By: Garnet Sky

Disclaimer: I don't know Danny Phantom.

Mirror Chamber

"Alright, so who is that supposed to be?" Vrondi asked, squinting at the glowing mirror. "It looks like Kelly, but I don't recognize her."

"That's because she got a haircut," French said, looking up from sharpening his sword. "Women like to change their appearances ever so often."

"Do you have to do that in here?" Soleil asked, glaring at him. "I'm trying to read a book here."

"And pray thee what would it be this time?" the chevalier asked her.

"A piece of birthday cake," she said, showing him the cover, referencing a Janet Evanovich quote that Goldenrod had uncovered that morning for her. Goldenrod was fond of collecting quotes from different authors that Soleil had read.

"I see," he said, ignoring her jibe. "The Lord of Light and Darkness still has not been informed of Lilac's passing. I am sending Jade to replace Kelly. She has turned renegade."

"No, she hasn't," Rose said, entering the room. "Didn't our lady tell her to befriend those who surround the Prince?"

French frowned. "Yes..."

"Then if you send Jade, I'm going to inform Lady Bright of your decision. I might even suggest you look really good in whalebone."

"You wouldn't dare!"

Rose smiled at him sweetly. French scowled.

Vrondi laughed. "Never mess with a rose as sweet as Rose, French. The thorns bite."

"So what is going on now?" Crimson asked, her blue eyes flickering at the mirror.

"While we've been talking, night has fallen on the human world. Approaching midnight actually," Dodger said, shoving Vrondi out of the way. "Move over. It's my turn to watch the mirror."

"You could have said please," French told him.

"Doesn't work with this medieval numbskull," Dodger replied. "Oh."

"What?" several voices chorused.

"Kelly's surprised the Lord of Light and Darkness, while he was making out with Fallu."

"Uh-oh," Rouge murmured.

"Dang, I wish we had audio on this thing," Saffron said.

"At worst, her eyesight will be given back to her when she returns," Rouge said softly. "This is happening much too often this century.

"But who is that?" Soleil asked, pointing to a shadowy figure resting in the shade of the oak tree. "It looks like the Lord, but only female. Okay, something weird is going on."

"And the Prince is ticked," French said, peering over Dodger's shoulder.

"About Kelly or the stranger?" Rouge asked.

"Hard to tell."

Danny turned to the shadows. "I know you are there, Kelly," he said. "There is no reason to be skulking around; that is not the way of the Green Triad."

"Danny?" came a most familiar voice. His clone was barely visible in the dim light.

"Danni, why are you here? What has happened to you?" Fallu addressed the shadows. Her lips were a little swollen from Danny's kisses.

"I saw Danny and then was confused. I thought he loved Sam, but who are you? And who is she?" Danni asked, pointing to Kelly, who had just passed the swings.

"Kelly of the Green Triad," Danny told her, with a side glance at Fallu. "Your doing, I take?"

"She came to my home earlier for funds to go shopping at the mall with the A-list," Fallu replied. "It's definitely an improvement, I'll give her credit for that."

"Danni, why have you come?" Danny repeated, changing his form. Where he had once stood was now the Lord of Light and Darkness in his dark form.

"What happened to you?" she countered. "I wanted to come and see my cuz, but find he's in a heavy make out session with a girl ghost I don't remember meeting last time I was in Amity Park. Also you're much older than I remember. Did you hit puberty or something?"

"Much has changed," Fallu told her. "I'm Sam, Danni, just now I am also Fallu of the Octarine Triad."

"I have my tamer," Danny further explained, showing the rings on their left hands.

"Uh, I don't understand," Danni said, puzzlement on her face.

"Forgive my intrusion, Prince, but Lady Bright has sent me with a mission of vital importance to the Spectrum," Kelly spoke up.

"Here we go," Saffron said, as the audio faded. "Thanks, French."

"No problem," came the chevalier's reply.

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