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Chapter 4: Playlist No. 6

Rukia blinked.

"I . . ."

How could she put this into words? The memory had just popped into her mind. Rukia was sure that this memory had been buried; it must have only risen to the surface again when she hit her head. People who get hurt their head badly in particular places often lose their memories; but Rukia never thought that it might also be the other way round. Perhaps, this could be a clue leading up to the events just before the accident and after. She bit back a wince of pain as her head pounded once again because of those memories. It was as if something was there, blocking out something really special. Something really important; something that she should remember and-

"Tell me! How do you know Kaien?"

Ichigo had walked back to Rukia and asked again in a quiet voice.

"I . . . I think I knew him before. He . . . played the guitar and . . ."

She trailed off.

Who was he? The name Kaien now seemed familiar but she couldn't place why.


Next period.

"Well. Kurosaki-kun. Please think about it."

Urahara said softly.

"Class dismissed."

Chatter erupted as Urahara swept out of the classroom and into the corridor of people. Chairs were tucked in and books chucked into bags while Ichigo and Rukia remained still. Most of the class had already filed out when Tatsuki approached the two.

"Hi, I'm Tatsuki. I'm a childhood friend of Ichigo's. Do you mind if I could talk to him for just a sec?"

Rukia nodded. No words could come right now.


Tatsuki grabbed Ichigo's arm and dragged him out of the room.

"See ya later, Rukia!"

Rukia wandered around aimlessly in the school halls. There was no point going to class, she couldn't concentrate like this. Plus, this was one of the benefits of having Byakuya away. Might as well break the rules and be as rowdy as she liked before going back into the stuffy, old, fake Rukia she was in front of him and the maids and butlers.

Speaking of which; if Byakuya came back, he would pull some strings for sure and get her out of music class. Maybe he would make her move schools, again. Her chest tightened. Somehow, this time, leaving this place seemed harder than the other times. Being here had awakened so many memories and things she didn't know. Perhaps, if she stayed a little longer, she might finally know the truth of what happened 5 years ago.

Or, in the end, the main reason she didn't want to go was the music.

No doubt if she left, she would never hear any music or sing any songs. Her life would just be a dull sheet of paper once more, with no colour or spontaneity. Rukia vaguely recalled the times when she had been so playful and cheeky, constantly annoying everyone, especially her sister.

Hisana . . .

She was all alone until Hisana had found her once again. But before that, there was always something that kept her going. No; not something. Someone.


The memory hit her like a ton of bricks and soon the memory turned into several memories.

And she remembered.

"Kaien . . ."

"Hey, Kuchiki! Want to play a game?"

She turned around.

"What kind of game?"

He grinned happily.

"Well, it needs music."

"I thought you weren't coming!"

She hugged him tightly.

"Wouldn't leave you all alone, now could I?"

He laughed back.

"Thank you!"

He ruffled her hair.

"Now, what should we do today?"

"I can't visit you as much as before, sorry."

He looked down, genuinely sad.

"It's ok. As long as you come, right?"

She tugged his sleeve.


"Hey, can you teach me that song?"

"Eh? Did you change your hair colour?"



For once there was an awkward silence before he sighed and picked up a sheet of music.

"How about this one?"


"Remember this, Kuchiki. You're not alone. You'll never be alone, I promise you. Even if I'm not here, there is always someone."

She breathed, her brain trying to keep up with the lot. Then suddenly as it began, it stopped. Rukia cursed silently in her head. Just when the memories where getting closer and closer to that year of the accident. Looks like Kaien wasn't connected.

But now she knew who he was.

And a burst of emotion went through her.

Rukia lifted a small hand to her cheek and gently wiped off the tears.

All this time she had never felt full. She thought it was the ban on music that ceased her happiness but even when she sang and played, she still couldn't fill that little hole inside her. Music would only sound good to her, if they played together. All memories felt so complete because they were together. Nothing had ever sounded as good as her and Kaien together.

But what was the game that they played?

How come her memories of him started from when she was 6 and then stopped at 10?

And why did Ichigo know him?

"Only one way to find out."

"Ah! Tatsuki, what are you-ow! Hey!"

Tatsuki didn't talk to Ichigo and kept on punching him whenever he spoke until they reached the giant Sakura tree outside. Then she released her grip on his collar and dumped him on the ground. She loomed over him, her face angry but also confused. Her eyes flashed Ichigo the familiar I-am-going-to-punch-you-senseless look before taking a deep breath to yell at him.


Ichigo grimaced.

"What are you talking about Tatsuki?"

Her nostrils flared.

"What do you think? What's going on between you and that Kuchiki girl? Why did I hear you two mention Kaien?"

She grabbed his collar again and pulled him up from a sitting position to half kneeling.

"How come she gets to know what happened and I don't, huh?"

"She doesn't know, Tatsuki! She just said his name. And I just asked her how she knew it."

