Full circle:Recoded ch.01

Sweet Dreams are made of these...

The dust cleared as Rids stood braced from the attack. He straightened himself out. He stood surveying everything around him. Then he heard a loud whistling above him. He looked up and saw Ranjo coming down with a double hammer fist. Rids reached behind his back and whipped out his scythe. He twirled it in his hands it spun in 360's as he brought it above his head. From afar it appeared to be like a helicopter. Ranjo connected with the rotating scythe. Causing a large explosion. It cause a large dust cloud to erupt around them. Everybody within the stadium stopped and on looked at the happenings. Rids stepped back and put the scythe away. Rids started to tense up as his body felt like it was in fire his fur started to drastically change colors. Shades of red, gold, black where shifting. Rids stood as he screamned in agony. Soon his screams turned into loud growls. It echoed throughout the entire stadium. A large golden aura surrounded rids as a circular crater around him formed at his feet. Ranjo got up and watched.

"Well don't just stand there and gawk... Kill him" a voice said to Ranjo.

"Enough you old man I'm on it" Ranjo said as he slammed his hands on the ground. Soon large globules started to rise from the ground. They began to form exact copies of rids's friends and family.

"Perfect arnt they?... I call them reusables... Good for taking little goody two shoes like you down" Ranjo said as a large cilidracle dirt Platform raised from under him. Rids just continued to charge himself up. He finally released his energy and charged at Ranjo at approx. 500mph. He hopped up to nearly face to face with Ranjo. But he felt a tight grip on his leg as he was tugged down. He slammed into the dirt floor. He looked up as a Reusable version of Star retracted a rubbery like arm. He just stared in disgust. Soon a Reusable version of Leo came and raised an enlarged foot and slammed it down just as rids rolled out of the way. Rids got into another fighting stance as reusable versions of James Morris and Scar came at him. They started to fight. James came at him with several jabs. Rids dodged out of the shots as scar came under him with a sweep kick. Rids dropped to his back as James did a round house. Scar did left elbow followed by a hook kick rids dodged the kick to be kicked by a Thrust kick from behind. Rids grabbed the Reusables leg and broke it at the knee. He then grabbed it head and broke it's neck then proceded to flip him over breaking its spine with a loud crack. He then twisted the arm till the was no longer connected to the shoulder. Once he finishe he turned to the reusable version of scar. He charged him and hopped up to do a double thrust kick knocking the scar clone to the ground. Rids hopped back up and delivered a curb stomp to the scar clones face. It exploded into a mass of broken black glass which then melted large gushing of black goo. The remaining chunk on the scar clone looked rids in the eye before it went limp. The broken shards It oozed all around. Rids turned with hatred in his eyes and pain in his heart.

"this ends now!" he screamed pointing at ranjo

"on the contrary rids... It's just beginning" ranjo said slightly adjusting his position.

"Now rids fear the power that is me!" ranjo said as a dark red aura surrounded him he buckled a bit but stood taller as a wave of energy destroyed everything with in a 6 foot radius. Rids stepped back unsure of what would come. By now most of the fighting died down. And vary few people where left. Rids counted 7 plus him where all that survived. He looked where Leo stood firing his 9 mm. He moved to where Tobias although badly wounded was still holding ground. Xander lost most of his left arm and was about to be finished off. Cyber was bouncing around taking out several enemies. Ronin was behind a rock using his Remington. Aeris was fighting off several disposables with his katana. Rids looked back at ranjo who was slightly smirking.

"you see rids you and your 'friends' can't hold out much longer" ranjo said with a little maniacal laugh.

"ranjo... We will not stop till you are dead" rids barked

" big words for somebody who's gonna loose" ranjo said crossing his arms

"Go fuck yourself you bastard" rids said as he jumped at ranjo again. One of the Reusables that surrounded him lunged for rids's leg.

"Not this time" rids said as he barrel rolled past the reusable. He jumped up and came on ranjo with a downward slash. His scythe connected and went down to the ground slpitting Ranjo in two. Rids looked up and gave out a sigh. All the remaining disposables and Reusables stopped moving. Rids looked around and saw as ever standing enemy started to melt down.

