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Living Each Day to the Fullest

Rachel and Lisa's table was surrounded by people coming up to talk and meet Rachel. Rachel could barely keep track of people.

"Hello Caitlyn," Lisa said with a smile. Rachel turned. A tall girl stood there. She had short blond hair.

"Hi Lisa," Caitlyn said. Lisa motioned for the girl to sit at their table. She complied and turned her attention to Rachel. "It's nice to finally meet you. I take art lessons from Lisa and she always talks about you." Rachel smiled back. Caitlyn had pretty bright green eyes. She wore a light grey cotton dress, with a blue bikini underneath.

"Well, I hope she says good stuff," Rachel said, turning to Aunt Lisa who looked back innocently.

"Of course she does. Anyway, I came over to ask if you'd like to come to a beach bonfire party. Some friends and I are heading down after this," Caitlyn said hopefully. Rachel thought for a second.

"I'd love to," Rachel said. She glanced at Lisa who nodded.

Caitlyn smiled warmly at Rachel. Rachel smiled back shyly.

"If you want I can drive you by your house to pick up your swimsuit," Caitlyn said. Rachel nodded.

"Go on you two," Lisa said. Rachel said goodbye and followed Caitlyn out. She had a dark green Jeep that was open to the air.

The two talked all the way to Lisa's house. Rachel learned about Caitlyn. Caitlyn was an artist. She loved to paint and make pottery. She'd lived in Trent, Florida all her life. Her dad was a lawyer and her mother worked in the hospital. She was very close with them. Rachel found herself drawn to everything Caitlyn said. She seemed to exude life and happiness.

When they got to the door, Caitlyn reached on top of the door frame and got the key. She unlocked it and replaced the key. She walked in with Rachel following.

"Go ahead and change," She said with a smile. Rachel all but ran upstairs. She got into her room. She shut the door and then leaned against it with a sigh.

What was with her? She couldn't deny that she liked Caitlyn just a little bit more than what one would think. But she was straight. She took a deep breath and let it out. She told herself to calm down. This summer was about being free of Lima and all of its boundaries. If that meant… going outside of her comfort zone, then so be it.

She slipped on her dark purple bikini. On top she put on her sheer light blue romper. She slid on her flip flops. She made her way downstairs. She stopped when she heard Caitlyn on the phone.

"Yes, we're coming. Lisa was right, she is so freaking talented," Caitlyn said. She listened for a moment, "Emma, no. The girl just met me," She listened more, "Of course she's gorgeous. But as far as I know she's as straight as a ruler. I'm not going to push myself at her. I. Just. Met. Her. Anyways, I don't' have enough time, you know that," She listened more, as Rachel listened, blushing. "Look. Just because I've been single for two years doesn't mean that when a perfect girl comes by I'm gonna be all over her," Caitlyn said, "Anyway, I gotta go, I'll see you soon. Don't let Jackson eat all of the s'mores," Caitlyn said, hanging up.

Rachel took a deep breath. She back tracked up the stairs and opened and closed her door loudly. She made her way downstairs, arranging her features in a smile.

"Ready?" She said cheerily. Caitlyn smiled and nodded. They two went back out to the Jeep. Caitlyn explained that the car had belonged to her older brother, but now he was in college. They talked as they made their way down the beach. Rachel felt somehow relaxed, despite the fact that her mind was still racing from what she'd heard.

Caitlyn parked the car and they walked out to where a big bonfire was roaring. It was about seven thirty and was just starting to get dark. There were about fifteen kids there. Some were playing in the water.

"Hey guys! This is Rachel," Caitlyn said to the group. They all smiled. Rachel recognized some of them from the restaurant. Rachel walked up and began her night.

That night was a blast for Rachel. All of Caitlyn's friends were very nice. Caitlyn remained by her side for most of the night. Rachel was still a bit confused. But several times she "accidentally" bumped into Caitlyn. Rachel, out of the corner of her eye, saw Caitlyn smile, and one time, blush.

