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Ever since Sunnydale had become a crater, the gang had split up. Rupert Giles went back to England to train the new slayers with Kennedy, Willow and Xander; while Andrew went to go help gather the slayers and bring them back to England.

Faith and Robin settled down in New York, where he was born and raised. As Faith is expecting twins soon. As for Dawn and Buffy, they went towards Los Angles with a little bundle that was Buffy's and Spike's baby girl and her name was Luna Elizabeth Summers and this is were it all begins.

Thirteen years passed.

It was a chilled night, with a breeze flowed through the city of Los Angles, California. A young looking body was flying through the night sky jumping from building to building until she stood on the edge. Her long blonde hair blowing behind her as her golden hazel eyes searched the city until she found what she was looking for causing her to smirk. "Found you" she said.

She jumped off on to the fire escape, as she followed the person that she was searching for until they reached a bar. 'Hm the yellow dragon' she thought as she showed the person her ID and walked inside, then she heard the upbeat song; she didn't realize eyes were staring at her.

'Buffy' thought someone else, as the young girl went to the bar "Can I get a Dr. Pepper please" she asked as she passed him some money then she stood there waiting searching the building 'Come on where are you' she thought unhappily.

Until she noticed a shadow, then she gulped her drink and followed after it as she walked out the back exit to hear screaming then she ran "Hey vamp lay off the girl and come after me" she said, as he let go of the girl, and letting her ran free.

The girl never realized that it was a trap as another vamp came right behind her, but it didn't hold her long. She flipped over him and staked him from behind as she looked at the other vampire "Look here retard whoever has sent you send them message" she said "Leave the Slayer and her family alone." She said growling when all of a sudden a bag was placed over her head. "Take care of the vampire" said a voice.

She was carried over someone's shoulder when she was dropped down in a chair then the bag was removed. As she sat there staring at a dark skinned man "Who are you?" he asked looking at her "I'm Luna and you are?" she asked with a tilt to her head "Gunn" he said "Don't hurt the girl Gunn" said another voice as a male with glasses appeared.

"I wouldn't hurt her" said the first male "Sorry you must forgive him, I'm Wesley "He said "Ah you're a watcher." She said interested "You know of watchers" he asked completely shocked "Yes because my Grandfather is a watcher" she answered "Now if you don't mind I would like to go" she said glaring.

"Sorry can't do that until you speak with the man in charge" said Gunn with a glare. Another male arrived; he had brown hair and was wearing a red shirt with black slacks, black shoes and a black trench coat

"Who are you and why did you kill the vampire?" he asked looking at her "None of your business Old Dude" she growled crossing her arms. Another male walked in through the door with dark blonde hair, black shirt with black jeans and black shoes with a long black leather jacket as he had a cigarette in his mouth.

"What's up with the shrimp" he asked curious "She killed one of my men" responded the other one while she blushed lightly at the other male in front of her "Sorry about him luv he doesn't mean any harm unless he goes evil" he chuckled. "Hey he was going after me" she said, as she crossed his arms "No he was trying to get you out of the way" Gunn said, as he stood there against the wall.

"Look just tell me who you are or give me your ID" he said as he turned glaring at his friend, as she pulled out her wallet then gave him; her ID and slid it across the table, as he picked it up "Fourteen years old, Golden Hazel Blue Eyes, Blonde hair, Five feet and four inches, weighs about One hundred and Four lbs and….." he said then he looked at the female across from him. "Luna Elizabeth Summers" Spike finished, as he looked over towards her.

"What?" she asked, as she sat there with a raised eyebrow. "Are you Dawn Summers Daughter" asked Angel shocked "No I'm Buffy's Daughter" she answered then something clicked "Wait a minute you're Angelus and William the bloody" she said and pointed to them.

"How do you know about our names?" asked Angel as he looked at her "I've read the watcher diaries, and Aunt Willow has spoken about you two" she responded, as she shrugged her shoulders. "Well it's getting late and I should be going because if I'm late mom will have a cow so can I have my stuff" she asked curiously looking at them.

They looked at each other then back at the female in front of them "Yes but Me and Spike will be taking you home" responded Angel, as he stood up handing her stuff to her. She sighed and rubbed her temples "No way mom would have a fit" she screamed out, standing up and slamming her hands onto the table. "I can take care of myself" she said, as she looked up at Angel.

