Persona 3 Portable Fes: The Answer

Chapter 2:Decision

Some time before the incident…

~March 31th.2010, 1.30 PM…~

~Iwatodai Dormitory~

At the dorm where he is the right side of the dorm a young boy with brown hair and brown eye, who is about 11 year old wearing his winter outfits, who is trying to calling someone on his cell phone.*Rang* Ring* Suddenly he was surprised he got someone on his cell phone.

"hello?" say a familiar voice .

"Uh.. Sanada-san! I try to call you for two times you have me worry their." say young boy, looks worry.

"Oh…I'm sorry Ken I been busy lately." Akihiko said with depressing tone.

"That alright I'm fine now, so are you going to the dorm?" said Ken.

" I can't am going to be busy training in the gym …" akihiko sound stressed

"Sanada-san are you sure about this?" Ken is worried.

"You don't need to be worry all my things are at the dorm, so I don't have to be there in person is this alright?" Akihiko question Ken.

"Well I guess so….."Ken is not sure what Akihiko said.

"Oh my break is almost up, I got to go through my training bye."

Akihiko hang up.

Ken goes to others are and he sit at the couch almost close pale girl .

"Sanada-san 's said he's busy at the gym, so I doubt he'll be here in time either…." Ken stated

"Yukari-clan's not coming here after all." Fuuka saddened

"Man what's up those two?" the young man wears almost like a baseball hat with a goatee was disturbed "The dorm's closing down today!." With all our memories of this place, you'd think they'd want to see it off….right? young man seems unsure and yet still disturbed.

"*whimper*" the white dog with red eyes seems very sad.

"It can't be helped. They just see thing differently." said the red hair women who is smiling for some reason." Everyone's started down their own chosen path…It's a good thing."

"…You're right." said the pale girl, with sad look on her face.

The red hair women stand from her chair and said "I can hardly blame them. I seem to get busier and busier… If I didn't have to reclaim these, I might not have made it either."

"So we finally give up our Evokers…" the young man with the goatee say with a serious look." I hate to let it go, but it's not like I got a use for it anyone."While that he counted the remaining Evokers on the table were set up."Lessee... Two, four...Wait, how many are these supposed to be?"the young man with a goatee's questioned.

Before the young man with goatee could finished his sentence, someone coming on the top floor where they are. Its appearing was young man wearing a beanie and his dark red burgundy pea coat with dark brown hair with slightly long hair and gray eyes and awhile the companioning is appearing to be an humanoid machine having a very short blond hair wearing almost like a headband,blue eyes and wearing a school uniform.

"Shinjiro-senpai..Aigis..." said the pale girl.

Just as Shinjiro put the missing evoker on the table."I think this might be the last one that you couldn't figured out."said Shinjiro.

" I didn't know you have another evoker but I thought we got your evoker a while you were in coma at the Tasumi Hospital in about a few months, Shinjiro-san?" Ken is surprised.

"I'd forgotten...You had her for safekeeping right?..." said the red hair women.

Everyone is shocked.

The pale girl and Ken are silent and had nothing to said.

"Yeah I did... so you didn't have to keep repeating yourself, Mitsuru."said Shinjiro with a depressing look.

"H-Hey, c'mon...Don't get all gloomy again."The young man with a goatee seems very serious tone about this."I don't think that's the way she would've wanted to see this end..."

"I'm're right. We all said our goodbyes to her..." Ken seem starting to cheer up a little what young man with the goatee said. "But I still wonder...Why did it happen? The doctor didn't find anything wrong with her afterward...It just seemed like she fell asleep, didn't it? Ken question a while starting to feel sad again.

"She must have used up all her power to protect that last battle."The pale girl sadden.

"It's useless to keep thinking about the past it's already be done ready..."Said Shinjiro, still sad and a little annoyed when keep mentioning the person he love and try to hold his emotion away from the others even though they know how he feels about he was with her watching her die peaceful with a smile around his arms.

"He's right it's useless to try and guess at the reasons why. Aigis saddened."I am certain he didn't blame anybody for what happened."

