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Summary: It all started with the wrong floral arrangement delivery that could've ended the famous Rukia Kuchiki's career as a top wedding planner and it was all that stupid delivery boy's fault. She planned to never see him again, but then he started popping up everywhere she turned. Even though, she involved herself in a career full of love, she planned on never loving, but nothing ever seems to go according to plan, especially when a certain sexy orange-headed boy is around.


Nothing Ever Goes According To Plan

Chapter 1: Floral

I could feel myself getting sick. My body broke out into a cold sweat as I started to feel my body sway to one side and I quickly grabbed the rail next to me. I stared at the things that would most definitely ruin my career forever.

Those flower arrangements. Those flower arrangements were all so wrong.

And it was all that stupid delivery boy's fault. I'm going to kill him.

A Little Bit Earlier:

Venue? Check. Lighting? Check. Tables and Chairs? Check and Check. Linens? Check. Food and Beverages? Check and Check. Cake? Check. Bride and Groom? Check and check. Floral Arrangements? Not Check.

This was turning into a complete nightmare. Everything on my damn lists was checked and present, but one of things I needed the most, was unchecked and absent. I paced around the large, partially decorated ballroom, clipboard and cell phone in hand. Everything was going perfectly, the place was turning out to be quite beautiful if I do say myself. Almost the entire ballroom walls were delicately draped with beautiful snowy linen with the changing colors of soft baby blues and pretty lavenders bouncing off of them, giving them the colored appearance as the lighting people checked the lighting. The people working on tables were lined all around the room, some pinning pure white table clothes in different places, to give the table a puffy look and the chairs were being done the same way, and other people were setting down ivory chargers lined with beautiful golden curves and equally white linens were on top as a place mat for the sparkling sliver table wear. There were already people installing the pure milky dance floor in the middle of the room, carefully working around the other people carrying in boxes of either chargers, linens, or lighting cables. The cake people were carefully bringing in boxes of the cake's layers into the room as they sat the boxes on the designated cake table.

The room was already turning to a beautiful winter wonderland, but there was one thing missing. The floral arrangements were still not here and everything else was almost more than half way done. The arrangements needed to come in soon or I would be so dead. I rubbed at my temples, trying to rub away my growing headache. I looked around the room again and spotted one of my assistants helping someone with the tables and quickly waved her down when she looked at me.

"Yes? Did you need anything Rukia?" My assistant, Momo Hinamori asked in her very candy sweet voice as she smoothed out a slightly rumbled grey pencil skirt. She smiled at me and I gave her a small smile of my own. Momo's been one of my best friends since we were kids and I love her to bits and pieces.

"Momo, do you have some aspirin? I'm afraid if the floral arrangements don't come soon, my head might explode." I asked rubbing at my temples again as I heard a small gasp coming from Momo. I watched as she quickly dug into the pocket of her matching blazer and pulled out a small bottle of aspirin, I assumed.

"I always have aspirin for you! We wouldn't want that pretty head of yours exploding on us! Especially in the middle of a wedding!" Momo exclaimed as she twisted open the bottle and shook out two small white pills and handed them to me. I gingerly took them and popped both of them into my mouth. When you have frequent headaches, especially in this line of stressful work, you need nothing to wash it down, you just need it quickly dissolve in your body to get rid of a headache.

"Thanks, Momo. You always have aspirin when I need it the most. How are the tables going?" I asked.

"They're going great, Rukia! They're really pretty it was a great idea to pin up the sides of the table cloths! They look like giant fluffy clouds! But…" Momo trailed off her sentence, looking nervously at everywhere else, but my eyes.

"But…?" I asked, wanting her to get on with her sentence, hoping that there wasn't another problem I needed to attend to.

"We really need those flowers, or else the tables will never be able to come together!" Momo quickly exclaimed, covering her mouth with her hand as if she said something wrong. I groaned, rubbing at my temples again, feeling the headache's pain increase. Damn it! Where the hell are those flowers!