Later Rachel asked Caitlyn if she wanted to get in the ocean to cool off. Caitlyn smiled and nodded. She told Rachel to go ahead and in a second she'd join her. Rachel stood and pulled off her romper and turned to Caitlyn who had done the same. Caitlyn had a beautiful body. Rachel turned away; glad it was dark enough that nobody could see her blush. Rachel made her way to the ocean, excited to go swimming in it for the first time, it felt so good.

Back up on the beach, everybody turned to Caitlyn, once Rachel was gone, each with raised eyebrows.

"Shut up," she said rolling her eyes. Emma sidled up to Caitlyn, a smile on her lips.

" You feeling okay?" Caitlyn nodded, not worried about that at the moment. "You seemed to be very interested in her taking her cover-up off," Emma said. Caitlyn rolled her eyes.

"Hot," Jackson said from by the fire, and his friends nodded.

Caitlyn sighed and walked off to join Rachel, who looked so happy.

"Hey," she said, coming into the water with Rachel.

"This is so great," Rachel said.

"When was the last time you came to the beach?" Caitlyn asked with a smile.

"When I was twelve. I loved it then and I love it now," Rachel said happily. She playfully splashed Caitlyn, who splashed back.

From the beach, Caitlyn's friends watched the two in the water.

"It's about time," Adam, Jackson's friend said.

"Agreed," Jackson said. Emma walked over to them. Emma was a petite redhead who had light brown eyes.

"Guys, look how happy Caitlyn looks. Those two have to get together. So let's make sure they do," Emma said excitedly.

"Em, you shouldn't meddle," Jackson said. Emma and Jackson were dating.

"I don't think she'll have to. I mean look at them," Adam said, gesturing to the girls in the water, who were laughing hard.

"Guys, we need to meddle. Caitlyn needs all the happiness she can get right now. We need to make the best of circumstances," Emma said, hands on hips, leaving no room for argument. After a moment her expression softened and a tear fell down her cheek. Jackson stood and wrapped his arms around Emma.

"We will," he said.

"How do we tell Rachel?" Emma asked.

"I'm not sure. But we need to," Jackson said, rubbing Emma's back comfortingly.

Caitlyn offered to give Rachel a ride home, Rachel accepted, though she probably could have walked. They pulled up to the house and Caitlyn shut off the car.

"I'll come to say hi to Lisa," Caitlyn said. The two girls walked in. Lisa rushed up, hugging them both hello. She wore a smock and had red paint on her forehead. She asked about the night and they talked for a while. Soon Caitlyn said goodbye. Rachel walked her to the door; she stepped out on the porch.

"Thanks for the great night," Rachel said. Caitlyn smiled tiredly and nodded. She turned to go. Rachel thought for a moment.

"Caitlyn?" she called, Caitlyn turned from the top step off the porch. Rachel walked quickly to Caitlyn. After a second looking in Caitlyn's green eyes, Rachel pressed her lips softly to Caitlyn's lips. Caitlyn was still from shock for a moment. Then she closed her eyes and kissed back. Rachel couldn't describe the feeling, it was so amazing. She put her hand on Caitlyn's cheek and tilted her head to get closer. After a minute, she pulled back touching her forehead to Caitlyn's. She smiled.

Caitlyn smiled back and took a step down.

"Thanks for the great night," Rachel repeated. She looked at Caitlyn one last time and then turned to go inside. Caitlyn dazedly walked to her car, not believing what had just happened.

Rachel walked inside and found Lisa in the kitchen, pouring two glasses of iced tea. She turned with crossed arms. She raised an eyebrow, with a slight smile on her face. She grabbed the glasses and walked out front, Sonny following, The two sat on the porch swing, rocking and sipping their iced tea. Rachel eyes were drawn to the top step, remembering.

"Anything you'd like to tell me?" Lisa said playfully.

"Um…," Rachel said.

"Wow, Rachel Berry is speechless," Lisa said.

"I guess I um… took a liking to Caitlyn," Rachel said.

"I'll say," Lisa said.

