Feline legacy


When i was younger I thought alot about the stories my mother helena told about my grandma salena kyle. She would tell me how my grandma would skip around as the nutorious catwoman, always playing tricks on my grandpa, Bruce Wayne known by literaly a handful of people as batman Gothams caped crusader. My mom didnt talk highly of her father, i never asked why.

Because my grandmother was catwoman, my mother was helena kyle: The huntress. And now retired and years later I'm sent back to what now is called Neo Gotham City to continue our legacy.

But Im a solitary person...

Mom asured me it was for my own good. No one would know. Id have the ability to shock people the way I so desperatly wished I could Without humility and insecurities. And keep my confinement in my public life.

Chapter 1

"Mcginnis, hows the weather up there?" The former Bat asked his employer

"clear." Terry replied" I havent seen any sighn of The Jokerz. Maybe tonight will be quiet...

"alright" bruce replied" make one more round and call it a night."

" on it boss."


I unlocked the door to my new house, everything was paid for by the money my mom gave me. I got to live here alone. The way i liked it. I always loved confining myself in my room as a child and even through my teenage years. I looked at the note my mom gave me.

I have faith in you,

Wear the suit. Become your

own Catwoman.

Love, mom

I searched the whole house for 2 days and finally found the leather atire in a box in the attic. I brought it down and sat it on the kitchen counter and left it there withought looking back. I wasnt ready for something like this. Id have to get a feel if the city and I hoped id get my chance the following monday.


Terry walked to his class with his girlfriend Dana who was going on and on about how she was upset because Mr. Wayne had been taking away her time with terry. He was getting pretty good at tuneing her out. But he couldnt hear anything at the moment he glanced in the school office he Saw a short lean girl with long wavy black hair walking out.

Everything seemed like slow motion when she passed him in the hall with a pink hello kitty back pack slung over one arm.

"are you even listening?" Dana scolded

"yeah" terry lied defending himself


I walked down the halls focused On my Schedual and accidently bumped into a tall guy with short black hair.

"sorry." I said not looking up from my paper.

"ok" said to myself "wheres chemistry?"


Terry, still staring was about to answer her but was stopped by Dana scofing and walking away muttering something aboht him never listening.


By the end of the day I realized that things could be a little dramatic in this new school. I didnt have pretty enough hair, so all the cheerleaders hated me. I was too smart so I was a nerd. The term they used as my banishment from ever being excepted was "black listed."

I thought that meant they would leave me alone. Boy was i wrong...


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