The Slap.

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These are random one-shots following the conversations of the Victorious gangs updates on the slap. I don't really know if it makes sense but hopefully you'll understand. The first one is a Jade West update. Hope you enjoy!


The Slap – Jade West: I want a Hawaiian themed wedding, and if ANYBODY objects I shall throw them in a Volcano :).

Mood = Awesome! :D


Beck Oliver: What about a church wedding?

Jade West: What about it?

Beck Oliver: I want a church wedding.

Jade West: And? Have one.

Beck Oliver: But you want a Hawaiian one?

Jade West: Who said I was marrying you? :)

Cat Valentine: Can I come?

Jade West: If I don't hate you by then.

Cat Valentine: Yay!

Beck Oliver: :(

Jade West: What now?

Beck Oliver: You said you aren't marrying me.

Jade West: Very good, you can read!

Beck Oliver: Therefore I am sad.

Jade West: Aww (sarcasm)

Rex Powers: Marry me tuts :*

Jade West: Fall off a cliff …

Robbie Shapiro: Can I come too, ?

Jade West: Anyone who isn't Vega.

Tori Vega: Why not me?

Jade West: Because I'm not your friend :)

Trina Vega: Does that include me?

Jade West: Most definitely.

Beck Oliver: Wait, wait, wait .. why aren't you marrying me?

Jade West: Why should I?

Andre Harris: Can I do the music?

Jade West: I guess, but nothing lame.

Beck Oliver: I'm your boyfriend that's why.

Jade West: Is that the best reason you got?

Beck Oliver: I am officially offended.

Jade West: Good :)

Beck Oliver: Can I come to the wedding?

Jade West: Once you don't object, because you know the volcanic consequences.

Beck Oliver: Can I stand next to you on the aisle?

Jade West: If there is room.

Beck Oliver: Can I kiss you when you say I do?

Jade West: Maybe …

Beck Oliver: Jade?

Jade West: Yes?

Beck Oliver: I love you.

Jade West: … I love you two ...

Beck Oliver: :D

Jade West: Babe, pass me my coffee.

Beck Oliver: Magic Word?

Jade West: Lotion.

Beck Oliver: Will do then.

Jade West: Thanks.

Sinjin Van Cleef: You know I also want a Hawaiian themed wedding ;)

Jade West: Leave.

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