"You weren't watching, were you?"

"No. But when you guys came in to talk, I could tell by the way you guys looked at each other. Also when you came in just now, you looked all flustered," Lisa said with a smile. Rachel laughed. She told her aunt everything that had happened that night. Soon the two went up to bed.

Lisa walked into her room, sighing. It was great that Rachel had found some happiness. But she knew it was to be short lived. She needed to talk to Caitlyn about this.

Rachel pulled off her swimsuit and slipped on a long and loose dark grey tank top, then she pulled on her black leggings. She put her hair in a messy bun on top of her head. She was so keyed up. She pulled out her laptop and cautiously opened her Facebook. She knew that she needed to face it.

She saw all of the posts on her wall. She sighed. She blinked back her tears. She was going to hold on to her good mood. She thought for a second. After a moment she made up her mind. She deleted the account. She was done with the old Rachel; the Rachel who cared what those people thought.

She shut off her laptop, and put it on her nightstand. Her phone buzzed from across the room. She got up to get it.

345-6287: Hey, its Caitlyn. Lisa txted me ur #

Rachel saved the number and replied.

Rachel: thts good. So watsup?

Caitlyn: …would it freak u out if I said I was thinkin bout u?

Rachel: no, would it freak u out if I said I was thinkin bout u?

Caitlyn: not at all :)

Rachel: good. Will I cu 2mro?

Caitlyn: Prolly, I have a lesson with lisa

Rachel: cool, ill cu then

Caitlyn: Alright. Im so sleepy, good night, sleep tight

Rachel: Night

Rachel put down her phone. Who would have thought? She picked her phone up again.

Rachel: Hey

Kurt: Hi! how ru?

Rachel: Amazing!

Kurt: Dang. Y?

Rachel: I met somebody :)

Kurt: Oooh! Details pleeez

Rachel: Ummm... call me

A second later he did.

"So? What's the deal?" "I met somebody. And I like them so much its scary. And I'm kind of confused and we kissed..." "Woah! Thats great! But why are you confused?" "because... its a girl" Kurt was silent for a moment. "Well... thats... new" "I know. I just feel so great with her and she's so amazing. I know that sounds super cliche, but its true." "I guess all i can say then is that you should just go with it. It's summer." Rachel laughed "Thanks Kurt" "If you wanna talk then text me alright? I have to go, Finn needs help with laundry. I swear, he can't do anything" "Ok. Thanks Kurt" Rachel said. She hung up and smiled.

She got under the covers and smiled. All of the sudden a huge thing got on the bed. She laughed when she realized it was Sonny. Lisa poked her head in and laughed as the dog curled up at the end of the bed.

"Sorry, he usually sleeps in here."

"Um, it's alright. I just have to restart my heart," Rachel said with a slightly breathless laugh. Lisa laughed, told Rachel to sleep well, and went into her room. Rachel snuggled into her covers, glad this was a fairly large bed. She fell asleep fast, looking forward to the next day.

Rachel opened her eyes to sunlight streaming in her window. She sat up and yawned. The previous day came into her head. She closed her eyes and thought how fast things had changed.

She didn't feel sad. She felt good. She felt… like she wanted coffee. She made her way downstairs. She walked into the kitchen. She was surprised to find Caitlyn and Lisa already awake and talking in the kitchen, eating yogurt with fresh strawberries and blueberries.

Caitlyn had come over at her usual time, early, to have breakfast with Lisa and then start her lesson. She was excited to see Rachel again. That girl had been all she could think about for the whole night. She walked in the house. She found Lisa in the kitchen, cleaning blueberries. As soon as Lisa saw her, she asked details about the previous night. Caitlyn happily told Lisa, who was like a second mother to her.

"Caitlyn? You have to tell Rachel," Lisa said eventually. Caitlyn sighed.

"I know. I don't know how. Do you think I can wait? Just a little bit?" Caitlyn asked hopefully.

"She'd want to know," Lisa said disapprovingly.

