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"Are you excited? I'm excited!" I exclaimed.

"Calm down Rose focus on the road. I knew I shouldn't have let you drive through the night you always get so hyper and weird when you stay up for too long."

"I do not! I'm offended! You still didn't answer my question"

"What question?" she said exasperated.

"Are you excited?"

"Oh yea, but right now I'm a little more sleepy."

"I told you close your eyes and rest for a while. I'm young so I have more energy and can stay up longer without getting tired, your old and can't"

"Gee thanks Rosemarie, and no what I can't do is go to sleep in the car while your driving across the country."

"Why not? I'm an awesome driver you don't have to worry"

"I know its just a thing I have you know that"

"Well good news for you….we're here!" I said excitedly pulling into the Belikovs. I was so ecstatic, I have really missed them over the last year. As we pulled into the drive way Viktoria, Olena's youngest daughter, burst through the front door.

"Rose!" she said running over as I got out of the car. As soon as I was all the way out she attacked me with a hug. Last summer me and Viktoria became really good friends almost like sisters. Actually the only people closer to me was my friend/sister Lissa, and ironically Viktoria's older brother Dimitri.

"Hey Viki! I take it you missed me?" I said laughing hugging her back. "I can't breathe anymore"

"Oh sorry," she said letting me go "And of course I've missed you its been forever!"

"Yes but we talk almost everyday."

"But its not as good as in person"


"Aunty Rose! Aunty Janey!" Shouted Paul, Olena's oldest daughter Sonya's 8 year old little boy.

"Hey little man, how are you?" I said reaching out for him, he jumped in my arms and I spun him around.

"Good" he said

"Have you been causing trouble?"

"Just a little bit."

"Oh Paulie what are we going to do with you? Whats my number 1 rule?"

"Always cause trouble wherever you go!" He said word for word.

"Good!" I said putting him back down on the ground and patting his head.

"Rosemarie quit teaching him that!" my mother scolded.

"Oh mom I'm just messing around!"

"Janine, Rose! Glad you're here finally how was the trip?" asked Karolina, Olena's second oldest daughter.

"Long!" my mother and I said at the same time. Karolina came over and gave us a hug as the rest of the family started making their way outside. When I saw Olena I ran and gave her a hug.

"Olena I've missed you!"

"I've missed you too dear." She said laughing.

"Have you made any black bread recently?"

"There's a fresh pan in the oven."

"Wow Rose I see where your priorities lay." Said a certain Russian voice that made my heart speed up. Even though Olena's American, right out of high school she went to Russia for college, ended up falling in love, getting married, and having kids over there. Her and her husband split up 10 years ago and moved back to the US.

"Dimitri!" I exclaimed running towards him. "Of course I've missed the black bread more have you eaten my mothers cooking its like I've been deprived for an entire year!"

"Well I guess I'll just leave then." He said pretending to turn around. I took the advantage and jumped on his back hugging him from behind and wrapping my legs around his waist.

"I'm just kidding comrade, I've missed you more than Olena's cooking. How could I not?"

"Wow that's what he gets and I barely get a hug AND you don't even tell me you missed ME! I see how it is.' Interrupted Viktoria.

"Aww I missed you too! I said getting off Dimitri, "I've just missed him more" I joked.

"Wow thanks Rose."

"I've been getting that a lot today….I'll blame it on sleep deprivation." I said grinning. Not much could really get me down right now, Being in Montana was like having a second family, except their better than my real family.

"Come on lets go get yall settled and you can rest" said Olena walking towards the door.

"Rose before we go in can you get the bags?" asked my mom even though coming from her it wasn't really a question.

"Sure mom who needs sleep anyway" I smarted off.

"Watch your mouth young lady." She warned.

I walked to the car and popped the trunk but before I knew it Dimitri was standing in my way grabbing things.

"I see you still haven't learned to pack lightly."

"Hey who knows how long we'll be here/ last year we were here for 3 weeks this year probably longer."

"You do know we have a washer ad a dryer right?" he said smirking.

"Yes but I don't know what I'll want to wear everyday, and I'll get tired of the same clothes every week so therefore I have to bring extra to spice it all up" I said using my Rose logic, smirking back at him.

"You certainly are one of a kind Roza."

"I'm going to hope that was a compliment and if not well I'm going to take it as one because I am one of a kind and what would the world do without me."

"Umm have less back problems, be able to hear, actually get a word in…" I cut him off.

"Hey that was a rhetorical question! You're not supposed to answer it you know."

"I'm so proud of you for knowing what rhetorical means!" he said sarcastically.

"That's not very nice." I said and stormed off even though I wasn't mad at him really, I mean hell I'm surprised I know what it means myself. By this point we were entering the living room with our luggage, me with one bag and my purse him with two huge bags.