Spike chuckled "The girl is feisty just like her mother" he smirked, as Angel growled at him then looked at her. "Look kid it's simply dangerous" Angel said, glaring at her. "Look I can handle things on my own end of this conversation" she said, and crossed her arms.

They got into the car as she grumbled about stupid Vampires. "You really should take me home" she said. "Just be quiet kid" Angel growled out, as Spike shook his head "Sorry Kid but Angel wants to talk to your mother about this and since he's curious about the father" Spike said, as he put his shoes onto the dash board.

They arrived at 2034 Watermark Dr; as she took them up the drive way "Oh okay follow me please" she says as she opens the door and holds it open "That's right vampires have to be invited in" Luna shook her head giggling at herself, as she nods her head "Please come in" she says gently.

"Mom I'm home" she yelled out, as she could hear stomping up stairs "Luna Elizabeth Summers I told you to be home an hour ago" another voice yelled "Sorry mom but something held me up" she answered with a sigh "It better have been worth…it" Buffy said, as Angel smiled at her.

"Hi Buffy" Spike said to her as Buffy glares as she picks up items and starts throwing them "You stupid ass jerk you didn't tell me you were fucking alive" she shouted loudly as Spike ducks "I thought that it would be best if I stayed out of your life that and you were dating the immortal prick" Spike said back "It didn't last long once he found out that she had a kid and knew the father" Luna said as she tapped her chin.

Spike looked at Luna then towards Buffy "So the immortal boy didn't like for the fact that you had a kid with a person he didn't like" he chuckled "Yea but I would have sent him packing anyway" Luna responded "I didn't like him he's was a total douche" she added tapping her chin "Luna Elizabeth Summers" Buffy scolded.

"Sorry but he was totally a Baka" she answered pouting and crossing her arms, then Buffy looked towards her daughter "Upstairs now" she growled through her teeth "Fine I'm going" Luna walked up the stairs and turned towards the hall as she slammed the door.

Buffy rubbed her temple as she sighed then groaned. "Oh Okay look here I don't want ya'll anywhere near my kid especially you Spike" she said warningly "I don't think you have the right to order me around Pumpkin" Spike said simply, as he came closer to her "Besides she's going to need help hunting it's almost a full moon and I'm guessing you haven't told her about Werewolves" he added, causing Buffy to laugh "She knows about werewolves Spike…She's more into books unlike me" she responded.

"Is she human?" asked Angel suddenly, as he sniffed the air "No she's half human and half vampire…She's a Dhvampire" Buffy answers as she looks towards Spike. "Who's the father?" asked Angel curious "That's no of your business Angel" Buffy growled, as she rubbed her temples "I smell Connor" Angel said suddenly again "That's her bf that's been going on for about two years" Buffy responded "He's my son" Angel replied.

Luna sighed as she sat on her windowsill, as she saw rocks hitting her window. She looked out of the window, then she quickly opened it up as she stuck out her head. "Connor what are you doing here" she asked in a whisper "I've come to see the fair haired maiden that my eyes have ever fallen upon" he said smoothly.

Luna giggled, as she looked at him "Hurry and climb on in" she says, then she moves away from the window as Connor jumps and lands softly on the sill, then walks over to her as he wraps his arms around her waist then he kisses her deeply. As she wraps her arms around his neck pulling him in closer, as they moved over towards the bed with her hair sprawled out behind her as the kiss got hotter and hotter.

They pulled out of the kiss panting heavily, as Connor looked down at the beauty below him then he sniffed out. "I smell my father downstairs." He said suddenly as the door came open "Luna Elizabeth Summers!" Buffy shouted as she glared at the teens on the bed, Luna pushed Connor away as she blushed "What no knock on the door?" Luna responded "Hey no back talking your mother kid" Spike growled at her "It's rude to disrespect your elders" he added.

Connor growled out. "Father…" he said in a cold voice "Son" Angel replied to him in a cold voice as well "You mean to tell me that this Bronze haired male is your father" Luna asked as she looked at him, as he looked back at her "Yes" he said simply.

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