Hi everybody. This is the first chapter of my new story (for more information, see my profile or read the following summary). This is a Harry Potter / Detective Conan x-over. For those who are not that familiar with the DC universe, I hope I describe the characters of DC enough so you wouldn't be at a disadvantage.

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Summary: After finding out that his so called friends and Dumbledore betrayed him, Harry flees to Japan to continue his magical education far away from Dumbledore's manipulation. With Sirius help he tries to prepare for the fight against both Dumbledore and Voldemort. But what has the 'Holmes of the new Century' to do with Harry's destiny?

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It was a rainy day; befitting his mood. Why did his whole life suck so much? First he lost his parents to that maniac that was deceiving the whole community of elitist pureblood wizards at home that he was the best thing since Merlin happening to wizarding kind. October 31st was a miserable day for Harry Potter. Many people celebrated Halloween on this day, especially for wizards it was an important holiday. He had looked up the meaning of the day in the original wizarding culture. It was the day where the veil between the planes of the living and the dead was thinnest. But for him it meant something else; the murder of his parents at the hands of Voldemort, leading to him being taken to his mother's sister's family, where he had been neglected and abused for many years.

No one was helping him while growing up. No one seemed to notice the abused little boy. No one recognized that the little black haired boy desperately needed help. He had always been small, skinny and underfed. The teachers at school should have noticed that something was amiss. But nobody did. He now had suspicions to the why, but it didn't help him; it was in the past. Something he couldn't change as he had found out the hard way.

Then, finally, it seemed that things were looking up for him. He found out he was a wizard on his 11th birthday. The discovery of the wonders of magic had entrapped him and, for some time, his common sense had been blinded by this new exciting world. On Halloween, again, a troll had been let into the school, safest place in Britain indeed, he thought sarcastically. He had miraculously survived the encounter with the help of his best friends' help. Only thinking of Hermione and Ron now hurt. Why did they do it? Why did they betray him? Hell, he had saved Hermione's life that day. And Ron had been responsible for her being in that dangerous situation. Why did she betray him and sided with Ron? Had she been in on the plot from the beginning or had she been involved later?

He looked up to the sky. It was dark. The rain clouds prevented seeing the stars. Well, he doubted with all the lights of the city it would be possible to see them. All around him people were hurrying to get out of the rain. Hurrying to get to their homes. Home, it was a term that had been alien to him for most of his life. Really, which teenager regarded his school as home? A desperate one; that was the simple answer to that question. He, Harry Potter, had been desperate to escape the hell that was his life with his so called family.

Family indeed; what kind of family imprisoned one of its members in a small room with bars in front of the window, a cat flap for getting food and many locks on the door; all that just to keep a twelve year old boy imprisoned? No, they weren't his family. Only people he had the questionable honour to be related to by blood; nothing more. They were maniacs that pretended to be normal. Normal indeed. He could only laugh ironically about it. Normal people wouldn't have abused a child just because it was different. But people were stupid. He had experience with stupidity.

Second year on Halloween the chamber of secrets had been opened. He had gotten the culprit, saved Ginny in the end but not before he had been tormented by nearly the whole school with their suspicions of him being the culprit. And none of the adults that were supposed to look out for him had done anything to help him. No, his oh so reliable Potions teacher had thought it would be nice to make him look like the culprit. Definitely good comments during the meeting in the fraud's office. During a duelling club he told his student, who coincidentally was a spoiled brat and Harry's sworn enemy, how to summon a dangerous snake. Just to have Harry look like an idiot. His life simply sucked.

Of course nobody believed him that he had stopped said snake from attacking a fellow student. No, they accused him of setting the snake on the student he saved. Even, and especially, the saved student; just because speaking with snakes was considered dark. Really, the British wizards needed a reality check. And a competent ministry while he thought about improving them. Just chucking a man into Azkaban because he had been suspected to have opened the Chamber in his youth was simply sick. Not even giving Hagrid a chance to defend himself.

Third year started horrible with his running away from Privet Drive after the incident with 'Aunt Marge', how he hated the vile woman and her dog Ripper. Sirius Black was after him to kill him. Ha, biggest joke of the world. The only person to not want him dead was Sirius. He wanted to protect Harry. Well Remus also was on Harry's side, but he trusted the manipulative old bastard too much. Harry thought that was a term too long for too many names Dumbledore, though it was suiting the old coot perfectly. He would call him MOB. Fitting.

