Sarah and the Infection

Sarah's Thoughts are in Italic so you know.

Week 4 day 1

I moved fast with a limp in my step, and my dual pistols at my hands ready to shoot any more of them god damn Infected, as I moved through the alleys I hope for a safe house but I froze because I have a feeling there was that big zombie or as there called Tanks, well that's what I call them anyway.

I take a deep breath and make a dash to the hopefully safe room I limply ran though the alley, I then felt the ground shake so the tank saw me, and I turn to try and shoot him with my pistols but that just seemed to make him more mad because the ground was shaking harder.

Well I can't see so it's rather hard to shoot, and I then turn back to where I should be looking even so my eyes are swollen shut so I can't see.

I then reach for the please God be safe-room door and then I slam my body on the hopefully door and Thank the lord above the door was there It slammed opened with a "Bang" andThen I slam it shut.

I then Try to Block the door with what I can move with me only being 6, and all but I know a lot more then I should so whatever.

My name is Sarah, and I can't see and I can't speak so Yeah, but I I'm still one tough 6 year old that's for sure.

"Sigh" Why God why me, why did I have to suffer because I'm "ugly", why did I have to live with the beatings and the pain form daddy, he hated me with all his heart, and why mommy have to not hug me…

I then started to cry, and yelled out: Dear God, have mercy on me. If you do exist then please I'm only six!

I broke down for what seemed like hours and cried my self to sleep that Night.