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The Scout tried to hold it in as best as he could; he closed his eyes and pinched his nose really hard, but he ended up sneezing five seconds later when he least expected it. A little bit of mucus ended up on the floor. Soldier looked at him, raising a brow.

"Son," he said. "You should go see the Medic."

"What'chu talkin' about, man, I don't need no Doc," Scout replied, slinging his bat across his shoulders and trying to stand up straight and tall. "And I definitely, definitely, don't need that one."

"Heh, what's wrong, you actually scared of doctors?" the Soldier asked, stifling a chuckle. "You're gonna get everyone else sick, boy." He readjusted the rocket launcher he was carrying and continued keeping on the lookout.

"No, I'm not!" Scout answered indignantly. "I'ma get better on my own. My ma told me that chicken noodle soup and pure willpowa cures anythin', you know."

"I hate to burst your bubble, but –" The Soldier stopped himself, and decided it'd be more amusing to let it all play out. "Eh, well, never mind. I'm sure your ma is right."

"'Course she is. What are ya, stupid?" Scout wiped his nose on his own shirt and kept guarding the base.

It only took two days for the illness to spread to the rest of the camp. Needless to say, the Medic was infuriated that such a crippling disease had been able to debilitate the entire team. He wore his procedural mask every day he moved around the base just so that he wouldn't get infected by the germs. If someone had told him that Scout had gotten the flu sooner, then he would have remembered to vaccinate everyone against it. But now everyone was sick, moaning in pain in their beds, and the Medic had to care for all of them. He wanted to draw the line at having to deal with Demoman's constant vomiting and begging for still more liquor despite the fact that he was unwell.

And of course, the Scout eventually had to be called into the Medic's office no matter how hard he tried to avoid it. Everyone else had been there already, strength permitting, and now the boy was basically forced to go see him. The others were now on bed rest for the time being.

"We almost done here, Doc?" Scout asked after the doctor checked his heart rate, breathing, vision, and hearing. "Feels like just a regular checkup." He swung his legs back and forth as he sat up on the examination table and yawned.

"Almost," the Medic responded, pulling out the largest syringe needle that Scout had ever seen in his life. "I just need to give you zis medicine, and you should be good to go."

The Scout could feel his entire body tensing up; he raised his arms up in defense. "W-Wait, there's gotta be some other way, man!"

"Hold still, schweinhund, zis will only sting for a moment," the doctor said in automatic response to his flinching.

"Wait, Doc! C'mon man! No!" The Scout jumped off the examination table and tried to go for the door. "There's no way you're puttin' that in me! Look, I already feel better!" He tried to jog in place like he usually did while taunting an enemy, but after a moment he was doubled over coughing.

"Many people are afraid of ze needles, but zere is nothing to be frightened of," the Medic retorted emotionlessly.

"Isn't there some nasty ass liquid or somethin' I can take instead, Doc?" the younger boy inquired desperately.

"It's quicker zis way. And you should be happy zat I do not need to inject zis into your bottom. It's much more painful zat way."

Scout trembled more violently at the thought. "Look, Doc, I really don't need a shot."

"Of course you do! How else are you going to feel better? Do you need me to bring in somevun to strap you down?" The Medic sighed. "You have to make zis easier on me."

"B-But this is why I hate doctors, man! Well, one of the reasons…" Scout protested. "It's just too clean in here and it's way too creepy. And I really don't like needles." He trembled again, remembering his childhood, and his mother holding him still for shots that he was forced to take.

"It is creepy because it is too clean? Don't make laugh." The Medic knew he had to think of something to make Scout get over his fear, and he tried to think of something quick. Suddenly, he remembered one the failsafe items that he had stashed away from way back when he still had his medical license. It was a habit of his to keep them around nowadays. "If you take your shot now, I zink I have a lollipop for you in one of my cabinets."

The memory of a treat after an ordeal was a bit appealing. It reminded Scout of home, and his mother being proud of him when he did well at the doctor's. Still, he had to hide his childishness somehow, and so he crossed his arms and countered with, "How old do you think I am!"

"Vell, you are about half ze age of everyone else here," the doctor stated plainly.

"So what?"

"So if you continue behaving zis way you vill get nozing," Medic said authoritatively, stamping his foot on the ground. "Now, if you please, Scout? Come ova here."

The Scout almost followed directions and stood beside the medical practitioner obediently. Almost, but it was much more entertaining to yell, "Why don't you try speaking English, chucklenuts?" and run out the door, and so he did.

Of course, Scout didn't get very far; his illness had come back to bite him in the rear. He attempted to hide behind some discarded boxes in a corner before the enraged Medic caught up to him, but to no avail. He felt his arm being pulled at, and turned his head away from what was sure to come.

"AUGH!" the boy screamed in pain when the needle entered his arm forcefully, and he was still trying to run when the Medic was disinfecting it and put a bandage over the wound.

"It's ova now," the Medic announced. "I'd like to say you did vell, but…I can still give you somezing if you vant."

Scout was still cursing all the way back to the doctor's office, but he shut up when he received his lollipop and a sticker that had "I Was Brave When I Got My Shot!" written on it. He didn't really want the sticker, but since the Medic insisted that he had too many extras lying around, he was forced to take it.

Maybe he could put it on a letter to his mother the next time he wrote to her.

A/N: Thanks for the positive feedback, guys! : D I hope this chapter is alright for you. True story, I actually have that sticker in real life, and no I was not brave when I had my shot. The rest of my physical went HORRIBLY after that ordeal (and yeah, it was like a billion years ago but I still remember the details). Ironically, I couldn't even piss in those little cups afterwards. Sniper would be ashamed.