Snapes Feelings Untold

Severus Snape couldn't help it. The smile that spread across his face every time Lily Evans looked him in the eyes. The way her hair shined in the sunlight. Beautiful. The smile that exposed her stunning white teeth. Lilly made everything around her brighter, including Severus. She brought out the best in him. She made him want to laugh and smile for no reason at all - though he made a point to keep a straight face when in the company of another. Nothing could ever ruin his good mood when she was around.

Except for maybe that James Potter. His mood soured.

James and his sidekick Sirius were constantly bullying Severus. Pulling terrible pranks and insulting his family, just to make Snape look like a fool in front of Lily. That was the other thing; When Potter wasn't torturing Severus, he was flirting with Lily. This - even more than the bullying - made Severus mad. Who did he think he was anyway? Strutting around like a peacock on campus. But Snape also couldn't help but notice the way Lily reacted to James. Blushing and distant stares. This made Snape sad.

Most of the girls at Hogwarts had already fallen under Potters spell, so Severus wasn't surprised by Lily's obvious preference - just disappointed. She denied it of course, claiming to dislike the Potter boy as much as he did, but anyone with eyes on their face could tell it was a lie. Lily loved James Potter. Not Severus Snape. All of those small hopes of winning her heart were long gone. He wasn't handsome, funny, or even nice for that matter. No hope, he thought. Jealousy and helplessness brewed inside for years. And this made Snape feel a deep bitterness. A bitterness that would last beyond James and Lily, and someday, destroy him.