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Music Game – Playlist No. 2 Track 5. Break My Heart

The door creaked open and Rukia stepped in hesitantly.

She left the door open just a crack because she felt a little insecure.

Her eyes feasted hungrily at the sight before her. Musical instruments were strewn all over the place; mouthpieces here and some valve oil there. Music sheets and books were heaped in little piles and there was an odd pencil and rubber lying on top of a stack. Rukia made her way carefully around the room, slowly, so she wouldn't knock anything over. Near the back and sort of to the middle of the room, there was a grand piano. It was old and dusty and it just made Rukia's fingers tingle at the mere sight of it.

How she wished to lift open the lid and run her fingers over the keys and listen to each beautiful note.

How she wanted to pick up a piece of music and sing it out loud.

This was a daily routine of torture for Rukia.

The old forgotten music room she was in had been discovered quite by accident. She had been wandering around the school several weeks ago, hiding from her bodyguards when she had found this amazing place.

Now, without anyone scolding her or forbidding her to play a musical instrument, she was free.

She gently reached out for a sheet of music, only to stop centimetres away from the paper.


"No more! You voice will be gone if you continue like this!"

She wrestled with herself for a while before dropping her hand back to her side.

"Nee-san! NO! Nee-san!"

"Rukia . . . Listen to him . . .please"

No, she wasn't free.

The guilt would eat her alive if she attempted anything.

Closing her eyes, she let out a soft sigh.

Why couldn't life just be a little fairer?

School was starting again tomorrow . . . and she just didn't want to face it.

Byakuya Kuchiki was worried.

Being worried did not suit him. After all, as the CEO of such a successful company, what could he worry about? He rubbed his forehead gently. All this travelling has taken its toll on him.

"Would like you some refreshments, Kuchiki-sama?"

He looked up at the flight attendant and dismissed her with a flick of his hand. How annoying. She had interrupted his thoughts.

How he wished for everything to be alright.

Two weeks. Just two weeks.

Byakuya took some calming breaths and concentrated on the paperwork in front of him. Working on a plane didn't suit him either; he couldn't wait to be rid of this hunk of metal with wings.

Rukia . . . be safe . . .


The butler bowed apologetically.

"I am sorry, ojou-sama."

Rukia glared at her soup.

Two weeks.

Two weeks . . .

Rukia's eyes lit up.

Maybe, it wasn't as annoying as she thought.

"Mr. Koiwa, please contact the school's administration office. I need to change one of my subjects."


"Ah, Kisuke!"

The blonde head turned to see the P.E Teacher leap towards him with an evil grin.

"What's up Yoruichi?"

"Hehe, I heard you're getting two new students in your class!"

"As a matter of fact, I am. Why?"

Yoruichi stepped back and placed both hands on her hips, laughing madly as she did so.

"Do you know its Bya-bo's little sis?"

Urahara cocked his head curiously at Yoruichi.

"Would you like me to greet her with the usual custom?"

Yoruichi nodded vigorously.

"Ah, well, you see Yoruichi, I had something else in mind."

Urahara's face now had a bigger smirk than Yoruichi.

"Something much better!"

Kurosaki Ichigo was not in a good mood.

He was in a new school so obviously he would take some time to find the music room for his next lesson, but wandering around this long is absolutely ridiculous! The size of Karakura Private School had blown him away, but then again, he was used to government schools his whole life.

He was hoping a new school meant new opportunities.

New music.

His fingers were just itching to play one of the top quality instruments that the school has.

The only problem: where on Earth is the damn Music Room 2?

Walking and fuming to himself about not getting a map from the front office, he walked into something.


Scratch that. Not something, someone.

"Watch it shorty," he snapped at her. The last thing he needed was another of those rich brats to laugh at him for not finding his way around.

"I beg your pardon?"

Ichigo scoffed. This girl was clearly one of those rich kids from the way she spoke and carried herself.

"You are pardoned," Ichigo replied sarcastically, watching her eyes grow from confused to incredulous fury.

"Do you have any idea how rude you being, sir?"

"Che, what sir? I had no idea I was being that rude!" Ichigo scoffed, his voice still laced with heavy sarcasm.

The petite girl trembled with anger.

"Yes. And if you apologize now, then we can forget that it had ever happened, sir."

Ichigo felt his temper rising.

"What for? You walked into me, midget."

A vein throbbed in the girl's forehead and her hands clenched tightly into fists to hold in her anger. When she spoke again, he voice was calm but had a touch of cold anger.

"I'm afraid that you are mistaken, Mr. OrangeTraffic Cone, for it was you that wasn't looking where you were going."

Ichigo mentally cursed the heavens above and his father for giving him such an unusual hair colour.

"You little- . . . look, you're obviously a junior high student but in case you haven't noticed, this is the senior high side, so you better buzz off."

The girl looked like she was about to explode. Ichigo just watched her; something felt strange, not in a bad way though. It feels almost sort of nostalgic, like this was so familiar.

"Don't you know who I am? I didn't want to have to say this as I don't like to brag about my status, but!"

She took of her hat, shook out her hair and glared up at Ichigo who stared at her face dumbly.