"You are sharing a room with Vicki and your mom is getting Paul's room."

"Okie Doke." I said walking towards Paul's room I passed it and stopped waiting for Dimitri to drop off my moms' bag then kept walking towards Vicki's without saying a word.

"Oh come on now Roza you're not really mad at me it was just a joke"

I still didn't say a word.

"Hmm I think this is the quietest you've ever been….I think I like it."

We got to Vicki's room and I entered and swung the door behind me. It hit him in the shoulder because he was turned making sure the bag fit through the door way.

"Rose that's not very nice." He scolded as I put my bags down. He put down my bag and walked towards me. I turned away and folded my arms pretending to be mad still. That was a bad idea because next second Dimitri was tickling me.

"Dimitri stop!" I said laughing.

"Ah so you can still speak. I was getting worried there." I started squirming around trying to wiggle out of his grip.


"Are you still mad at me?" he asked. I was still wriggling away, but something caught my foot and I fell. Dimitri fell with me but it didn't stop him from resuming his tickling.

"Yes very much so, see if talk to you anymore since you prefer it when I'm quiet!" I said laughing trying to put on a mad face.

"Roza you know I was just playing with you. I love hearing you talk." He said smirking, I knew he was over exaggerating but he was just trying to make me happy so I played along.

"You better"

"Or else what?"

"Or else your summer is going to suck without being able to talk to me"

"Hmm I believe your right." He said with a smirk.

"Damn right I'm right." By now he had stopped tickling me and I noticed our position. He was laying on top of me leaning on his forearms. I looked at him and all the joking was gone from his face, but there was still a hint of a smile playing on his lips.

"You know you look a lot better when you're smiling."

"Thanks" he said blushing a little.

"Aww Dimitri don't blush, it's the truth. Your so uptight." I said jokingly trying to lighten the mood.

"I'll show you uptight" he said tickling me again.

"Dimitri!... Stop!" I screamed

"Am I interrupting something?"

I looked up to see Viktoria standing in the doorway with an amused expression on her face.

"Nope nothing at all" I said as Dimitri quickly stood up and offered me a helping hand.

"Your brother here was just being a jerk."

"I saw that" she said laughing.

"So what'd you need?"

"You do realize this is MY room right? I don't need a reason to come to my room."

"Yea yea so why'd you come up her to YOUR room."

"Well you were taking so long we were wondering if you fell asleep yet, momma said her black breads done so you can get a piece then go to bed." Before she even finished talking I had looked at Dimitri and took off running, him following not far behind. Before we reached the stairs he was passing me.

"Oh no you don't" I said speeding up. At the bottom I passed him and made it to the table just before him. I turned and looked at him.

"Ha" I said rubbing it in his face, even though I'm pretty certain he let me win.

"Whatever just don't eat it all."

"What are you trying to say Dimitri Belikov?"

"Here you go dear." Said Olena handing Dimitri and I a plate of black bread.

"I'm saying you eat a lot."

"Well I would say that's rude but it's the truth so I'll let that one slide"

"You better"

"Or else what?"

"Look at you two, haven't even been here for a day and you've already started!" Remarked Olena with a laugh.

"What can I say Olena we're just that good." I said smirking

"Good at what?" she joked.


"You make no sense!" exclaimed Dimitri.

"Whatever" I said and despite my happy excited mood I yawned.

"Your tired go to sleep." Said Dimitri.

"I think I might, but let me go lay on the couch first." I said exhaustion finally getting to me. We had decided to drive straight through the night without stopping and dang was I tired!

"No go upstairs, you know as well as me if you lay on the couch you won't get back up till tomorrow."

"No I'll just lie down for a second"

"Roza why don't you go upstairs?"

"Because its too much work, and I'm too tired, so if I rest first maybe I'll have energy to make it upstairs…eventually."

"Here let me help" he said coming to stand beside me. He wrapped an arm around my shoulders and helped me stand, supporting half my weight. We got to the bottom of the steps and I looked at him.

"I don't think this is going to work."

"Me neither." He agreed, next thing I knew he was sweeping my legs out from under me.

"Whoa" I said not expecting it. He carried me all the way upstairs and took me to Vikki's room and threw me on the bed.

"Wow way to totally ruin it. You were actually being nice for once and had to go ruin it."

"What are best friends for?" he said with a laugh. I climbed under the covers, and stuck my tongue out at him. He started to walk away.

"Hey Dimitri." I said stopping him, he turned around and looked at me. "Thank you and I'm glad I'm back for the summer, and that we're still friends."

"Me too Roza me too," he said, then walked out of the room. I rolled over on my side, and thought about how exciting my summer was going to be. I was back with 2 of my best friends, I was back with my family! I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep happy for just a little while.