The Slap.

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The Slap – Cat Valentine: I'm sick of waiting for Christmas! I want to celebrate it now! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Mood: Jolly..


Jade West: You have no idea how much I hate you right now.

Cat Valentine: :'( why ..

Andre Harris: Jade hates when someone mentions Christmas before December 1st

Beck Oliver: Never mind mentioning it in June :/

Cat Valentine: I'm sorry :0 . Do you want me to come over and make you some figgy pudding to cheer you up!

Jade West: No! Cat Valentine stay away from my house!

Cat Valentine: Woo figgy pudding with Jadey! :)

Jade West: Get out of my house!

Robbie Shapiro: Aww :/ , I love figgy pudding!

Cat Valentine: Come over :D sharing is caring hahahahaha I love rhymey words!

Jade West: Shapiro you better stay away!

Tori Vega: Hey!, you guys are having a figgy pudding party and I wasn't invited? :(

Jade West: It is NOT a party and I swear to god if thats Robbie at my door I'm going to kill...

Cat Valentine: Yay Robbies here! :D

Robbie Shapiro: I've never been in Jades house before, it smells like peanut butter ? I like peanut butter..

Jade West: Ugh!

Beck Oliver: Peanut butter? .. weird.

Cat Valentine: Texted Tori, she's on her way (:

Jade West: That better be a joke ...

Tori Vega: Jade! Your house is so nice :) it doesn't look like as .. black? as I thought it would :)

Jade West: Great now Vega's in my house! ..

Andre Harris: So can anyone join this party or ? ..

Cat Valentine: Yes

Tori Vega: Yes.

Jade West: NO!

Andre Harris : Sweet, I'll Pick Beck up, will be there in 10.

Jade West: I hate you all ...

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