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Jade's POV

Things have been going good since Stevie has come back, everyone has been getting along fairly well of course there are a few arguments her or there but other than that it has been very good.

This morning I dropped all the kids off at school on time and now I was sitting in Improv with my legs over Beck's lap and he was holding on to my hand drawing little hearts in my palm. I was looking at the front of the class room while Tori and Andre performed a scene as robots when the bell rang. Setting my legs on the floor I picked up my school bag and walked out of the room Beck's hand still holding mine.

I walked to my locker Beck beside me and pulled out my next book for class, "So babe," Beck started as I shut the locker door and we started to head to Chemistry, "I was thinking, do you want to go out tonight just you and me?"

"Who would watch the kids? Stevie and Naya are going to the fair, Marie is going to Sinjin's house, Millie, Junnette, and Jim are going to Downtown Disney, and Jessica, Brett, Ryan, Mel, and Peyton are going to the gym," I explained to him, a little pout on my lips because I can't go with him.

Tori and Andre walked up behind us, "Cat, Robbie, Andre, Trina and I can watch them," she smiled at me.

"Were you spying on us?" I yelled at her.

Her eyes widen in shock and she stutters, "N-No, I-I was j-just walking by w-when I heard y-you," she commented.

"Come on Babe, you can trust them to watch the kids I will be fine," Beck told me placing a kiss on my head.

"Fine," I gave in, but walked up to Tori and whispered in her ear, "If there is so much as a hair out of place on their hears you will be sorry, Vega."

"O-OK," she stuttered, then walked to our shared Chemistry table.

Later that night- Molly POV

Me and Lilac are watching Caillou in the living room watching TV. All the older kids have left for the night except for Jadey, but tonight Jadey is going out with Becky, so Andre (and the others) are watching us, but I am mostly excited for Andre cause Andre is the bestest person in the whole entire world (next to Jadey and Becky of course).

Madi walked down stairs and sat next to me, she has her own cloths now so she is not using mine anymore. Me and her have become very good friends, she is really nice and we like a lot of the same things.

There is a noise coming from the stairs and Jadey comes walking down in a really pretty dress, she looks like a really live princess. I walk up to her and she picks me up in her arms, "do you like it Molls?" she asked me, I nod my head with a smile and give her a kiss on the cheek, someone knocks on the door and Jadey walks over with me still in her arms and answers the door and Andre (and the others) is standing there, I reach out and Andre brings me into his arms and gives me a kiss on my cheek. Lilac is still scared of Andre (she thinks he is scary) but Andre is the bestest guy ever, Madi agrees with me about that.

Andre carried me into the living room with everyone else following behind us, he sat on the floor and placed me on his lap and the rest of them sat around the room, Avery ran down stairs and toward the kitchen, "Hey little Birdie," Andre called to her into the kitchen.

"Hey," she mumbled back to him and walked into the kitchen holding a pudding cup in her hand and the spoon was in her mouth, she sat on the floor and grabbed the remote turning off Calliou and turning on Drake and Josh (oh well I like this show too!).

There was another knock on the door and Noah ran down the stairs to pull the door open and there stood Becky looking like the Prince in movies (to go with Princess Jadey!)

Becky gave Jadey some flowers and Jadey's face turned bright red as she grabbed the flowers and walked to the kitchen to put them in water, I wiggled out of Andre's grip and walked over to Becky who was surrounded by a lot of people in the house (May, Lily, Avery, Will, Noah, Seirra, Lilac, and Madi) and I couldn't get through to see him they are all bigger than me and were talking a lot. So to get attention I did something rude (that's a no no, but I have to so people remember me) I cleared my foot loud and stomped my foot, Becky saw me and walked up and kneeled by me, "Yes Miss Molly what do you think?" he questioned and tickled my belly a little.

I laughed then gave him two thumps up with a smile on my face, "Oh why thank you Miss Molly," Becky sayed to me with a funny accent and bowed his head and I laugh at him.

Jadey walked back into the room and grabbed Becky's hand, "I think I'm ready," she said to him and Becky gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Alrighty then let's go," he announced and they walked out of the house everyone saying goodbye and I waved to them.

All the kids went separate ways and I went to Andre. We just relaxed for a little while Jadey already gave us dinner at five o'clock and then she left with Becky at six o'clock. Andre taught me a whole new song by the time I had to take a bath. Tori, Cat, and Trina took us up stairs to get the girls ready for bed on the second floor and Andre helped Will and Noah on the third floor (Robbie and Rex stayed useless and were down stairs). Trina tucked me in bed and read a bed time story to us (they got the voices all wrong from what Jadey does (but no one will ever be as good as Jadey)). Then they turned out the light and we went to bed.

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