"I am the one and only heir to the Kuchiki Corporation!"

She stomped on Ichigo's feet with as much force as she could and twisted to the side a little to show him her senior badge, proving her to be in Year 11 despite her height. She pulled Ichigo's hair as he bent down to rub his feet, shoving their faces together.

"Kuchiki Rukia!"

Byakuya silently prayed; or more like silently chanted over and over again.

Oh, please, please, PLEASE just let Rukia be ok.

"Ok, class! Settle down!"

The class was eagerly chatting away about the two new students to their class. Speculations flew around; gossip and rumours were passed on.

Urahara stared stoically at his rowdy class and sighed.


Immediately everyone stopped and slinked back to their seats.

"Ok. Now, we have two new students in our class from now on, as you are already aware of. Please give a warm welcome!"

He gestured to the door as people stared cheering and clapping.

There was an awkward silence as the door didn't open.

"Um, the new students?" Urahara called again.


The door burst open with a lot of force, sending a blast of air towards Urahara and knocked his hat off.

Ichigo stalked in, looking sour and grouchy as usual.

"Kurosaki Ichigo. 17 years old. Likes guitar and yes, my hair is naturally orange."

And with the short and quick introduction, he sat down at a spare table, ignoring everyone's incredulous stares and gasps.

"Kurosaki-kun, thank you for joining us. Um, is Kuchiki-san with you by any chance?"

At the mention of the Kuchiki name, Ichigo's scowl grew bigger and he slouched down in his seat angrily.



Ichigo looked up in surprise.

Rukia walked into the classroom, shocking all of the class.

"Yes, I was with Kurosaki-san but we got separated, please forgive me for being late, sensei."

She sat down in the only available seat left, next to Ichigo.

Urahara grinned and fanned himself gently, so far so good.

"Ok, class, because we have new students and it's the beginning of the new semester, why don't we introduce our selves musically, since this is after all, music!"

A bright bubbly girl with long red-ish brown hair jumped up.

"Oh! May I go first?"

"Of course, Inoue-san."

The girl, Inoue, walked to the front of the class and smiled happily at everyone.

"Um, Hi! I'm Inoue Orihime. My musical ability is to sing, so um, I'll sing today."

Could this day get any worse?

Not finding the right room, getting into an argument with that Kuchiki, sitting next to that Kuchiki . . . It was just so crazy, like all his bad luck had decided to self-combust and let loose today.

Ichigo watched as the class introduced themselves one by one; either singing or playing an instrument. Some were pretty good, he had to admit, but honestly this was all a pile of crap to him.

He just wanted to get his hands on an instrument and play away.

"Kurosaki-kun? Would like to perform for us?"

Ichigo glared at the weird music teacher, refusing to co-operate.

"What's wrong Kurosaki? Are you that uneducated that you chose music without having any talent in anything?"

Rukia's words struck Ichigo. Cold fury washed through him and stood up. He was going to show that stupid rich girl.

"Watch and learn midget, maybe you could get some tips off me."

He turned around and faced the class, a good song to sing suddenly popping up in his mind.

"Hey," he looked at Urahara,"do you have any good music?"

Urahara gestured to a massive pile of disks.

Ichigo walked over and searched for the song. It was quite easy; unexpectedly the disk had been on top of the pile. He opened it and popped the disk into the CD player.

A nice strong beat started and Ichigo couldn't help but grin.

"So you're the girl, I heard the rumour.

You got the boys wrapped around your finger.

Such a sweet heartbreaker."

The rest of the class started nodding to the beat, some started clapping in time.

"If you're the game, then I wanna be a player."

He slammed both hands down on the desk, in front of Rukia, making her jump a little in her chair.

"Oh, you can do whatever you want. It's alright with me!"

Several other boys, knowing the song, jumped in and started singing together with Ichigo for the chorus.

"Why don't you break my heart,

Make it hurt so bad!

Come on, give it your best!

Nothing less, I insist, just like that.

Why don't you break my heart?

Sounds good to me!

Do it over again, again, again

Just what I need.

Why don't break my heart!

Yeah, break it."

The music stopped and everyone stopped too.

Ichigo and the rest of the class were all up on their feet dancing at this time. He looked around and saw that Rukia was standing near the CD player, her finger on the stop button.

There was silence as Rukia and Ichigo stared each other down, electricity cackling between them.

Rukia opened her mouth to say something but then stopped.

Instead, she walked over to where her bag was and picked it up. Without another sound, she walked out of the classroom and left.

Everyone stared at the open door, whispering to each other while Ichigo remained rooted in the same spot.

He didn't care that Rukia was mad at him; he didn't care that she had stopped his music. There was something else now that he desperately wanted to know about the mysterious Kuchiki girl. If she chose music, it obviously meant that she like music to some extent.

So why did she look like she was about to cry?


Ichigo turned to face his teacher.

"I forgot to tell you before, but there is something more to the introduction. In two days, everyone in their pairs will have to perform something for the class. It can be your own work or your version of a song."

Ichigo had a sinking feeling-

"Your partner is Kuchiki-san."


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