"we...we...WE DID IT" Leo said behind rids

"woot..." Aeris screamed

" heh...finally it's... Over" rids said putting his scythe away. He walked away from where Ranjos split body lay. He stopped halfway and stood thinking to himself. By now everybody had made a semi circle around him.

"So... What now?" Leo asked holstering his handgun. Everybody stayed silent.

"We live..." Tobias said limping to the group. Aerin ran to him and helped him get to the group. He sighed as he limped there.

"well at least this is over... all I really care about now is giving Marie a proper burial" ronin said walking away. But stopped and turned around. Rids turned and looked at what ronin was staring at. Above them the stadium Tv was active with a cloaked figure on it.

"Did you really think it was that easy?" the tv spouted

"how... I killed you" rids screamed looking at the body

"No... You killed a disposable" the tv retorted. Rids looked at now dissolving body.

"now for you to die" the tv screamed. The screen went blank as another figure walked into view. Rids pulled out his scythe and got ready.

"seriously... WTF!" Leo screamed as he unholstered his handgun. Ronin shook his head and got into another fighting stance. The figure was a good 20 yards away from the group. Then the figure began to split in two identical versions. Then this copies made copies and so on so forth till nearly the entire stadium was filled with copies. The group made a tight circle.

"hmm... Looks like this might be the end " cyber said coldly

"well whatever the case if we die here then let it be known that we died for a reason" rids said and bring his scythe to an on guard position. One of the disposables ran at rids. Rids in turn ran at the disposable and slid past him on a knee and cut the creature in half at the waist. The creature dropped where it stood. A disposable in the background made a loud screech as the entire hoard moved in on the group. Leo started making head shots as aerin ran past several jumped up came down with a diagonal slash landed and ended it was a sweep kick. Ronin was getting surrounded by several disposables. He sent several jabs to the closest ones. Then a disposable wrapped itself around one of his arms. Ronin tried to pull free but had no luck then he got his leg grabbed by another. He took out his reserve handgun and fired a few shots at the on grabbing his leg. It wasn't fazed. Another disposable took control of his only free hand. At this point ronin was a good 3 feet floating in the air. He was desperatly trying to break free. Then he felt it... His limbs where slowly being pulled in directions. He frantically tried to Get out of being trapped but couldn't because of the tightening of his muscles. He felt like his joints where on fire. He started to tear up as his leg and arm burned with pain. Then he heard a rip and a sharp pain shot up his leg. he looked down to see a large rip in his pants and a large gash that was profusely bleeding on his leg. The pain he felt was unbearable he screamed in pure agony till a loud sploosh came and silence. He was torn in three parts his entrails lie on the ground covered in dirt. His arms wher broken and he head hung barely by a piece of skin. Rids screamed in anger at the death of his newfound friend. But continued to fight using the anger to further fuel his bloodlust rage. He looked to Leo still firing but he then ran out of ammo and threw his gun down he pulled out a 10' combat knife and started slashing. He took several down but was caught by surprise as one grabbed him by the neck. It's grip tightened as Leo was gasping for air. Several disposables came around as Leo was being suffocated. Then one of then turned into a liquidy like form and slithered in through his mouth and his nose and another hole it could find. Soon the rest followed suit. Leo felt his stomach enlarge painfully like he had greatly over eaten. And he choked as each one slid down his throat. Then he felt as his stomach burst open with a splash if red goo and viscera. Rids turned away from his friends death. He saw Aerin tuning only to get repetitively impaled several times. He saw Tobias disemboweled, so it was just he who stood to fend off the never ending army of disposables. And he fought and did not stop. He slashed, cut,diced, fillayed, hacked and sliced everything in his way. But was getting fatigued he had no break. His guard was getting lower by the minuet. Soon he just autonomously attacked no reason other than to stave off his enemies. He had gotten so much in rhythm he didn't expect to be empaled and decapitated. As his head was removed his body flew away and darkness filled his eyes.

"ahg...!" rids screamed as he awoken in his bed again. He looked around he was in his room. Star was next to him asleep as she was before. Rid pulled his knees up and put his head between them.

"the dream?" star said slowly waking next to him.

"yea... It was different yet the same just like the other ones" rids said looking at star. She hugged him.

"well it's just a dream rids... I'll always be there for you" star said laying back down.

As rids slowly laid back down e whispered "Thanks for always being There for me.

Star smiled and both fell back to sleep