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To My Dearest Golden Boy, Abraham,

How I wish you could have been here these 10,000 years. I know you have looked into the future from Danu Talis and I hope you read these as I write them all these years later. Know that I still love you all these years later.

All has been silent since the fall of the last dark wizard ten years ago. Even Dee and his allies have been silent. But I hear that Harry Potter, the boy who killed that dark wizard, will be starting school this year so I expect they'll be some news soon. Unless that Voldemort guy is actually dead this time.

The Flamels are settling into San Francisco very well. There's even talk that Perenelle will begin working at the coffee shop across the street from their bookstore. They seem so dejected after the last Gold died and the Silver disappeared. Nicholas ordered a search but the police gave up so quickly. It's a pity I can't tell them she's safe and how close they are to the end of their journey.

Dee has already began to show interest in the island prison in the bay here and I fear what horrific things he has planned for that place. But if you're right, and you always are, its still have 15 years before I have to worry about that.

You were right again, by the way. Isis and Osiris contacted me last week about acting as a nanny for two children they have. Twins. THE twins. I've managed to convince them to construct the house for the children according to the specifications you laid out. It was easy really, they liked the symmetry between the house and the Temple of the Sun on the Island. I'm going to have to change my features to an old woman soon though. Not looking forward to the arthritis.

And today is our big day: the day they bring the Twins of Legend out of their timeless prison and into San Francisco! And right under the Flamel's noses! I've just got to get them and settle the babies into their new home here.

And then the stage will be set.

With love,


Writ this day,

The Twenty-First of December, 9987 A.C.

From San Francisco, my last home