"Rukia! Are those flowers here yet? We really need them for the ceremony room!" Another voice yelled as I turned to see the next person who needed those flowers run into the ball room. My other best friend assistant, Neliel Tu Oderschvank, was the said person who needed flowers to decorate the place the ceremony was going to happen.

"Nel, I'm sorry, but the flowers aren't here yet. When I last spoke to the delivery guy, he told me there was killer traffic from where he was driving from. But, damn it if those flowers don't get here soon, I'm going to…" My rant was cut short by the shrill ring of my cell phone and I quickly looked at, seeing that it was the delivery guy's number. I quickly answered the call, pushing the phone to my ear to answer it.

"Hello? Delivery guy? Where the hell are those flowers? We really need them right about now!" I snapped into the phone, my irritation clearly evident in my choice of words and tone.

"Shut up! I'm here! So hurry up and take your damn flowers, so I can leave you to your dumb wedding! I'm at the loading zone in back of the hotel, where you told me to meet you, so hurry up!" I heard a manly yell at the other end of the phone. Finally! The flowers were here! Maybe I won't die! I told him I'd be there and quickly pressed the end call button.

"The flowers are here, you two! Go back to your places and get ready to place those flowers!" I stated sternly, turning my back to them and started running the other way, to the back of the hotel. I pushed myself through the doors of the ballrooms and circled around the many hallways of the hotel as I forced myself to the hotel's parking lot in two inch pumps. My feet were so going to kill me later on for forcing them to speed down those halls.

I pushed opened the doors to the parking lot, happy to see a fairly large looking refrigerator van in the loading zone. But I would say otherwise about what I assumed was the back of the delivery guy. That bastard has been giving me a hard time since the first of the thirty-four phone calls I gave him today. He was going to get an earful after I sign for those flowers.

"Hey, Delivery Guy! I need those flowers!" I yelled at the guy, running down the slightly sloped concrete floor of the parking lot. By the time I got to him, he turned around with a scowl plastered to his young face. He was wearing a grey short-sleeved button-down shirt, with what I saw as a black undershirt underneath, paired with his dark washed blue jeans and converse. His equally grey cap was on backwards and for the first since I saw him like five seconds ago, I saw his brightly colored orange hair. My jaw almost dropped when I saw him because I realized something. This unprofessional looking delinquent was the one driving my precious flowers! He better not have bruised a single petal on them, or I'd kill him for sure!

"Well hey to you too, wedding planner! I need you to take your flowers, so I can leave!" He scowled, his brows knitting together as he glared down at me. "We wouldn't be in this mess, if you had just hurried up! But, you didn't, so it's your fault! Oh, don't you dare give me that look! If you had left earlier, then you would have been here long ago! Now, hurry up and unload those flowers, or else you're not getting a tip!" I yelled at him, this guy acts like he has better things to do, but I bet he's just wants to leave, so he can go fight some delinquents or something.

"God, you are such a pain! Just give me a sec, and you can have your flowers." The Delivery Guy groaned as he turned his back on me to open the back of the van. I huffed in response to his groaned as I tapped the toe of my pumps, waiting for him to open the doors. He opened the doors and stepped out of the way, so I could see the flowers. I took one look at them and my jaw immediately dropped to the floor. If this were the top floor to a hundred story building, my jaw would break through all of those floors and probably crash to the ground all the way to hell.

"Wh-wha-what the hell is this?" I managed to stutter out of my open mouth, the Delivery Guy raised an eyebrow and looked at the flowers and then at me.

"What are you, blind? These," he gestured to the floral arrangements, "are flowers. Say it with me, f.l.o.w.e.r.s, flowers." He stated slowly, trying to get me to understand as if I were stupid.