After Sirius had escaped on Buckbeak the Hippogriff, crushing Harry's chance to have a real home for the first time since his parents died, damn Fudge the fool, damn Dumbledore for not doing his duty as head of the Wizengamot, damn magical society and their lack of common sense, their lack of conscience for law and order, his fourth year had come and gone and of course there had been a new incident on Halloween. That holiday surely was as cursed for him as the position of DADA teacher was at Hogwarts.

The goblet of fire spit out his name as the irregular forth champion of the tournament. Now he was told he couldn't get out, even if he didn't put his name into the goblet. He had to compete. His life was slandered in the press that year, he was nearly grilled by a dragon, drowned in an ice-cold lake in February of all times of the year, really wizards were just stupid, and then kidnapped at the end of the third task to help resurrect Voldemort, the pain in the ass.

But instead of doing everything to prepare the population for the new threat, the idiot Fudge decided Voldemort wasn't back but he, Harry, was a liar and systematically destroyed his name in the Daily Prophet. He would make sure that Fudge regretted the day he came across Harry Potter. He would sue him for all his worth. After finding out his political and financial power in the world he would use it.

It was truly a shame that he hadn't been able to show his Slytherin side earlier on, but it had been vital for his plans to keep under the radar.

After that farce of a trial, being more or less imprisoned with Sirius at number 12 Grimmauld place, he returned to Hogwarts. Really that year was the worst ever. O.W.L.s were looming at the horizon, making the teachers going crazy with the workload for their year. The new defence teacher was out for his head and did everything to make his life miserable. Stupid, bigoted, evil Ministry hag. Really he had enjoyed the fate the traitor Hermione had thought up for her. After his O.W.L.s he had had this nice vision, curtsy of Voldy, that the dark bastard had Sirius in his clutches.

Thankfully Harry had had the mirror to contact Sirius. Not even his so called best friends knew about it. Without the mirror Harry's and Sirius' plan wouldn't have had a chance of success. Harry had to grin. The hat did know what he was talking about, that he would have been a good match for Slytherin house and that he had a good head on his shoulders. If you had to grow up with the Dursleys, who punished you for being better at school than their useless idiot of a son, you learned to hide your abilities. Harry was smart, really smart. His analytical abilities would have made Hermione green with envy.

If he had the clues he needed, he would put them together to get the complete picture. It had worked during his years at Hogwarts well enough. Thankfully nobody had realized it. First year he had been the one to put together the clues of the quest around the Philosopher's Stone. He had known who Flamel was two weeks after Hagrid had slipped up. But he hadn't told his friends immediately, thinking it would be a good way to keep them busy. He hadn't originally wanted to go after the stone; he had just loved to solve the riddle. But once he had realized that Hagrid had probably slipped to an outsider, he had had to act.

While the dragon had been around and been a problem, he had not thought about the strangeness of the situation too much. He had been a bit preoccupied. But after the obstacle course, it was nothing else, after all, how could McGonagall justify telling them that the stone was well protected if three first years could best it? No it had been a set up by somebody and after his talk with the headmaster he had been sure it had been him. Too bad for the headmaster that he loved solving riddles. He just had to pretend he didn't know.

Then in second year he had put together the clues to where the Chamber of Secrets was located. He had known it had to be a snake, but he couldn't figure out what kind of snake. After the third mysterious hearing of the voice he had realized that much. But all the books he had searched had nothing on a snake that could petrify. He still didn't know from which book Hermione had the information about the basilisk.

Well, Hermione's reaction was one more reason not to show his abilities at Hogwarts after he found out, that she didn't take competition for the top spot too well. During the first months at Hogwarts, Harry had secretly researched ways to get away from the Dursleys in the library. He already knew the Muggle laws for his case. But he didn't know what the laws in the wizarding world said. While his research cut into his time to do his essays with more effort, so he just did them so that he would be average in his classes, it provided Harry with much needed information.

Really it had been a blessing that he hadn't been friends with Hermione before Halloween. She would have been suspicious of the amount of time he spent over books that didn't have anything to do with their school work. But Ron was just a lazy ass. He would leave him behind in the common room, playing a game of exploding snap or chess with one of the other boys. Really easy - especially if you had a loyal friend to keep him off your back.

