It was the beginnings to yet another late night as a woman, who appeared to be no more than in her mid-to-late twenties carried a small, dusky red-haired, little girl into a bedroom that was decorated with soft pinks and dark blues throughout. In one corner lay a veritable mountain of dolls and stuffed animals while only one had seemed to be left unaccounted for, as it was held closely to the sleepy little girl as her arms were wrapped loosely around the woman's neck as her finger's lay intertwined within her long silvery-white mane of hair.

Gently rubbing the little girls back, the woman cannot help but gaze lovingly upon her little girl as she tenderly lowers the slumbering child into the awaiting comforts of her bed. A rag-doll now held securely as a soft smile appears upon the child's face as she slips further into sleeps comforting embrace. The woman sighs as she gazes upon daughter, her arms now folded under her bosom enjoying the feel as a pair of masculine arms wrap around her waist, as a loving smile blossoms upon her face. "We are truly blessed, aren't we dear?" "Sigh, Yeah we are aren't we; a loving marriage, a beautiful daughter and our hands in the Intergalactic Politics."

"Okay, now I know something is wrong… what is it?" "It's tomorrow; tomorrow is the anniversary of when it happened!" "Ah! Yes I remember it's also the day where we promised each-other that we would tell her the truth… isn't it?" "Yes." 'As much as I don't want to, the knowledge has to be passed down… least we forget!' "Enough of this," the man stated effectively breaking his wife out of her thoughts "why don't we retire to our chambers where I can remind you just how much I love you." Lifting her left hand and gently laying it upon his face, she turns her head to gaze into his stormy blue-gray eyes. "Mmmm," she moaned as she kissed him deeply, "I can't wait my love."


The Following Morning… The sounds of breakfast being made can be heard from within a modest little kitchen when a man, appearing to be in his early thirties, leaned against the doorway. "Yawn, morning dear." He greeted while still rubbing a bit of sleep from his eye "Morning sweetheart, sleep well?" "After last night's fun… you better believe it. So any word on when the others are going to be arriving?" "They should be arriving sometime after lunch, still… I find it hard to believe after all this time Project Genesis was still operational! Though I am glad, they were able to restore things back to the way they were before the fall. Bell Sweetheart, breakfast is ready!"

A couple minutes pass before an eight-year-old little girl, with dusky red hair, comes bouncing into the kitchen wearing a light blue floral dress and a smile that seems to light up the room. "Morning Momma," Bell giggled "don't I look pretty today?" "You sure do hon, my little princess." Even though the last three words had been uttered no louder than a gentle spring breeze, their effect was painfully clear on the little girls face as she collapsed to the floor in tears. Her father was at her side trying to console his little girl, while the mother had slumped against the counter-top trying to remember what she had just said to hurt her little girl so much.

It wasn't until she had just barely heard her husband ask Bell what was wrong, when she heard the answer through her daughter's sobs. "She… sob… c-called m-me… sob… P-p-p-princess, Wha-ha-ha-ha." It was then that the mother realized what she had done and in a rare moment for her she fainted while her last thought was 'Oh my!'


Floating within an endless blue ocean the woman's eyes slowly open only to widen in shock as she caught sight of a young woman that she had not seen since she herself was sixteen-years-old. "Oh my gah…" Giggle "Oh girl, you are so funny, especially with the look of absolute shock you have written all over face. But seriously, for someone so smart you sure are really stupid, I mean really breaking your promise like that to your own daughter. Huh, just what were you thinking, really? Course I know I wasn't the most intelligent person when I was alive; oh yes I wore my emotions on the sleeve of my blouse but at least I managed to keep my promises."

"Wh… what are you talking about?" "Snort, and they used to call me a meatball head. What I'm saying dear girl is that you just broke the cardinal rule of your own family, by calling poor Bell a princess when the occasion did not clearly demand it. Or do you not remember the agreement that you, your husband and your daughter agreed to that states… and I quote: From this time henceforth do we promise to one another, that any and all references pertaining to that of Royalty shall not be mentioned within each other's presence outside that of social and pubic events. If these conditions are not met then the offending party shall thus be subjected to forty-eight hours of non-stop torture by marathon of Barney!"