"I'm not stupid, you idiot! What I mean is, these aren't the flowers I ordered! Where the hell are my flowers?" I roared at him feeling my chest starting to pound. I watched as his lips parted slightly, looking kind of shocked. He swiftly reached into his back pocket and pulled at a crumpled piece of folded paper. He opened the paper and I watched as his amber eyes searched the paper. His jaw dropped as he looked at the flowers and then back at the paper, he must have done it at least twenty times before looking at me.

"Are you sure?" He asked cautiously. His nervous voice filled my ears and I nodded quickly, not trusting my sailor's colorful mouth as I continued to stare at the inside of the cool van.

"Oh, crap. I took the wrong van." He stated dumbly. We stood in silence for what felt like for an eternity.

I could feel myself getting sick. My body broke out into a cold sweat as I started to feel my body sway to one side and I quickly grabbed the rail next to me. I stared at the things that would most definitely ruin my career forever.

Those flower arrangements. Those flower arrangements were all so wrong.

And it was that entire stupid delivery boy's fault. I'm going to kill him.

"What do you mean you took the fucking wrong van? Are you a fucking idiot? The wedding is going to start soon in a few hours! What were you thinking? These are clearly yellow roses and green hydrangeas! Not the white roses and blue peonies I ordered! What the fuck? I'm going to kill you!" I completely snapped at him, flaying my arms wildly. This ass is going to end my career!

"Calm down! I'm sorry I took the wrong van, I'll call the flower place right now and they'll bring your flowers right over." He said, taking out hid cell phone and dialed the number. I sat down under the rail and placed my head in my hands as I brought my knees up to my chest. My eyes began to water and I took a few calming breaths, before I heard him get off the phone. I heard him clear is throat and he began to speak.

"Um, look, Wedding Planner, we got some bad news. One of the other workers took the van with your flowers and he's stuck in really killer traffic on the other side of town, so he probably won't make it before the wedding. I really am sorry, I don't know what to do…" His voice trailed off into a quiet whisper.

My heart literally stopped and I could already feel bile coming up through my throat. I was getting sick fast. This was the end. My career and everyone I work with lives' are over. After word gets to the media on how a wedding I created was ruined, I'll be dead. I swallowed hard and tried hard not to throw up. No, wait I shouldn't think like this. I am the Rukia Kuchiki, top wedding designer in Japan and pretty much all over the world. I will not let down the happy couple that is to be wed today.

I jumped up from the ground and paced back and forth in a straight line, my fingers cupping my chin slightly. You know like that thinking pose some people do when they think. I could feel the Delivery Guy's eyes on me as he watched me pace, but I didn't care. I am not going to fail this wedding. And that's when I got it. I just have to think. I stopped in my tracks when I heard the Delivery Guy gasp and open his mouth.

"Wait a sec! I got it! There is a flower shop down the street! I can take you there now, so we can get you your flowers!" He exclaimed, clapping his hands together. He ran to the door of the van and threw it open. He climbed inside and he stuck his head out of the window, looking at me.

"Hurry up! You look stupid standing there! Hurry and get into the van! You need those flowers, right? So get in! Trust me, I'll fix this!" He yelled starting up the van. The van roared to life and I blinked. Did he just say trust him? Trust him after I had put my life into his hands the first time he was supposed to bring the right floral arrangements.

But the way his eyes looked at me, he looked dead serious. But, who was I to argue at this very moment and waste more time? At this point it was the only idea that seemed plausible and it seemed it might work. Without saying another word, I ran to the passenger's side and threw the door open. I hopped in and slammed the door close.

"You better be able to fix this, after all this is your fault. I'm not going to trust you until you fix this." I told him coolly, looking into his stern eyes.

"Yeah, it is. And you know what? Like I said, I'll fix this and you can get back to your line of work. Trust me, everything will be fine. I know what I'm doing." He smirked at me, turning the key in the ignition further.

I felt my lips tug into a smirk matching his own, "Whatever. Just drive and get me my flowers, you asshole."

And with that he quickly sped out of the parking lot and raced down the street to the flower shop.


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