"Yeah...Senpai and Ai-chan's got that right."The young man with the goatee to both to them with still a serous expression.

"And hey, I'm glad to see Shinjiro-senpai alive out the Hospital and you're still hangin' in there, Aigis."Said the young man with a goatee."Back then our leader always seem to like you a lot when she starting to get to know better and when we saw you at a near death back october you must really care about her too It's like that she is all you could think about." The young man with the goatee turning his head on Shinjiro and he didn't respond just remain silent.

"I'm yet somewhat surprised you know now Shinjiro-san feels about her as well."said Aigis.

"Oh I see... but what about Shinjiro-senpai he doesn't have much time until next year..." The pale girl's worried about Shinjiro that ever since on October what Sterga said about it and reveal he was taking suppressant from them who has the same fate as him forcing out called Persona.

"I don't know, but Shinjiro, after SEES dissolved, and the dorm closed are you going planning to spend your last life being an outcast again, are you? Mitsuru question.

"Yes...I am...I have no reason for living, nor I don't have much time any longer." Shinjiro depressed when he put both of his hands to his pocket and sign.

"Wait! what about Senpai going to college just like you ,and Akihiko-senpai can he be spending his life their?"The young man with a goatee shocked and subjected this.

"Well Iori, he can't... he hasn't been in school for two years ever since his struggle killing someone."Mitsuru said with a sad yet depressing look."And the only way going to college is that he needs a diploma in order to graduate, and that means he have to repeat as a senior."

"Oh that remind me Aigis are you the enroll a senior just like the rest of us? the pale girl's question Aigis.

"It's a possible that I will not feel the full impact until I'm going to be alone tomorrow at the lab." Aigis answer the pale girl.

Everyone is surprised what Aigis was said.

"Huh? The lab...? Are you planning to commute to school from there next semester." It seems the pale girl lost in thoughts.

"Oh...No,I..."Before she could finished her sentence Mitsuru interrupted her."Aigis is returning herself to the lab tomorrow, She...won't be enrolled as a senior."Mitsuru stated with a sadden look.

Everyone is was shocked what Mitsuru said is just then Junpei stand up and said "Seriously! Why? Can't she stay in school like before?"

"The decision was mine, I'm sorry I didn't mention it sooner..." Aigis saddened upon her face."I enjoyed being with you all, but I need to find my own way of life." "...Oh, but you can come visit me anytime. A faintly smile appear on Aigis as she hide her saddest from everyone.

"What about Shinjiro-san is he okay with this?" said Ken with sad look.

"It's alright Ken..., that was my own decision to make." Shinjiro's response.

"Shinjiro-senpai...Aigis..."said the pale who is sad for a good reason.

"Think of it as a new beginning for them." Mitsuru forced to smile."Anyway...We seems to have gotten on the wrong track, but today's not meant to be a sad occasion" Mitsuru stated with her normal expression."I've ordered excellent sushi for us all. The same as before, actually."

"Th-That would be great!" said Ken who is very happy to hear that.

"You got THAT sushi again! Sweet!" Junpei seems very shocked and yet happy at the same time."No objections here!"

"Sushi?..."Shinjiro is confused and have no idea what they are talking about.

"That right!, Shinjiro-senpai hasn't sushi the day we defeated the final shadow during are "celebration" on November when he was in coma." said the pale girl."Senpai can Shinjiro-senpai join us?"

"But Fuuka I..."said Shinjiro

"It's oh alright Yamagishi, I let Shinjiro to join us even though he hasn't been in the last operation and the last battle with Nyx he still part of SEES." said Mitsuru, smiling."Won't you join us,Shinjiro?"

"Well alright I won't mind." A faint smile appearing on Shinjiro's face that he will agree. "What about you Aigis?.

"Of course, I couldn't miss spending time with you all." Aigis smile which is she will gladly accept it.

Several hours later...

