Title: We Could Be In Love

Author: pikachucranstongirl

Rating: Teen

Disclaimer: Me no own Power Rangers...My bad grammar joke aside, I don't own Power Rangers. All I own is anything you don't recognize and my sense of humor.

Inspired By: We Could Be In Love sung by Lea Salonga and Brad Kane

Story Cat: Power Rangers

Generation: Samurai

Pairing: Jayden/OC

Summary: It doesn't take a genius to see what's going on between Jayden Shiba and Kaileigh Stanhope. Even the whole team knows what's going on and are encouraging it to the best of their abilities.

Author's Note: This is based on Ars Amatoria's Ranger Romance Themes. I was inspired when there seemed to be some romance scenes between Kevin/Mia and Mike/Emily but no one to be paired up with Jayden (I hate it when they leave a Ranger out)

TimeLine: Before the Series start, during Jayden's childhood but way after Antonio leaves.

Chapter 1:


"Kaileigh, cut it out or I'm going to tell Ji! We are supposed to be sparring." Ten year old Jayden Shiba yelped as he ran from nine year old Kaileigh Stanhope. Despite the year difference between Kaileigh and him, Jayden had grown to care for the younger hyperactive girl. Some would have said that young Jayden's feelings were a precursor to love but for Jayden, Kaileigh was just a friend and future teammate. Her sparkling almond - shaped hazel eyes were full of a teasing mischief that Jayden knew very well. "We have to train or we won't be ready for when the Nighlok attack!"

"Nighlok, Schmilok. You know as well as I do that Ji won't do anything. Balance, remember?" Jayden rolled his blue – green eyes.

"Wanna say that again, little girl?" Jayden asked in mock irritation. Sure, Kaileigh was a year younger than him...but that didn't give her the right to sound so smug about it. As soon as Kaileigh grinned, Jayden nearly forgot about the supposed insult.

"Balance, old man." Kaileigh teased again and Jayden's irritation came back with a vengeance.

"That's it. You're going to get it." Jayden said, his grin nearly matching the one on Kaileigh's face as he chased her. As he raised his wooden bokken, Kaileigh easily countered it with her own. "No going easy on you this time."

"You mean to tell me that all of the times we sparred, you went easy on me? Dang it, Jayden Shiba..." Kaileigh grimaced and then pushed the future Red Ranger away with a concentrated grunt. "You better tell me why and don't tell me it's because I'm pretty!"

"Well..." Jayden hedged, trying to think of a reason that wouldn't piss his remaining best friend off. "You are pretty but the reason I went easy on you is because Ji said so." Her jaw dropped, and then closed as if she was afraid that a fly would fly into her mouth and make her sick to the point of death. Ji had told him to go easy on Kaileigh because Kaileigh was much smaller than him and a little more experienced since she had trained with the Japanese Shiba side of the Shiba family.

"Ji is a stick stuck in quicksand." Kaileigh retorted with a grin. Jayden laughed. Kaileigh's reply was true. "He also talks too much." Jayden laughed even harder and once again raised his bokken.

"Come on." He invited, eager to resume their training.

"What happened to Antonio?" She asked as she came at him with her own bokken. "I haven't heard from him in ages." There was a snort from Jayden. Antonio's letters to both his friends had stopped suspiciously for some reason.

"Haven't heard from him in a dragon's age. You're not the only one." Jayden replied as he parried her move. "Ugh, we're not going to get anything done today...so let's quit."

"Okay." Kaileigh seemingly agreed, but struck a retreating Jayden on the back. "Rule number one of the Samurai – never ever turn your back on your opponent." Jayden smirked, thinking of how he could get her back.