Thought about this last night.

Own Nothing.


"So this is your boyfriend?" Harry asked, across from the table, he had flown into the states to meet Hermione's boyfriend that she been dating for almost a year. She had even transferred departments to be with him. Ron couldn't even get her to watch Quidittch when they dated a couple years back. This guy must be special to Hermione.

"Auggie Anderson." Auggie stuck out his hand. "Pleasure to finally meet you." Harry warily shook his hand, noticing that Hermione's boyfriend was blind.

"Harry Potter." Harry glanced at his friend with an eyebrow raised. "So you two met when she came over to help with a case and fell in love?"

"You don't have to be awkward about it Harry." Hermione sighed, "We had a mission together, and we had a few dates and it eventually became serious."

"How serious are we talking about here?" Harry glanced between them. "Like moving in together serious, or like children serious?"

"Harry Potter." Hermione warned, but she had a playful smile on her face. She glanced up when their order was called, she got up to get it, leaving the two men there to be in awkward silence.

Auggie waited until Hermione was out of ear shot, licking his lips, he spoke. "I want to marry her serious."

He heard Harry choke on his drink. "What?"

"I love her, we've been together for almost a year. I wanted your permission first."

"My permission?" Harry asked. "Why? If Hermione ever hears of anyone asking one man for another's permission to do anything to her, she'll kill us both."

"I know, that's why I asked when she left." He smirked. "I've had the ring for about two months now and was going to ask, but heard you were coming down and wanted to talk to you first."

"Talk about what?" Hermione asked as she set the tray down with food. They were at a Hamburger place, so their plates were filled with fries and burgers. She snatched on of Auggie's cheese fries, smiling as he swatted her hand.

"About taking a trip to England sometime, maybe Christmas to see Harry and them." Auggie smiled. "We have vacation time coming up."

Hermione smiled at her boyfriend and best friend. "That would be lovely. But I thought we were going to visit your family in a few weeks?"

"We are, our job can give us multiple chances to see family Hermione." He smiled at her.

Harry smirked. "Yea, it'll will be great to have you both there, the whole family together. I feel like Auggie's a brother already." He dropped the hint to Auggie.

"Look at that." Auggie smirked. "Harry and I are brothers."

Hermione stared over her drink at the two of them, wary. "What are you two on about?"

"Nothing." They both smirked.