The sun shone brightly into the room; causing Luna to groan loudly as she sat up slowly in the bed and she places her head into her hand. "I didn't drink anything that my parents would disapprove of, why do I have a headache?" She mutters to herself. She forced herself to focus on her surroundings trying to remember what happened last night.

'This is Gunn's apartment; and I still have my clothes on so that's good.' She thought as she took off the blue blanket from her and her feet touch the floor. 'Maybe I was drugged or something... Poor Lorne must be freaking out.' She thought.

She peaks her head outside of the bedroom; and she looks around seeing Gunn in the kitchen. 'Awe he's making us breakfast.' She thought smiling, as she steps out of the bedroom and she looks down at her feet seeing her still wearing her socks. 'He also took off my shoes.' She thought sweetly.

She clears her throat as she stood near the table. "Good morning, Gunn." She calls out gently.

Gunn turns with a skillet in hand, as he looks upon her. "Good morning, Luna did you sleep well?" He asks her, as he goes and grabs a plate.

"Better than I have in a few weeks actually." She answers him, as she takes a seat at the table as she looks upon him with her eyes. "What all do you remember?" He asks her, dumping eggs onto a plate along with some toast, and some sausage

He places the plate in front of her calmly; and gives her a fork. "I remember going to a karaoke bar with Lorne, then drinking from my coke." She said thinking for a moment. "He sang girls just wanna have fun, then he begged me to go and sing." She adds nodding her head.

Gunn places the orange juice and coffee jug onto the table. "I went up on the stage singing a song then once I finished singing, I ran past Lorne into the bathroom." She paused for a moment.

"After that I climbed out of the bathroom though the window; and I started running after that my memory is a bit blank, I am guessing my adrenaline played a part in that." She says as she looks up at him. "Then I woke up here." She adds stating all that she remembers.

"But I could've been drugged and have no idea what happened." She tells Gunn as she looks at him. "Mind clueing me in?" She questions as she raises an eyebrow.

Gunn looked over at her, and looked at her face. "Also, if you don't tell me the truth then all trust goes out the window and Spike will bash your face in." Luna states, as she stabs a piece of egg and puts it inside of her mouth as she watches him.

Gun groans silently to himself. "You came here knocking on my door and basically told me that you have feelings for me and that you choose me." He says pausing. "Then you passed out on my couch, and I carried you into my room; laid you on my bed and left you be." He adds.

"I also called your parents and told them I would bring you home." He says, as he looks up at her face seeing her whole face completely and fully red while she sits on the chair frozen. "Yep, I was drugged because I wouldn't've come to you and told you that I have feelings for you." She responds to him.

"We can run a drug test on you if you wish to know?" Gunn asked as she looks at him calmly. "But what I said wasn't a lie, because Gunn I do have feelings for you." She tells him; as she nods her head. "Also, I wouldn't say no to a drug test." She adds.

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Gunn pulled up into the driveway; as Luna rubs her arm calmly. "Did they have to stick me with that big needle?" She questioned, as she groans. "Yes, and now we know that you were drugged." Gunn stated as they both got out of the car, as she walks over towards him.

Gunn sighs deeply, as he puts a sticker upon her shirt. "This is for a being a good girl during the needle part." He stated, as she pushed him away. "Jerk." She pouted as she glared at him

"Luna!" Buffy shouted, as she ran down her porch and she wraps her daughter into her arms. "We were so worried about you." She says softly.

"Oi! Bring her inside so that I can hug her too!" Yelled Spike as he stood inside of the house since it was sunny outside. Luna smirks as she shook her head. "Gunn will you come inside and tell them please?" She asked him softly, as she blushes lightly.

Gunn shrugs his shoulders, as he follows them inside just has Luna was pulled into a huge hug from Spike. "Little bit you had us worried." Spike said hugging her tight, causing Luna to grumble about not being able to breath.

"Sorry Kid." Spike said as he pulled back as he looked at her from head to toe. "Dad I'm fine, no one hurt me or kidnapped me." Luna states, as she leads her parents to the couch. "I was drugged however." She added.

"What!?" They exclaimed, as Gunn nods his head, and he pulls out the paper work. "We did a speedy testing to see what caused her to do what she did, and it was basically a rape drug but since she's half vampire it affected her differently." He explained, as Luna nods her head, as she grabs a hold of Gunn's hand into her and squeezed it gently.

He squeezed it back reassuringly; as her parents read through the paper work. "I am just happy that she went somewhere safe and sound." Buffy said, as she smiles at Gunn.

"Thanks for calling us Gunn, and letting us know that she was safe." She says softly, as Spike stood up then he put out his hand causing Luna to roll her eyes. Gunn reached out and shook his hand; has Spike leans into his ear. "Cause her harm and I will find you boy." He told him, causing Luna to giggle at the threat that she heard.

"You are not grounded only because you weren't responsible for your actions but I think Lorne deserves an apology." Buffy states looking at her daughter in the eye.

"Already done mom." Luna responds as she slightly leans into Gunn. "I called him on the way back home and he'll be here shortly for a hug and to yell at me." She states and she shakes her head.

"I'm going to go get changed, and put on different clothes." Luna says, as she lets go of Gunn's hand and she turns leaving the room and heading into her bedroom to change her clothes.

Gunn sighs as he leans back into the couch and rubs his hands over his face. "So should I give you the talk about killing you if you hurt my daughter now or later?" Spike asked, as Gunn looks over at him. "Maybe never." He answers.

