.

"Easy Haibara." Shinichi said scooting away from her.

Ran was the last to wake. She seemed a little surprised but looked at Shinichi. His breathe caught. Her brown straight coat with very little out of place. Even the small tuft of hair sticking up on her forehead looked beautiful.

Shinichi bit down the urge to do something very primal.

"If you guys are Were-Wolves like assume you are. Something is going on. Vermouth seems like the most likely person to have done this to you. Now If you want to change back, don't now. Go into separate rooms and think of yourselves when you were human you should turn back. Since there is no full moon I think you guys have control like I do." Shinichi said.

The wolf versions of most of his friends nodded and stumbled off in different directions. Kaito getting snapped at for trying to follow Aoko.

Shinichi sighed and rubbed his temples. Hattori put his hand on his shoulder.

"It an't over yet Kudou." Hattori said.

Shinichi nodded but looked outside when a different call went out from the first one.

'Those who stand up to the shadows gladly shout your names against them. I am Jodie Starling.' A howl said.

Shinichi looked over at Heiji before going to the roof. The dark grey wolf that was who he was howled back into the sky.

'I gladly fight against the shadows. Shinichi Kudou.' Shinichihowled.

Then he heard the others joining from the windows of the house.

'Ran Mouri. I will also fight.' Ran howled.

'Kaito Kuroba. Joining the fight.' Kaito howled.

'Shiho Miyano. Willing to fight.' Haibara howled.

'Aoko Nakamouri. Against the shadows.' Aoko howled.

Shinichi smiled and heard another howl joining theirs in the distance.

'Hidemi Hondou. Against the Black Organization.' A distant howl said.

Shinichi smiled thing were going to end. In blood or in peace. Looking up into the dark sky, he knew it wouldn't be easy. Hearing a different set of howls animalistic and blood laden. Shinichi knew it would come to a fight. They would need all the help they could get…

Megure looked at the sky. He could hear the howls like many years ago. They haunted the nights. Megure sighed he had hoped this day would never come. The day to once again be fighting against those horrible monsters.

Megure walked back inside the police headquarters. The other officers looked grim.

The door to the police station burst open to Shinichi Kudou long missing detective.

"Kudou-kun!" Megure said in surprise.

Shinichi looked at him and seemed grim. Near the doorway was Ran, the child Ai Haibara, the English teacher, the news reporter Rena Mizunashi, and two teenagers he didn't recognize, but looked a lot like Ran and Shinichi.

"Megure-keibu been a while. I need to tell you something." Shinichi said.

Megure looked at his eyes and saw the wolf. Just as close as Conan's had been.

"No." Megure said this wasn't happening.

"Megure-keibu we have bigger problems than me being a Were-Wolf." Shinichi said.

Most of the officers in Division One backed up a bit.

"That is the problem."Megure said.

"No it isn't." Shinichi said.

Megure stayed quiet. Shinichi cast an arm motioning to those behind him.

"Megure things have happened. Everyone that is here with me is a Were-Wolf. They voted me Alpha. So I speak on their behalf." Shinichi said.

Megure looked at the small group of people. And he continued listening.

"Megure-keibu I've been a wolf all my life since I was two. I know you've had bad experiences with Were-Wolves. But you'll have worse ones soon. A group made up of a large amount of killers and murders. Their boss and his love are two you trusted. " Shinichi said.

Megure's eyes widened. No.

"Rum and Sharon have spread their blood through the ranks. We are talking about a massive amount of new Were-Wolves who know how to kill and want to. We need to work together. Or we will be overwhelmed." Shinichi said.

Megure looked grim faced, but slowly nodded.

"Fine Kudou-kun, we will work with you and your pack." Megure said.

Shinichi nodded. It wasn't going to be easy to do this, but it was a start…

Rum grinned madly at his ranks. All different sizes and colors. This small meek country would soon fall to this newest onslaught.

Rum licked his jaws.

'My pack tonight you will taste the first drop of sweet blood. And soon your mouths willed be filled with it. Now go tonight we start a war.' Rum barked at his army.

Glorious howls were his answer as dark furred creatures ran out into the city.

The war of shadows had begun…