Right. So this is a 2 shot at a Young Justice/ Lemonade Mouth crossover. It was written for a YJ prompt which basically requested a redoing of the movie but the YJ characters instead. I was unable to come up with an entire storyline, but here's two scenes from the "movie".


Naming the Band

"So, you're the new singer of new band," Klarion crackled. Next to him stood his girlfriend Teekl, who began to circle around Dick like a shark circled around its prey.

Dick tried hard not to flinch as Klarion touched his shoulder. "Yeah," he said hesitantly. Dick didn't like where this was going.

"Well then why don't you show your beautiful voice?" Klarion pestered. He gripped Dick's chin, forcing the smaller boy to look up at him.

Dick slapped his hand away. "Don't touch me," he snapped.

"Leave him alone Klarion," Wally interrupted.

Klarion turned around to see Wally, Kaldur, and Megan standing behind him. "Oh and you're gonna make me?" he sneered.

"Lay off, Klarion," Megan warned. Klarion ignored her and pushed passed. He stood face to face to Wally. "What's the matter dumb kid?" he teased. "Not going to stand up for your friend?"

"I will," Kaldur intervened, stepping forward.

Klarion grabbed Kaldur by the collar of his shirt. "Is that so?"

"I mean can't we talk this through?" Kaldur asked. Suddenly this didn't seem like a very good idea.

"No I don't think so," Klarion said, grinning like a shark.

"Um, Wally?" Kaldur called, looking back at his friend.

"Yeah?" The redhead appeared behind Klarion.

"Some help here?" Kaldur asked.

Wally looked at Klarion who glared at him. For a moment, Wally hesitated. Then in an instant, he pressed his thumb under Klarion's ear. The black haired boy howled in pain and doubled over.

"What did you do him?" Teekl shrieked. She knelt down to ground, soothing her boyfriend.

"What did you do to him?" Dick asked, curiosity getting the better of him.

"Pressure Point?" Wally said nervously. "It isn't something I particularly like doing?"

"Whoa, where did you learn that?" Artemis asked as she appeared among her friends. It seemed her friends got into the most interesting fights while she was gone. She really had to make it a point to meet up with them on time. Life would be more interesting.

"Biology Camp?"

His friends stared at him, not believing what he had said. Wally laughed nervously.


Everyone winced as Principle Queen appeared. The blond haired man didn't look very pleased. "Look what they did to Klarion!" Teekl raged. "They decided to unleash some "Young Justice" on my poor baby! We were just minding our own business!"

"Hey wait!"

"That isn't true!"

"It wasn't our fault!"

"They're the ones who started!"

"We just wanted a drink from the machine!"


That was how Young Justice got its band's name.

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