First off I want to apologise for not updating any of my stories. I have been super busy with GCSE exams and results and annual camp and starting A-Levels and the list just goes on!

Also I have had writer's block which is a complete bitch especially as I have a piece for my Creative Writing class due in Thursday.

I wanted to tell all of you delightful readers that I have not abandoned the story and that I shall be updating as soon as possible but I have a very busy schedule at the moment.

I have started typing up chapter 9 and I shall upload it as soon as possible. It shall replace this eventually so I don't have this lingering in my story.

The only reason one of my other's got updated tonight is because it was five sixths finished and I just decided to knuckle down and get it done.

Thanks to all for their continued cooperation,


P.S. I have changed my PenName as I prefer this. I used to be Metamorphmagus87 or was it Metamorphmagus96? I don't know, it was one of them. I shall not being changing it again in the foreseeable future.