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Summary: Reality just got screwed. This is the REAL sequel to Horror of a high school. The gloves are off, let's play!

Mist: This is the long awaited sequel to Horror of a high school

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The world around him was shaky and broken. Words did not exist, and sentences were impossible. The destruction of reality was enough to break anyone but the small boy lying on the metal table was not just anyone. He didn't remember how he got there, and he didn't know how he was getting out but… he did know one thing his name…

He was Toshiro.

That's when he managed to make out one small sentence.

"Project 'Half-dead' is ready to return to the Sereitei, this time, don't let him escape."

He felt a pinch on his arm and suddenly his body erupted in pain.

He tried to scream but no sound would come out.

He couldn't see.

He couldn't breathe.

H couldn't move.

He, he couldn't!

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Toshiro awoke with a start and jumped to fend off his attackers only to see…

"I'm in my office?" He asked himself as he looked around. He was safe and sound in his office. He had been sitting at his desk with some paper work… "Was all that… just a nightmare?"

"Is something wrong Toshiro?" Hyourinmaru yawned in his head; he must have woken the dragon up with his yelling.

"Sorry, I had a nightmare… and something doesn't feel right…" He told his dragon partner as he looked around the room for any abnormallys.

"You're right, something is wrong here…" The dragon mussed. "It's almost like we should be somewhere else right now…"

Before the two could think it over the door flew open and a very worried looking Ukitake rushed over to the small captain.

"I heard screaming!" The older grabbed Toshiro's shoulders and looked him in the eyes, "What happened?"

"I-I had a nightmare…" Toshiro practically whispered in embarrassment.

Ukitake sighed in relief before seating Toshiro on the couch that Matsumoto was usually found. "What was it about?" The older asked in a parental way.

"I…" Toshiro was embarrassed by this but once again that feeling told him that something was wrong… like he was used to talking to someone about his problems. The next words slipped past his tongue before he was able to stop them. "I was in a distorted room. Everyone around me was talking but I couldn't understand what they were saying until I heard someone say something about a project 'Half-dead' then…"

Toshiro's voice trailed off as he saw the serious, and slightly angry, look in the older captain's eyes.

"I need to speak with the head captain," Ukitake told him as he stood up, "Stay here and don't think about anything until I get back."

Then the older shunpoed away before Toshiro could ask him what was wrong.

"Something is diffidently wrong here," Hyourinmaru told him.

"Ya…" That's when Toshiro saw a hell butterfly fly into the room to land on his hand. "We have a mission in the real world."

"Didn't Ukitake tell us to stay here?" The ice dragon asked him.

Toshiro smirked slightly and said something that he wasn't sure why he said it. "He's just some stupid adult who thinks that he can control me," He told the dragon, "We have a mission, and I feel let kicking some ass!"

And with that he shunpoed to the gate as his dragon partner laughed at him for his little 'rebellious streak'.

The moment he entered the human world he felt a sudden rush of extremely powerful spirit energy. He quickly shunpoed to the source and found two creatures that resembled Arrancars, but didn't quite have the same riatsu, and an actual Arrancar breaking random things and attacking people. The freaky part was that the humans appeared to be able to SEE the creatures!

Toshiro pulled out Hyourinmaru and shouted at the things. "Hey! Down here!" He knew that it was childish to give away his position just to annoy the enemy… but he just couldn't help himself! What had gotten into him?

One of the not-Arrancar-Arrancars looked over at him. The creature orange-red hair and his mask, if it could be called a mask, was a simple white and red star on the side of his head. He was wearing an ordinary Arrancar uniform with a blood red sash to show off some individuality.

The creature looked surprised when he saw him, then it started waving and jumped over to him.

Toshiro was so shocked by the creatures unthreatening attitude towards him that he didn't try to avoid him even when he put an arm around his shoulders and pulled him close for a one arm hug and began to ruffle his hair as if they were close friends…

"Hey Toshiro!" The creature greeted him, once again, as though they were close friends. "What's with the getup? You lose a bet or something?"

Toshiro looked wide-eyed at the creature. The thing was acting so strangely, but one thought crossed his mind. "How do you know my name?" The second he said it he felt like hitting himself. Of course the creature would know his name! He was the 10th division captain!

The creature chuckled a bit and ruffled his hair some more. "Silly Toshiro! Of course I- oh… dammit!" The creature punched a hole through a random wall before shutting his eyes. "Loose of memory… being cloaked… Shinigami uniform… I know how to help with the second one! Stay still for a sec, K?"

Toshiro could only nod as he watched the creature open up a small bag that had been attached to the sash and pulled out some sort of gun…

Then the boy pointed it at him.

He tried to run but the creature just tightened his grip on him. "This won't hurt a bit…"

He pulled the trigger.


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