"You're right. I'll tell her," Caitlyn said after a moment.

"How do you feel?" Lisa asked.

"Ever since they took me off the chemo, I've actually felt better," Caitlyn said with a smile.

"That's great. I know you don't want to hear this but, you shouldn't strain yourself," Lisa said.

"Look. The doctors said I had about two months. I want to live. I don't want to be careful and not living each day to the fullest," Caitlyn said strongly. Lisa nodded. A companionable silence fell between the two. The discussion soon turned to art.

Caitlyn heard Rachel coming downstairs. She looked up and was once again taken aback by how pretty Rachel was, even after just waking up. Her hair looked good even in a messy bun on top of her head. Rachel still looked a bit sleepy. The previous night Caitlyn had seen how good of shape Rachel was in. She was lithe and muscular, even though she was small. Caitlyn couldn't deny that she liked how Rachel looked in her very loose shirt. She looked very sexy.

Rachel looked at Aunt Lisa seriously. Aunt Lisa smiled. And pointed in the corner, where a fresh pot of coffee had just been made. Rachel poured herself a cup and drank deeply. She came and sat down across from Caitlyn.

Rachel was excited for today. The three all had breakfast. Rachel went upstairs to get ready. She was excited and just threw on a t-shirt and shorts, wanting to get back downstairs. She walked down and saw Caitlyn at the potter's wheel, sitting on the end of a bench. The radio was on. Rachel just watched. Caitlyn looked peaceful. All of the sudden Caitlyn looked up. She smiled when she saw Rachel.

"You wanna try?" Caitlyn asked after a couple minutes. Rachel nodded.

Caitlyn scooted back and patted the space in front of her. Rachel ignored the rush of heat to her cheeks and sat in front of Caitlyn. Caitlyn scooted up close behind Rachel and put her arms over Rachel's and guided her hands on the wheel.

Aunt Lisa was standing at the door, unnoticed. She loved how happy both of them looked. She quietly snuck off.

Soon Caitlyn deemed the pot done. She said it was good. She stood and so did Rachel. Caitlyn cleaned up and Rachel helped. As they finished, Caitlyn leaned over and kissed Rachel. Once again, Rachel was in shock of how great it felt to kiss Caitlyn. Soon Caitlyn leaned back. Rachel caught a pained look on her face. It was just their momentarily. She furrowed her brow.

"Is everything okay?" Rachel asked, confused. Caitlyn smiled sadly, shrugging.

"What?" Rachel asked. Caitlyn sighed and grabbed Rachel's hand.

"I need to tell you something," she said. She pulled Rachel out of the house onto the beach. She made her way and sat down on the sand about ten feet away from the water. Rachel sat next to her.

The two sat in silence for about five minutes. Rachel let Caitlyn sort her thoughts out. Caitlyn took a deep breath. Then she looked Rachel in the eye.

"I… have cancer. I just finished chemo, and the doctors said… that I have two months to live," Caitlyn said in a rush. Rachel stared.

"No," Rachel said softly after a huge minute of silence. She felt tears come to her eyes. She looked at Caitlyn. Caitlyn wrapped her arms around Rachel.

"No," Rachel said stronger, "You shouldn't be comforting me." Caitlyn kissed Rachel's forehead.

"Rachel, I want you to listen to me. It hasn't even been a whole day, and you've already made me so freaking happy. I don't have a lot of time left. I know you're just finding out who you are. As of yesterday, you thought you were completely straight. I want to help you with that. In turn, you can help me live my life," Caitlyn said. Rachel looked at Caitlyn in her beautiful green eyes. Rachel nodded, more tears coming to her eyes. Caitlyn kissed Rachel's cheeks, which had tears on them. Rachel brought her lips to Caitlyn's, hard.

Caitlyn pulled back. She untangled herself from the beautiful girl in front of her and stood. She held out her hand and Rachel took it, numbly standing up. The two walked down the beach slowly. Caitlyn asked to know everything about Rachel. Rachel began. She clutched at Caitlyn's hand tightly.