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Last Time, Alex's P.O.V.

"That was better the third time Aang!" Katara said

"I know!" Aang said. Then Aang and Katara looked at me and exchanged glances.

"GranGran, who's that?" Katara said, pointing to me.

"Katara, Aang, this is Alex. Alex, this is Katara and Aang." GranGran said, introducing them to me and vice versa.

"Nice to meet you Alex!" Aang and Katara said with a warming smile.

"Nice to meet you too, Katara and Aang." I said, smiling back.

Aang's P.O.V.

That girl Alex was pretty. Her hair was a shiny black and it perfectly framed her face. Her hair was in curls.

"Where are you from?" I asked Alex, looking into her chocolate brown eyes.

"New York City." She answered.

"She's from a different world." GranGran said. GranGran gave Katara and I a cup of tea and we thanked her.

"What is it like in New York City?" Katara asked

"It's a really busy place and it's crowded." Alex answered

"Do you want to go penguin sledding with us? It's really fun." I asked/said to Alex.

"Sure." She said. Then she got up and followed us to where Katara and I saw the penguins.

"Here. If you stand by the penguins, they will come towards you for the fish. Choose your penguin, and then give that penguin the fish." Katara explained, giving Alex a fish.

"Easy enough." She said. She walked towards the penguin and then they swarmed her like they swarmed me.

"They must be really hungry." Alex said. Then she gave one her fish and took the penguin to us.

"I'm ready!" She said with a smile. We walked to a mountain, got on the back of our penguin, and slid down the mountain.

"This is AWESOME!" Alex laughed.

"I know!" I agreed, smiling at Alex.

"Aang, watch out!" Katara yelled, turning right. Alex did the same thing. I looked forward.

"Oof!" I crashed into a snow pile.

"Aang are you okay?" Alex asked me when she turned around so she was now next to me.

"Yeah, but now my head's cold." I said

"Aang, you could have used your airbending to avoid the snow pile." Katara said. She was right.

"Airbending?" Alex said

"Yeah. I'm an Airbender. I'll show you." I said, getting off of my penguin. Then I made an airball and rode on it.

"Cool!" Alex said

"It sure is." I smiled. Then Alex smiled back and I blushed.

Alex's P.O.V.

I just saw one of the awesomest things EVER! Yeah, I know awesomest isn't a word, but I just said it so now it is! Back on topic, I just saw Aang riding on a ball full of air! He called it an airball.

"You thing that was cool. Let's go back to the village, I have two more things to show you." Aang said. Katara and I nodded our heads and followed Aang. The penguins? They jumped into the water. After walking for a few minutes, we made it back to the village.

"Oh yeah. I forgot to mention that this is the Southern Water Tribe." Katara said.

"OK! Alex, prepare to be AMAZED!" Aang yelled. Then he came out from behind a tent FLYING! He was flying on an object.

"THAT IS SOOOOOOO AWESOME!" I yelled. Then two minutes later, Aang landed.

"What is that?" I asked, pointing to the object Aang was holding.

"My glider. Airbenders can use it, but I'm the only one who can use it now." Aang answered/sighed

"What do-"

"Don't ask him." Katara quietly whispered in my ear. Then she looked up at the sky.

"It's getting late. We should go to bed now. You can sleep in my tent Alex." Katara told us.

"Goodnight." Aang said, his head down.

"Goodnight." Katara and I said. Then we walked to her tent.

"Why did you interrupt me?" I asked

"Aang doesn't like remembering that day." She answered

"What day?"

"The day he became the last Airbender." Katara answered

"Oh." I said

"Aang was 12 when the monks told him that he was the Avatar. Confused and frightened, Aang left that Air temple with Appa, his flying bison. While flying over the Southern Ocean, there was a storm that made Appa fall into the ocean. Due to how we found him, Aang went into the Avatar State and used his airbending to make a bubble that automatically froze into ice. 100 years later, my brother, Sokka and I found Aang in the iceberg. One day, when we went to the Air Temple Aang was born in, we found his people dead. He was so devastated that he went into the Avatar State." Katara explained. Poor Aang. I thought.

"There must be something I can do." I said to myself

"Maybe I can use magic!" I said. Then Katara gave me a questioning look. I took out my wand from my boot.

"I'm a wizard." I said, waving my wand to make a bucket of ice. I know that I shouldn't be telling people that I'm a wizard, but I'm in a different world, so it won't do any harm.

"Cool! Maybe you could use your Wizard powers to make a statue of Monk Gyatso. He's one of Aang's closet friends." Katara said

"Good idea." I said

"Well, we should get to bed. It's been a very long day." I said to Katara. She agreed then we went to sleep, but it took me a few minutes to sleep, because I was thinking about what Katara had told me.

The Next Day, Alex's P.O.V.

"Good morning Alex. Alex, wake up!" Katara said, shaking me

"What?" I said, waking up but still sleepy.

"We still have things to do. Aang wants to show you something, you have to make the statue of Monk Gyatso, and I want to introduce you to my brother." Katara said. Then I stretched and got out of the tent. Then I heard Aang calling my name so I walked over to him."

"What is it, Aang?" I asked

"Close your eyes." He said


"It's a surprise." He answered. I did what Aang said. It felt like we were walking behind Aang's tent.

"Okay, open." He said. When I opened my eyes, I saw a huge animal with a big brown arrow and six legs (guess who the animal is!).

"WHAT. IS. THAT!" I yelled

"Alex, this is my flying bison Appa." Aang said. Appa greeted me with a load roar.

"Appa, keep it down please." Aang said

"Well, hello to you too." I said, petting Appa

"Alex, I want you to meet my brother now." Katara said, tugging (or pulling) my arm towards a tent.

"Sokka! Come out! I want you to meet my new friend." Katara stated. Then a boy with blue eyes, a blue T-shirt and a boomerang came out.

"Well, hello there. My name is Sokka." He said, shaking my hand.

"Hello. My name is Alex." I said, shaking Sokka's hand.

"Ok Sokka. Alex and I have to go." Katara said, taking be to a big snow pile.

"Do a spell to make a Monk Gyatso statue." Katara said. Then I thought for a moment then I had an idea.

"Go get me that bucket of ice." I said to Katara. A few seconds later, the bucket was right in front of me.

"This bucket is now not, a Monk Gyatso statue should fill its slot." I said, waving my wand. The bucket of ice turned into a Monk Gyatso statue.

"Go get Aang. I'll watch the statue." Katara said. Then I went to go get Aang.


"Yeah?" Aang said

"Katara and I want to show you something." I said, leading Aang to the statue. When we were in front of the snow pile, I told Aang to close his eyes. He did what he was told.

"Open." I said

"Is that…Monk Gyatso?" Aang asked. Katara and I nodded.

"Thanks you too. This really helps." Aang said, hugging us. I smiled.

"You're welcome." Katara and I said

"Hmm. This is too big." I said

"Key largo key west, Keychain/" I said waving my wand. Then the Monk Gyatso statue turned into a keychain and I made it into a necklace for Aang.

"Now you can take it where ever you go." I said, giving it to Aang. He put on the necklace.

"Thank you Alex." He said, hugging us again. Then he hugged me alone, but tighter.

"You're welcome." I said hugging Aang back.

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