Chapter Five: Drive-By Feedings...

A week later Danny was finally allowed to go home. He'd asked the volunteers to pass his flowers, balloons and toys (so many stuffed animals!) to other patients who would enjoy them. Grace had picked out one bear for herself (some one had done a build-a-bear detective complete with tie) and he retained a soft plush giraffe. He didn't quite understand the giraffe, but Mama had tucked it in bed with him and he didn't want to hurt her feelings.

Kono somewhat sneakily took a squishy brown horse that was called a 'pillow pet'. Danny just grinned and shook his head. When he noted the two other male members of the team watching in disbelief he whispered to Grace to choose a toy for each of them. It was amazing just how red they could blush. Steve tried glaring at the manta ray while Chin decided if he could possibly decline the sea turtle placed in his hand.

There was a huge pile of cards and gift tags that required thank you notes. Williams was determined to set a good example for his child. The outpouring of well-wishes was over-whelming but it would give him something to do while he was resting at home.

Of course, 'home' translated to McGarrett's house; the ohana would all want to be together for a few days. Cold case files had been secured for the duration with computers set up in the 'command center' in the formal dining room.

They'd barely gotten Danny into the house and ensconced in the lounge chair when there was a knock at the door. Fearing it would be some news reporter looking for an interview Steve put on his 'don't mess with me I'm a lethal weapon' face and opened the door partway.

He wasn't expecting a small army. Bearing plates, bowls and ice chests.

The commander of the invasion pushed him aside and led the group into the house and back to the kitchen.

"Mama!" Chin tried greeting the small woman as she strode in, a woman on a mission. She easily dodged around him and went straight for a bewildered Danny.

"There's my nohea keiki," she said happily as she bent down to kiss his cheek. A titter of laughter was heard from many of the invaders.

"Mama?" he was confused, and the meds weren't helping.

"Just rest," she said. "You won't even notice we've been here." The clattering in the kitchen seemingly didn't support the assertion but he allowed her to fuss over him. A rather pretty girl returned with a tall glass of a fizzy juice drink. Suspiciously he took a sip before grinning.

"No pineapple for you!" Mama said confidently. "Plenty of good kau kau to help you heal. Made enough for your ohana. You rest and I will be back with more day after tomorrow." She again kissed his cheek then directed the invasion to leave. As Steve watched in disbelief the crowd started out the door.

"Take care of the Haole, commander," she directed. "He need plenty of rest, food and ohana." She closed the door.

The four team mates were frozen in place looking rather stunned.

"Was that a drive by care package?" Kono asked faintly. Chin rolled his eyes.

"We're in for it," the older detective shook his head in mock sadness. "Mama's gonna make sure we eat."

"Does that mean apple pie?" Danny looked up hopefully.

"At least two," Kono confirmed. "Guess we'd better go see what they've left for us." As the cousins moved towards the kitchen Steve took the juice glass from his partner's shaky hand. A quick sniff and sip drew a surprised raised eyebrow.

"Good," he proclaimed and carefully handed the drink back. He also headed for the kitchen, at the least to get a glass of juice for himself.

"Wow! Look at the pork and chicken!" Kono was sniffing a container of lightly seasoned, cooked meat.

"And macaroni salad like Danny likes," Chin grinned. "Plenty of sliced fresh fruit and prepared veggies ready for steaming."

"Pie," Kono lifted it up.

"Some sort of grains for breakfast with enough directions to launch a navy battleship," Chin displayed a piece of paper.

"Where's the juice?" Steve asked as he started nosing around the fridge.

"Uh, hmmm, there are some juices here and bottles of sparkling water," Kono pointed to a cooler. "Plus directions on how to mix it together!"

"There are notes about the notes!" Chin snickered. "I guess Mama figured we didn't know how to cook!"

"Given Boss's entire cooking repertoire consists of slamming steaks on the bar b cue..." Kono started and stopped when the aforementioned boss pulled up to his full height giving her an "I am not amused" glare. But it was ruined by Chin's giggling. The moment was broken when another knock sounded from the front door.

Then the door slammed open before they reacted allowing a news team into the house. A camera started flashing as Danny sleepily tried to sit up straight; the motion causing him to groan in pain.

"Detective Williams, how did it feel to stand up to three different attackers," the reporter was in his personal space. Danny responded by trying to get away. He pushed up out of the chair and sprawled on the floor. The resultant pain caused him to curl up into a fetal position, tears falling. And still the camera flashed.

Steve immediately pulled the reporter back while Chin deftly confiscated the camera. Kono was on her knees soothing the hurt man. Hand cuffs came in to play.

"Hey! You can't arrest us!" the reporter yelled. "I know my rights!"

"You have no rights here," Chin snapped. "This is a private residence and you are not only breaking and entering but attacking an injured police officer." They were shoved onto the couch then McGarrett went to help Kono while Kelly called the HPD.

The reporter continued to loudly proclaim he was well with in his rights to 'acquire the story' from Williams. Tempers were coming close to blowing up and it was Danny who used his injury to keep his partner and rookie focussed. Between the two of them they picked him up and Steve carried him into a separate sitting room.

Williams stayed curled tight against the Navy Seal making sure he wouldn't leave him and cause more problems.

"I'll get some dry clothes," Kono offered given the juice had dumped down his shirt and shorts. She exited gracefully leaving the two men alone.

"Ow," Williams offered as he tried to get comfortable.

"Ow? You get knocked ass end over tea kettle and all you can say is 'ow'?" Steve asked incredulously.

"uh, ouchie?" Danny said. Steve just stared.

"What, I'm suppose to get off a long, raucous rant about the pain that hack caused me? Thought it was kind of obvious, but if you like I can resume the moaning and groaning and eek out a few tears. 'Cause I tell you, wouldn't be a problem between the bullet hole and the ribs and let's not forget the forearm. Even with a cast that sucker hurts! And I can't take any more meds cause you already gave them to me. Shit, I'm gonna vomit," Danny suddenly paled and it was only because there was a wastebasket by the desk that saved the hard wood floor.

"Sssh, it's ok," Steve held him and the basket. The retching hurt the already touchy ribs and when Kono came in he was still dry heaving. She sprinted out and quickly returned with a wet towel and glass of water. Assisting Steve they held on until the final shuddering heaves ended. The cool cloth wiped his face then was folded over the back of his neck.

Carefully tipping him back onto his lap Kono moved the basket and held the cup to his lips.

"Just swish and spit," she cautioned. Danny complied then took a sip and tried swallowing. They all waited to see if it would stay down.

In the front room the HPD had arrived and were reading the two men their rights. Although the reporter claimed he was well within his rights, the police kept their faces tooled in stern expressions. Chin had downloaded the pictures onto a laptop just in case they were 'lost'. The way the photos were shot showed them coming into the house and accosting Williams. Although there was no sound, the pictures would be more than enough.

After removing the perps the senior officer, Connors, took a statement from Chin indicating he'd be back to speak with Danny. Kono had called Lewis who'd authorized additional pain relief along with an anti-emetic to quell the nausea. Twenty minutes later Connors was leaving and Williams was curled up asleep against McGarrett and Kono.

"Bed?" Chin suggested.

"Yeah, he needs to lay down," Steve agreed. Between the two men Danny was transported upstairs and tucked into the guest bedroom, a clean waste basket close to the bed. Chin perched in a chair.

"I'll wait 'til you fall asleep, Haole," he said calmly. When he didn't get a negative response he leaned closer and patted him on the shoulder.

"Got your back," he said quietly. Danny nodded as his eyelids closed.