Full Circle Re-Coded: Chapter 9

Farewell and Family

It was a long night, freezing and wet. The rain clouds continued to rain on for hours and days. If you looked into the sky, it was as if the heavens were crying. It was a horrible sight, from thunder to small tornadoes hitting numerous locations in Toronto. All but one location, yet we all know why. His power was immense; his power was never wielded by another. It was even frightening for any hero to with hold that much strength. Most people would take over the world, yet his heart runs pure.
The girl that is with him, contains something others do not. No, not the power of "Love", what are you, Tenth grade? No, she has a power that is yet to be discovered. It could be evil or good. Powerful or powerless?
A newcomer, family of the first. He was long lost by the time that his cousin's parents died. He too will be also a valuable asset for the upcoming fight. Another girl, one whom acts like a boy, one who must overcome the dark temptations. The thing of beauty she will over power most people of the past.

The story has taken a twisted fate, a horrible not in time that has scarred our hero. Now this is where shall continue the story of our hero, start towards the dark installment.

The night was a cold and chilly one. Brrr, I will turn into a popsicle if I don't get back home. Ahh, my hip! the stinging pain kept throbbing as I limped on home, what a shame. I wish they were here, I miss his stupid remarks and her angry emotion. Too bad, I couldn't have them help me anymore. I didn't want them to get hurt anymore. Her father knows something more than I do, but what? With every limp more blood spilled from my sides, I have nothing to hold the pressure. I was losing blood fast, I need to live. I mustn't give up, not here, not now.

I continued to limp and finally that was it, I fell to the ground, not being able to fell my legs i laid there. Was that really it? Is this how I will go out? Well, one thing is for sure, life does flash before your eyes.

My life immediately went into rewind, I went all the way back to whenn I came home to see my parents dead. Then, how my friends supported me through everything. Also, to when Leo and Aeris found me, again, half dead. I began to chuckle already, losing consciousness. Me memory jogged over to how I was very good friends with Leo wanting all four of us going to the Valentines Dance. I begin to cringe, the thought that I died a horrible death that day made me almost puke.

Finally, as I slowly was getting deeper into the darkness, I began to remember how I ended up here.

One week earlier...

The smell of coffee was amazing, I left my apartment so early in the morning to run over to supermarket. They had an integrated Starbucks in here. Damn, I want some coffee. I had to get some balloons, it was Star's birthday and I got everything: beer pong, Romance movies, hell I also got a new game that she always wanted, Tomb Raider. Everything was fine and dandy, well at least up until Leo came and accidentally popped all the balloons. Now it's 6:36 in the morning and I am buying the balloons and I have to head home to make breakfast for her. Shit, what a morning. I bought the balloons and saw Keary and Dan there. Well, what a surprise to even see them together. I walked up to them and as if on cue Sprung appeared right behind me and smacked my back harshly. I let out a groan and fell instantly onto the floor. Why didn't I see that coming? I slowly got up with some help and boy was I glad to see them. I smiled without even noticing and I gave them all a hug, so manly isn't? I laughed and told them about Star's birthday being today, all of them immediately sped off without a word and within minutes I received text messages from everyone exclaiming, "We will be there in an hour!" It's amazing how my friends are awesome, no? I finished buying my groceries and left immediately to the apartment. I ran up the stair and unlocked the front door. I slowly crept inside and turned on the kitchen lights. I sneaked over to our room and saw Star happily sleeping on her side, facing away from me. I leaned against the frame of the door and slowly shut the door. I couldn't help but smile as I cooked pancakes and bacon, and baked a cake. It was a good morning; it seemed as if today couldn't get ruined. After I was done with the cooking and the baking and the icing of the cake, I left over to Leo's place only to find that Keary, Sprung, Dan, Scar, Leo, and Aeris hanging around gaming and having a good time….. at 7 in the morning. I have never seen anyone this happy in the morning, except for when I preordered Sonic Generations a while back. I pulled out my favorite scarf and put it in my back pocket and put on my red/gold color neck piece. Finally something I can change to make Star a bit happier today. I received this neck warmer couple of day after my talk with Death and Tobius in the White Forest. It replaces my favorite scarf, but I love it.

