Title: We Could Be In Love

Author: pikachucranstongirl

Rating: Teen

Disclaimer: Me no own Power Rangers...My bad grammar joke aside, I don't own Power Rangers.

Inspired By: We Could Be In Love sung by Lea Salonga and Brad Kane

Story Cat: Power Rangers

Generation: Samurai

Pairing: Jayden/OC

Summary: It doesn't take a genius to see what's going on between Jayden Shiba and Kaileigh Stanhope.

Time Line: After The Blue and The Gold

POV: Kaileigh's

Chapter 17:

Shopping & Cooking, Part 1

I am staying away from the kitchen since Antonio poisoned the air in there with the smell of fish cooking. For whatever reason, I cannot stand the smell of fish now. The smell makes me instantly sick to my stomach. "Kai? Where are you?" I frown at Jayden's question since I'm hiding in our bedroom. He, as both the leader and Red Ranger, should know better than anyone that his room was always my favorite place to hide. I smile at one of the many memories of playing hide – and – seek with Jayden that popped up in my mind.

"Still can't find her?" Antonio asks.

"You'd think that I'd know all the hiding spots in the dojo by now." Jayden replies to Antonio, his mood a bit sour. I smile even wider at my husband's comment. Sure, he knows all the hiding places but he's missing the most obvious. "She disappears into thin air, Tonio." I smile at Antonio's laugh. As a child, his laugh was always infectious. I missed him after he moved away.

"You know, for a Red Ranger, you're quite stupid." Antonio stated, surprising me with the comment. Antonio has never called Jayden stupid in all the time that I've known him. "What about your bedroom, genius? Think that she could be in there?" His question was laced with a bit of sarcasm.

"Don't patronize me, Antonio Garcia." Jayden snapped.

"I wasn't patronizing you. I'm just asking you where her favorite hiding place was. Asking you to think, Jay. You knew her the best, better than me." That is true, I've known Jay since he was three and I was two. In fact, I threw a fit or two about having to come to the dojo at that age before my father became Jay's guardian, according to Ji.

"I think that she's not in my room." Jayden ground out through his teeth.

"Check." Antonio insisted. "Please." Jayden opened the door. I look at him and smile again. There is a smirk on his face as he closes the door.

"Okay, so you were right and I was wrong." Jayden says as they walk away. I get up and go into the kitchen. The fish smell is gone, thank god. Now I have to fix something, but what can I fix? I scrounge up a couple of the granola bars that Ji has made for me and I search the cupboards. I pull out the lasagna noodles and canned tomato sauce(Ji rarely uses these anymore)and realize that I have to go shopping for the rest of the ingredients I need. Ji rarely keeps the ingredients for Jayden's and my favorite casserole in the house anymore. Something about Kevin's diet or a major overhaul in the way Ji cooks now is to blame. It's probably the latter.

"Need help?" Jayden's voice drifts to my ears and I turn around in shock before smiling. "Antonio tells me you don't like the smell of cooking fish anymore."

"It makes me sick." I admit before trying to remember what Ji put in the casserole. Pizza sauce, noodles, pepperoni, lots of cheese... There's one other thing that I'm missing as a matter of fact.

"You forgot that Ji put Italian Sausage into the casserole." Jayden says over my shoulder as he's looking at my list and lightly rubbing my belly, his fingertips barely brushing over my belly button. "I'll go get what you need." He murmurs into my ear and steals a kiss before leaving.

By the time Jay returns, he has what I need. "Need any help?" Jayden asks after I give him a quick kiss on the lips in gratitude.

"Yes. You can get the casserole dish out of wherever Dad keeps it." I instruct. Jayden pulls it out of a cupboard that's definitely outside my reach as I put the cheddar and mozzarella cheeses in their separate bowls. "Jay, how long has it been since Dad's made this?" I ask as Jayden sets it on the counter.