Summary: Hayley Stevens was perfectly average until a strange butterfly encounter in the woods changes her life forever. Does she have what it takes to be a super-hero, or will she fall like so many before her have? WarrenxOC

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I lived an exceedingly average life. Don't get me wrong, I had some excitement every once in a while. That is, if starting high school, getting ready to get my motorcycle license, and turning sixteen can be counted as excitement. I mean, if I wasn't completely socially challenged, and I had a butt-load of money to buy a bike I could actually ride and throw an amazing party, then it would be exciting. No, instead I have no friends, no motorcycle, and I'd never had a single party my entire life.

It wasn't like I had planned for my life to be this lame; it had just happened. Though I'm pretty sure a lot of people would think it's my fault that my life is like this, I blame my dad. When I was eight and my little brother, Josh, was only one year old, my dad left; no warning, no explanation. He was just gone. Josh was too little to remember, but I do. I remember it every day. It's one of those memories where once you've witnessed it, you want to get it out of your head, but that just makes it stay that much more fresh and concrete.

When my dad left, he took everything with him. He cleared out all of our bank accounts, and sped away in our only car. My mother was heart-broken. When she came home from work – she always took the bus – and found out that he had left, she started to crack. We had all loved him so much, and he had just left. When we found out about all of our money being gone, things started to get bad. My mom realized she had to suck it up and get over her grief so that Josh and I wouldn't be starved and homeless. She started picking up extra jobs wherever she could, taking in as much income as possible. As soon as I was of age, I started working too. We barely made it by, but that was okay for now.

I hardly ever see my mom anymore. I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss her, because I do, so much, and I wish that she didn't have to work at all and that my dad hadn't left and we could all at least pretend to be a happy family instead of this broken thing that we got left with. But wishing is for the stars and they outshine me far too much for any wish I ever have to matter.

So, this is a new story that I've actually been working on for a while now. I told myself that I would wait until I had at least half of the story done before I posted this but I just couldn't help myself. :)This is Sky High - obviously - which I have never even attempted to try and write before, but this story line just popped into my head one day and WILL NOT go away. Seriously, it's kind of annoying how often I'm thinking of it.

Expect slow updates. I already have two chapters written and am working on the third as we speak, but don't expect something every other day. I over-analyze, am lazy, slow, and easily distracted. It's amazing I've even written this much. Anyways, excuse any grammatical errors that may occur through-out the story, because until I say someone edited it, it wasn't really edited. And, I'll probably post the next chapter either over the weekend or around the beginning of next week.

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