I yawned and headed over back to my apartment along with everyone else. We walked in and slowly shut the door and I had everyone hide in the kitchen with the lights on. As I slowly walked over to Star's location, I heard someone fart really loudly. Thankfully, it wasn't me….. This time. Ignoring the fact that the kitchen might stink like shit by the time I got back, I slowly opened the door to my room and slipped into bed with my lovely gal. Almost instantly, she turned and lip locked with me. I was surprised at first, but once we let go I whispered, "Happy Birthday, my love." She giggled and got up and showed me that she was already dressed. I laughed and held her hand as I directed her to the kitchen. It was dark, dark enough for me to hide like a ninja; hah I chuckled as these thoughts flowed into my head. Star began to wonder why I haven't opened blinds to the windows yet, I simply responded with, "Because it allowed you to sleep more." We walked into the kitchen and let go of Star's hand and slipped over to the lights and as I turned them on, "SURPRISE!" Everyone spread their arms into the air, except for Leo, he had a whoopee cushion in his hands. Star was so surprised it made her tear up in joy, surprisingly Aeris gave her a hug first. Everyone else, one at a time, gave her hugs each of us handed her a gift. Except for one, which was me. Why? Oh tonight, will be fun, very, very fun. I blushed a little as I snickered; everyone grew quiet and looked right at me. I looked at each one of them and shrugged. I walked over to Star and whispered, "Close your eyes." She covered her eyes and I walked over to the fridge and slid it on the table towards Star and everyone began to aww, as I removed her eyes to show her, the cake. On the cake was a white background, with a nice blue frosting to signify the sky and below it was a poem.

What a beautiful sky it was on March 12, 2009

The week of Junior prom was coming.

I couldn't find a date because I was in a bind

I fell in love with a girl she was there

I just wanted to say, "Hey dere!"

Sitting in the seat in front of me

I couldn't even budge her

It was getting hard to breath

It felt really hard to utter

Everytime I stared at you

I could've just gone up to you and say, "I love you!"

~Happy birthday Star, Hope you have a wonderful day~

As Star read the poem, I walked over to the cupboard to pull out some paper plates for everyone and once I turned around, my face my held tight by what seemed like brown hands and I was pulled harshly into Star's face, right then and there, I knew she loved it.

After she let go of my face, not that I wanted to, she walked over to her cake and I placed and lit some candles for her. Her eyes shined from the light of the candle, everyone got up and sang her the Birthday Song. Star was giggling and blew the candles out.

Everyone left around 8 in the afternoon, yet Leo and Aeris stayed after. We sat in the kitchen drinking whatever was left of the soda and beers, discussing about how the day went by so fast. I sat there laughing and enjoying myself, until it finally grew quiet. Leo, Aeris , and Star all looked at me in what seemed confusion. I made eye contact with every single one of them before asking, "What's wrong? Is there something on my face?" I began to rub my face trying to see what they were looking at; I thought I had frosting on my cheek, how embarrassing. "Rids, sweetie, there was something we wanted to ask you. It is probably good to tell us if you have a certain….." Star just sat there looking towards the ceiling trying to find a way to explain herself, "Well, something wrong with your mental state." I looked at her in confusion trying to deny the fact that I do not have a mental problem, "No, I don't believe so Hun. Why do you ask?" "Because you pass out many times over the week," Aeris replied, " It worries all of us if you do or not." I began to think but I already knew what they were talking about. Should I tell them? I just my eyes and started to construct a way to explain everything to everyone. Yet, every time I want to say something I cannot force myself to say it without them thinking I am crazy. I looked at each of them and sighed. I got up from my chair and reached out for Star's hand and helped her up, "It is best if you see what I really am, shall we?" I held Star's hand and from behind me I can hear Leo whisper to Aeris, "I think he is an alien, just like Alien Hominid." He began to skip as a happy little school girl following me as I hear Aeris face-palm herself.

I led everyone to the docks, and as soon as I got there I noticed someone there, "Oh no, not you." I quickly pounced on him, and just as I thought. It was old man Tobias, "What the hell Tobias? What are you doing here?" I felt like I wanted to beat him down, but before I could Aeris came up and shoved me off her father. "The hell Rids?!" She exclaimed, "He hangs around here mostly every day." I sighed and tried to get up, only to get pinned by Tobias, "Rids you cannot tell them." That's all he said, yet, how in the living Antarctic ice did he know I was going to tell them? "They need to know, they died once without even knowing what I was. I don't want that to happen again." I turned away from Tobias and looked to the side. He got off me and helped me up, "Fine, but be careful. It might be too much for them." I nodded my head in agreement, and looked towards the group of individuals who I cared for, dearly.
I tore off my shirt and covered my face, slowly lowering my torso to the ground, finally sitting on my knees. Suddenly, a flash of light slowly emitted from my body. Everyone watched in awe as I rose from the ground, off my knees but there was a slight problem. It was gone!