Luna comes back down the stairs wearing a pair of jeans with rips in them, and a black tank top. "So much better." She says, as she goes and sits down.

"So, last night apparently last night at the bar that she was taken to, she was given a rape drug but since she is half vampire the drug affected her differently." Gunn stated once everyone settled down. "It gave her this fight or flight kind of reaction, hence her running and I'm guessing since my place was closer, she decided that she would be safer there." He added as Luna shrugs her shoulders.

"Probably would be the best guess." She responds sweetly; as she leans against Gunn slightly.

"Well I'm just glad that she's safe and sound." Buffy said softly, as Spike was seething. "I want to find this person that drugged my daughter and drain the blood from his damn neck and rip it out." He growled out.

Luna shook her head. "No, you're going to allow them to find out who did it and let them handle it." She says calmly. "I know you're a vampire but I don't want you to be going to jail." She adds looking at him calmly.

Spike groans, as he buries his face into Buffy's neck. "Luv our daughter is being smart again make her stop." He groans, causing Buffy to smirk and giggle.

"No can-do Spike." She states, as she runs her fingers through his dirty blonde hair, and Gunn looks away from the scene causing Luna to giggle as she smiles at her parents.

"Luna Girlie, are you here?" Lorne called out from the front door, as he walked inside. Luna stood up from her spot and makes her way to him where she goes and wraps her arms around him. "I am here and I am safe." She answers him.

"I was so worried about you." Lorne says, hugging her back then he pulls back and looks over her from head to toe.

"If it helps, I was drugged and a little bit out of my mind." She states, as Lorne raises an eyebrow. "Why would someone drug a 15–16-year-old?" He questions.

"Maybe they thought I was older or something." Luna responds and shrugs her shoulders and Lorne bends down and kisses her forehead. "I'm just glad that your safe, and you went somewhere safe." He says calmly.

Gunn stands up and he clears his throat. "I should probably go." He says clearly feeling uncomfortable, as Luna raises an eyebrow in his direction.

"I'll walk you out if you need to go." Luna says, as Gunn nods his head as he says good bye to those in the room and making his way to the door.

On the porch, Luna looks upon Gunn and she tilts his head to the side. "What's going on?" She asks softly, as she reaches out and grabs his hand; holding onto it.

"Will you go out on an actual date?" Gunn asks her, as she blushes fully upon her cheeks.

"I would be honored." She responds, as she smiles at him hugely up at him. "Great I'll call or text and we'll set it up." He says, as he leans down and kisses her cheek gently.

"Sounds good, Gunn." She responds blushing more, as she squeezes his hand softly and he left the porch waving at her; as he got into his car and drove off.

"Luna!" Shouted a voice, as Luna turns around with hands upon her cheeks. "Are you oh okay?" Asked Willow as she looked over her niece/goddaughter with concern written on her face.

"I'm fine Aunt Willow, and Uncle Oz." She responds to her question, as she smiles at them. "I was with Lorne and I guess some drugs got into my system somehow and I simply took off. But I am fine and Gunn watched out for me." She adds gently.

"Good." Oz stated, as he looks her over as well and he ruffles her hair causing Luna to raise an eyebrow at him. She knew that her uncle could smell pheromones and she knew that he smelled them.

"I'm just happy that your safe sweetie." Willow says, as she smiles at her warmly taking her hands off her cheeks.

"Yes, I am perfectly safe and haven't been kidnapped." Luna reminds her then she grabs both of their hands and takes them inside of her house.

"You guys can talk to my parents and Lorne all about it." She says; has Willow looks over at Oz and she smiles at him as she reaches over and takes his hand into hers.

"Sounds good to me." Willow says giggling causing Oz to chuckle; and Xander comes running up to the porch. "Luna thank the heavens your alright kiddo." He states.

"Yes, I am perfectly fine." She responds annoyed as she opens the front door. "You guys need to call people and tell them I am fine." She calls through the front door; as the others follow her inside.

Luna sat upon her window seat; as she sighs deeply allowing the breeze to flow into her bedroom. She looked out; onto the street then her phone buzzed; causing her to look at her phone that was on her lap.

She tilts her head to the side, and she opens it. "Look to the left and look down?" She read out loud. She turns her head to the left and looks down as she smiles.

She shakes her head and she giggles behind her hand. Gunn stood there with a single red rose; as he starts walking up towards the house. "Can you climb?" She calls out softly.

Gunn rolls his eyes, as he places the rose into his mouth and he climbs the side like he knew that he could. He sits cross legged in front of her window then he hands her the rose.

"So, what is this? I thought you were going to call or text me?" She asked him tilting her head to the side.

"I thought I would ask you out properly." He responds, causing her to smirk at him and she nods her head; taking the rose into her hand as she sniffs it softly.

"Luna Elizabeth Summers, will you do me the honor of going out with me?" He asked her bowing his head in a gentlemen gesture causing her to giggle.

"Yes, Gunn I would be honored to go out with you." She responds to him. "Now you just gotta get past my parents with your request." She reminds him.

"Leave that to me, and besides your mom likes me?" He says then he leans forward and kisses her cheek. "I gotta go, because I've got work in the afternoon with Angel so good night fair maiden." He says to her.

Luna rolls her eyes at his cheesiness. "Good night my gentle knight now go, before I push you off the roof." She tells him smirking as he nods his head and he starts climbing off the roof and running back to his car.

She rolls her eyes as she smells the rose once more then she brings her knees to her chest and she rests her head on her knees smiling. She looks out the window with a rather large smile upon her face.