Chapter 11: Fangs and Fur:

The silence was overwhelming it always was in the first few moments of war. Megure knew this all too well. It reminded him too much of his past. The days and nights hunting those who were infected. He knew he was being hunted as well. Those nights he stayed up and waited for the howls to stop.

This night was no different looking at his old friend's son he could see it lurking in his eyes. Watching him talk to the others. He spotted Ran in the mix. He wondered when she was bitten. They all looked so young. Even the teacher and the reporter struck him as young.

He could almost hear the other wolves moving in the dark. Eyes full of bloodlust and anger. Even human they didn't look right. It was always their eyes. Looking at Shinichi's pack of new Were-wolves they didn't look anything like the monsters of his past.

Looking at the starry sky and hearing the all too real howls of hunger had him looking back at his Division who were readying their guns he hoped they were ready…

Shinichi almost growled as Megure gave him collars with tracers on them.

"Shinichi-kun, I know you don't agree, but we need to be able to keep track of where you all are. We don't want to accidently hurt you." Megure said.

Shinichi looked at his friends then at the collars and sighed heavily. And took the modified collars over to his friends.

Kaito looked at him then at the collars and smiled. Shinichi braced himself.

"Shinichi what's with the collars?" Ran asked.

"Megure made them for us. To keep track of us when everything gets hectic." Shinichi said looking at the collars with distain.

Kaito smiled more manic and Kid-like.

"I didn't know you were into that kind of thing, Tantei-inu." Kaito said voice full of mirth. Aoko wacked him with a newspaper. Kaito looked like a puppy that didn't know what it did wrong.

Haibara smiled a bit, as Jodie raised an eyebrow at the two's interactions. Kir smirked behind her hand.

Shinichi sighed as he fixed one of the collars around his neck. He felt like a dog. He handed the other collars to his pack. Such a strange thing to him. He'd been all alone before now. It felt right, whole.

Kaito snatched the only white collar, Shinichi snorted figures. Megure was heading over to them slowly. Division One was armed and looking at them with slight fear. Shinichi frowned he never wanted them to fear him.

"Shinichhi-kun, we've gotten reports from all over town. It's begun again." Megure said simply.

"Megure-keibu we are only a small pack agaisnt what must be a hundred killers. I think we should split our focus." Shinichi said calmly.

"Yes, We'll seperate into good groups to take on sevearl targets. Will your pack lead us?" Megure asked a strange steel in his eyes.

Shinichi did not like that look, was he asking..

"You want us to find where the will go next." Shinichi said quietly.

"Yes, and Shinichi-kun I need to know you can be trusted." Megure said almost sadly...

If his friend's son was to far gone he could not trust anything they said. Shinichi looked quite angry. It was a look he often saw. Murders often made him angry for the lost life. Megure now saw a little of the wolf in Shinichi's young eyes.

"Fine. Just know I'm doing this because you don't trust my words. Everyone stay please." Shinichi said walking a bit away from the group.

Megure frowned, what was he going to do? Shinichi stood a short distance away from them and sighed. He looked like he was constrating. Suddenly fur started to spread, Megure stepped back a bit.

Shinichi suddenly with soft snapping of bones had become a waist sized grey wolf.A mane of black maring his forhead going down the spine of his back to his pitch black tail.

The wolf sat there covered in Shinichi's clothes and opened it's eyes. Pure blue stared out at him as Shinichi stepped out of his clothes. He silently padded over to him.

Megure stood stock still unbeliveing. Shinchi stood right in front of him and sat down on his hanches. His eyes silently asked if this was proof. Megure swallowed as Shinichi's pack hovered neverously behind him, Division One looked nervous too.

"I think he just proved he doesn't need the moon." Haibara muttered silently.

Megure glanced back at the child, then back to the Were-wolf in front of him.

"I'll take you on your word Shinichi-kun." Megure said softly laying a hand on the wolf's muzzle.

Shinichi huffed and rubbed his head agaisnt the hand. Megure sighed.

"Let's get going." Megure said to the group of Were-wolves and humans.


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