Giving a violent shudder, the young woman looked upon her old-time and all she could do was shake her head sadly. "Sigh, I don't see why you keep doing this to yourself; I mean this will be what your… eighth time being subjected to this? Oh Kami, no wonder your IQ took such a dump! You're just lucky to have a friend such as I you know that, well first thing I'm gonna do is repair the damage that you've done to yourself. Honestly an IQ of three-hundred plus and by the end of this next forty-eight hours you'll be nothing more than a blathering idiot!"

After stretching out her arms the young woman, with her hair done up in duel ponytails, placed the tips of her fingers upon the woman's temples and proceeded to glow an ethereal pale white. Inside the woman's mind a practical deluge was occurring as places, family, battles once fought, friends gained and friends lost. Hard won Knowledge, centuries of information gained thru experience. In all a massive collection of knowledge, memories and long forgotten powers were returned to her. Easily blowing her IQ past its old limits of three-hundred to a staggering IQ of four-hundred and eighty. Pulling her hands away the young woman looked then at the woman before her, giving a humph she promptly booted the woman back into the waking world.


'Ugh… what in the Aristocracies name happened to me? Ugh, well whatever it was… that is the last time I will ever go out drinking while attempting to explain as to why the cellular breakdown of a corporeal being, while trapped in cryo-sleep is a very, very bad thing. Not to mention being imprudent enough to actually volunteer one's self to test the process out without making sure the calculations were adequately in order. Furthermore why is that child crying… Oh, crap! That's no ordinary child, that's Bell and now that I'm philosophically reasoning matters clearly once again I'd best do something quick or I'm likely to end up in that insufferable torture room again being forced to watch that purple lizard talk about such lies and sugar coated make believe wonderlands. Well let us see if I can prevent that detestable unpleasantness!'

"Bell sweetheart, I said no such thing. You austerely misinterpreted what I had merely uttered; I did not bequeath unto thee a title of royalty, a title of which you were proudly born into. To which, I merely stated a term of affection, to which I will now reiterate a bit louder now so that you may properly hear what it was that was said: My Little Precious One." The little girl slowly raised her head up from her father's chest and turned to look at her mother, unbeknownst to her but completely ensconced to the mother's irritation was the look of utter shock etched into his face. As though the great Thinker had finally realized something, so vast to which it startled him to no end.

"Do you really mean it mother?" Bell asked, hoping for all the known worlds that it was true. "Of course I do, my treasured one, I would not now nor ever purposely intend to do you any harm! Come now breakfast is ready and we have much to converse well before lunch today. I have prepared an ancient traditional Japanese meal of Steamed Rice, Miso Soup, Natto and some Nori. Itadakimasu!" And so it went, the mother, father and daughter all sat together at the kitchen table and enjoyed their meals. After breakfast was done and the dishes were washed and dried, the small family all adjourned to the sitting room with a cup of Green Tea.

For nearly fifteen minutes, an uncomfortable silence hung in the air until it was broken by the gentle sigh of Bell's mother. Bell quietly noticed that her mother had been acting rather strangely since breakfast; her speech, mannerisms, even the way she moved all seemed so much more regal than they had mere moments before she allowed herself to breakdown into tears. But now, as she looked upon her mother she could not help but see the change in her eyes, that spoke of untold truth's and a pain far older than one should ever know.

Seeing that her daughter was close to boiling over in need of answers, the mother placed her tea down on the marble coffee table and began to speak. "Bell, for the last eight years you have known me under the titles of both mother and that of Queen Serenity. However, Serenity is simply that… a title nothing more. My name was for a long time Ami Mizuno and before that it was Amalia Hisakawa the Princess of Mercury, now what I have to tell you is tremendously imperative for it is the story of my life! Do you understand Bell?" Bell could only gulp and nod her head at the severity of her mother's tone.

Seeing her daughter understand Ami allowed a slight smile to play across her lips before she continued. "It has been said that the past was once built on legends and that legends are often a way of understanding things that are greater than ourselves. Forces that shape our lives and events that blatantly defy explanation. Individuals whose lives can either soar to the heavens or fall to the deepest pits of hell; this is how the legends of the Silver Senshi are born. And it all started close to eleven thousand years ago…"