The former SEES are now the Lounge eating several sushi on their plates while their are seating:Aigis siting on the left bottom side chair,in both center top couch was Ken siting almost next to Junpei, the white dog is almost close to him, center bottom couch was Fuuka and yet another almost sitting next to is Shinjiro and last right top chair was Mitsuru almost the sitting place on the top floor as soon they finished their they watch the news on T.V.

"The number of Apathy Syndrome cases is down from last month, which seems to mark an end of the strange illness." said newscaster stated. "However, surveys show that the number of people who report serious stress everyday life has not decreased, According to research carried out by the Ministry of Health and Welfare..."

While listening to the news, Junpei takes out his cell phone out of his pocket and look at the time and he seems to be shocked about the time."Whoa! when'd it get so late?"

"Its almost midnight..." said Mitsuru."It's hard to believe we've spent the evening doing 's hard to believe we've spend the evening doing nothing. Sitting here like this reminds me of those days...Perhaps that's why."Mitsuru smiled.

"Yeah..." Shinjiro sigh.

"I think I can understand." Fuuka smiled as well." I have so many memories of this lounge that I find myself spending time here for no reason."

"It's the same for I'm here, I think about when we were still fighting... " said Ken."It's strange...since my memories of that time are more painful than happy." he smiled.

'Well...all that stuff aside, doesn't something feel weird to you guys?" Junpei disturbed about this and he had a strange feeling somehow."I'll be walkin' around, and people act like as long as they're happy right now, nothing else stupid stories that Strega spread around are still out there, y'know?. Its makes me think, "Is this what we almost died to protect?" he said with a serious tone.

"Are you saying people don't know now good they have it? You're sounding like an old man...! Ken just kinda mock at Junpei.

Junpei is shocked what Ken was saying the him."Hey! Who asked you!" Junpei got angry at him.

"That's out of our hands, I'm afraid." said Mitsuru. "We prevent the Fall, but we can't reform society."

Junpei lay back with both of his arms around his neck and said "Yeah I still." Junpei,unsure.

...And that's the weather, At the tone, the time will be midnight." said the newscaster.

As the formers SEES member watches the T.V. until it strike midnight after the beep, the entire members fell a strange presence and stating to stand up from they are seated and they look shocked and surprised at the same like something really bad is happening in or out.

"What was that...!" said Ken with an angry serious face upon the rest of them.

"What the hell that strange pressure..! said Shinjiro with the same expression as Ken.

"*Woof!** Raft*" said the white dog who is angry.

"Midnight...Its can't be- Is it the Dark Hours again!" Fuuka shocked.

Just then Junpei ran and look at the window to look if the Dark Hours had really return."Nah...Everyone's fine out there!" said Junpei. "Its just your imagination Senpai"

"What?..."Shinjiro got angry when he was about to punch him and Aigis interrupted and look surprised to what happened on the T.V."Wait...The news...!" Just then,Junpei run back to what is Aigis was she saying.

"Good is now March 31st. Here's a recap of the news from the 30th..." Newscaster stated.

Aigis seems to be confused."The 31st was yesterday, right...? Did the anchor misread the date?"

"That doesn't make any sense its pose to be April by now..." said Shinjiro.

"Sheesh... Is that all?" Junpei seems annoyed and stressed."Even they make mistakes every once in a while. It's nothing."

Then Ken checking his cell phone out of his pocket and he was unsure its "that" the date just now."Weird...My cell says its, the 31st. too..." and put away his cellphone again.

"Well, looks like a false alarm." said Junpei,with a serious tone.

"So far, I'd agree." Mitsuru agrees with Junpei.

"But something" Fuuka saddened and she know something is wrong.

"*yawn* It's late...We should call it a night." said Junpei, Tired."What a lame finish to our last day in the dorm...*sigh*."

"..."Shinjiro silent as he is about to be annoyed he starting walk away from the others.

"Uh? Shinjiro where are you going?" said Mitsuru.

"I'm going to bed to get some sleep... And don't try to awake me up until the dorms started to closed..." Shinjiro answer her with still a cold tone.