Her eyes narrowed and she stared Ichigo down.

"Tatsuki, please."

Ichigo's eyes never met hers.

"I'll tell you when the time is right. I promise, but for now, can you just let me sort things out?"

She raised a fist, as if about to punch him. He braced but the impact never came. Instead, her arms lost all energy and she collapsed onto him, hugging him tightly. Ichigo's arms slowly came around and awkwardly patted her. It had got to be the first time Tatsuki was so gentle with him.

"Ichigo," she murmured into his shirt, "Don't keep trying to sort things out all by yourself. You have all of us."

So, please . . .

Her arms tightened around Ichigo.

"Ta . . . tsuki-chan . . ."

Ichigo and Tatsuki both looked at the person who just appeared behind a Sakura tree.

"O-orihime . . ."

"Tatsuki-chan . . . I . . . what . . ."

Ichigo internally groaned. The last thing he needed now was Orihime spreading rumours about him and Tatsuki. After all, it wasn't as if Orihime actually liked him right? So, someone as popular as her would definitely be a gossip magnet. Nothing could be worse than this . . . having one girl on top of him and the other staring at him.

"Ichigo! Oi! Kurosaki Ichigo!"

The orange haired youth gave up. There was something worse. Having one girl on top of him, the other staring at him AND another one coming his way. The other boys would never let him forget this if they saw him right now.

Tatsuki stood up and grabbed Orihime.

"W-what? Tatsuki-chan, but-"

Tatsuki didn't say anything and dragged the slightly confused Orihime away.

Ichigo, who was still sitting on the ground, looked at them as they went. He felt guilt well up In him once again; he didn't realise just how much Tatsuki worried. The orange haired youth wanted to tell Tatsuki but the problem is, he can't. In his mind, he reaches out to those memories but they're coated with oil and they slip out of his hands. It's not like a block in his head, it's more like those memories have been blurred using Photoshop. What he needed was an undo button to turn them back to normal.


Ichigo jumped. Lost in his thoughts, he had forgotten that Rukia was still coming his way and now she stood right in front of him.

"I remember now, Kaien was the one who taught me music."

She blurted out.


The said woman turned around and grinned happily as she saw Kisuke.

"Yo! What's up?"

Urahara didn't say anything and merely just stared at the floor blankly, his mind doing several calculations.

"Something's wrong."

Yoruichi's smiled dropped and her face turned serious.

"What happened?"

Urahara shook his head, muttering a little to himself.

"I'm not quite sure, but," he started.


"Was this the person you defended in front of Byakuya that night?"

He held up a picture. Yoruichi stared at it and nodded slowly, not understanding. Urahara dug through his sleeves and pulled out a nearly identical one and showed it to Yoruichi. Her eyes widened as they flicked back and forth between the two.

"N-no way."

"Yeah, I think we made a mistake."

Yoruichi let herself fall slightly into Urahara.

"So what does this mean?"

"It means that the one right now is Kurosaki Ichigo and the one that night was Kaien Shiba."

She closed her eyes.

"And therefore-"


"I had a little accident when I was younger and a lot of memories just disappeared. But because of that fall yesterday, my head's been acting up. So, I guess I sort of remembered. Anyways, where is Kaien now? I really want to see him again."

Ichigo had remained silent throughout her whole mini-speech and grew even quieter and still with her last sentences. The pain that pricked his heart felt like someone was picking at a wound that was half healed; and then maybe they threw some salt on it too just to rub it in. The guilt welled up inside of him. Nobody would ever see Kaien ever again. Nobody would hear Kaien's guitar or his voice.

"You . . . won't see Kaien."

I'm sorry.

"What do you mean?"

"You can't meet Kaien anymore."

It's my fault.

"Why not?"

Ichigo's brown eyes finally lifted up and met her dark ones. In those eyes, Rukia saw so much reflected in them; so much that they had in common. Loneliness, pain, confusion, guilt, sorrow, longing, and the list of emotions went on and on. She saw the answer in his eyes before he said it, but it was only when he said that the truth of it hit her.

"Because, Kaien's dead."

"Change of plans."

"But, sir, you can't! You musn't!"

Byakuya shot his best death glare and emitted a dark aura around the room.

"Get Renji or someone to handle it."



The man hastily bowed and exited the room, bowing as he went.

Rukia . . .

You must be safe.

I'll keep my promise to Hisana.

Byakuya dialled a number and placed phone on loudspeaker.


The voice sounded slightly hollow and dead.


"Oh, Nii-sama. How are you?"

Immediately her voice took on a lighter tone.

Byakuya ignored Rukia's attempts at making casual conversation.

"Rukia. You're changing out of music and into commerce. If you have not when I return, then-"

"When are you returning, Nii-sama?"

"In 2 days."

Rukia dropped the phone.

No . . .

I'm so close . . . I can't stop now . . . I have to find out . . .

No . . .

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