"*Whimper*" the white dog as he walk to Shinjiro when he was about to go to his room.

"Don't worry Koro-chan, I'll be alright." Shinjiro slightly smile at Koromaru .and pet him gently.

"Shinjiro-san..." said Ken, with a worried look at him when about to leave to his room at the 2nd floor.

"Um...Would it be all right if I returned to my rooms?" Aigis asked everyone." I have to prepare to move tomorrow..."

"Sure. Good night, Aigis." said Fuuka.

"Niiiiight..." say Junpei to Aigis as he is still tired.

Aigis left the lounge also to her room on the 3th floor where someone else room next cross to her.

Just then Mitsuru take out her cellphone and tell others and she said " I'd best contact Yukari and Akihiko...Just in case..."

A hour later, in Shinjiro' room...

Shinjiro is sleeping in his room wearing his nighting clothes as he is trying to sleep.

' When I try to sleep I keep dreaming... I remember... I find her on the floor just as I told her how I really feel about awhile I hold her in my arms and her last moment I told "I'm glad I met you" I thought this was my last moment with her' said Shinjiro in his thoughts. 'When she fell asleep peaceful, We all brought her back to our dorm until she awake up, then we starting to feel fear of darkness beginning to swallowed us up within us.'

'The following day of next morning, the fears upon us became a reality, and I lost to women I love and my friends was lost to them also...From sometimes after, I fell into a deep depression, and starting the seeing a same dream I was in a unconscious at the Hospital every night...It was a dream I saw her crying and smiling at the same time I call her name and I embraced her tightly, she hug me tight the same way...but my persona, Castor come out of me about to killed me and then... she pushed me back and she got stab on the chest just the same as I killed Ken's mother. I fell in depression as I hold her...I told her " I love you" just as she just say the same thing she died..I kissed her on the lips just then... Her body disappear into cherry blossom petal as I keep grieving in pain...When she was alive, as I told her I glad to met her and that was my another reason for living spending my last reason and now she was no longer there...' said Shinjiro in thoughts.

'Then one day my sadness, regretting,feelings,emotions for her, despair and even my memories left for some reasons as if part of my heart open like a prison has left me...I stopped dreaming about and I don't feel any pain on my chest when I stopped taking suppressant.'

In late at night, Shinjiro woke up and get fulling dress from his usual clothing he wears on the street of backside of Tatsumi Port Island. He sits on his bed.

"..."A rough sign."Damn it...Why the hell can I sleep as usual do...Can I really still continue living with my life that I have left...?Shinjiro fell depression.

Just been a blue butterfly appearing fluttering around the room where he."...?' just then Shinjiro notices the blue butterfly almost flying to him."A ...butterfly..?" butterfly came to Shinjiro's hands, and he stared at with a blank expression just for a few second, the blue butterfly disappear into his hands and he was shocked when he saw that he hear an earthquake for a second. He yet to be more surprised about this."What? What's to hell going on? said Shinjiro with an angry expression.

Suddenly a knock on the door "*knock**knock*""Shinjiro-Senpai are you awake?" say Fuuka.

"Yeah the door open you could come in." said Shinjiro.

"Senpai, we need you!" said with a serious face she had.

"Fuuka what's wrong? Tell me what little what happens". Shinjiro, serious.

"I awake Aigis the same the time I do to you but, she was defeated by an unfamiliar intruder." Fuuka explained a little she could.

"Don't tell me...another enemy!." said Shinjiro still serious.

Fuuka nodded to Shinjiro to let him know.

"Here I was able get a evoker from the command room as fast as I can." said Fuuka.

"Wait of minute is this...!" Shinjiro, surprised.

"I have no time to find your evoker so I get the evoker that you were holding for 1/2 months, there no time for explanation... Anyways we need to the Lounge!" said Fuuka, still a serious tone.

"Alright!" Shinjiro agree with Fuuka and they all head to the Lounge were the others are.

'Come to think about this... That depressing dreams stopped on that dreadful day...maybe that was the reason of the incident begins.

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