Neville truly would have made a great Hufflepuff. He had offered Ron to play chess when Harry needed to look things up that he didn't Ron want to know about. He had always had some problems to completely trust people. A remainder of his time with the Dursleys no doubt. But Neville was different. The shy boy had an aura around him that told Harry he was trustworthy. But never underestimate a Longbottom. Something even the Death Eaters had learned. Harry was really proud of his friend. He had made huge prowess in his work after Harry had started the DA.

Harry figured out, that he had to contact Gringotts regarding his parents' wills. What he found out made him very wary of the headmaster. When he got his father's invisibility cloak back on Christmas that year he saw the unlimited possibilities it gave him. So, while the other boys in his dormitory slept, Harry snuck out into the library and made copies of the books outside the restricted section. That one time he had been there and found the wailing book had taught him not to push his luck too far. And for now having the normal books at his disposal was more than enough material to learn.

The copies made sure he had something he could read during the summer holidays when he was confined at Durskaban. And by using his invisibility cloak he managed to not arouse suspicion at his relatives. The cloak never left his person. It was a core element in his future plans after all. So, learning as much as he could in secret, asking the Hogwarts ghosts many questions, which they were delighted to answer, really it was a fountain of experience he could profit from, why nobody else thought about it, he couldn't understand. He learned many things that way, things that had been forgotten over the times. Well, he needed every advantage he could get against Voldemort.

After Sirius escaped, he added to Harry's already developed doubts about the so called leader of the light. How he wished he could have defended himself in that farce of a trial but letting Dumbledore do it for him, added to his cover. Soon he would be out of the MOB's control. He just needed his O.W.L.s so he could get emancipated. A little known rule for heirs of old pureblood houses was that they could get emancipated if they reached certain results in their O.W.L.s. And it was also true for heirs that were halfbloods. Well, as long as the not pureblood parent was magical.

Sirius had helped Harry with his studies during his stay at Grimmauld place during summer before his fifth year and then during the Christmas holidays. Sirius was determined to make up for the time he had missed out on in Harry' life. With the Black library and the Black fortune at his disposal, Sirius had taught him the things that Harry needed to know to get along in the world he had been born into.

After being denied a trial for so long, he had no illusions that MOB could be trusted. But with his life at stake he couldn't really do anything about it. He had been between a rock and a hard place after Voldemort's return. So being imprisoned at his hated home, as it was the only way to have contact with his godson, he had made plans of his own and was impressed to find out about Harry's hidden deviousness.

It had been a coincidence that he found out. One night Harry had been in the library researching some things in the unique books there, the real part of the library that only family members could enter, not the one Molly Weasley and her kids were cleaning during the day. He had found out that his grandmother was a Black by birth from the family tapestry and so he had access to parts of the house that were reserved to the family. The Blacks had been paranoid bastards.

Sirius had been unable to sleep that night and had been informed by the house that a family member was in the library. Sirius had been worried and curious at the same time, so he had gone there to see who was reading there and what. Finding his godson reading a book about common wards, ancient runes and their importance in wards and really nasty wards had been a big surprise.

He had asked Harry to explain. And Harry had explained. From his deception of his true personality, his underachieving at school until it was time to take the O.W.L.s, his secret studies, his problems at Privet Drive, his suspicions of Dumbledore, the danger he had been confronted with every year at school and the guilt over Cedric's death. Sirius had understood. Having a similar family background, he truly understood being abused and growing up unloved. He had then offered Harry his help to reach his goal in his O.W.L.s. While Remus had been the smart one of the marauders, Sirius was a powerful wizard.

He knew his stuff and he took teaching Harry very serious. In the basement of number twelve, there was a training room that the Blacks had used for generations to train their children during the holidays. He explained the trace and the rules for underage magic. He knew all the loopholes and he supported Harry to practice. He also managed to improve Harry's knowledge of Potions a lot. It had after all been his strong area during his pranking time at Hogwarts.

James had been the genius in Transfiguration, Remus was the expert in Defence and Charms and Sirius was the master of Potions and Ancient Runes. Peter was the lookout and minion.

Sirius rose to being the only adult Harry trusted unconditionally. But still. Seeing Sirius faking his death by falling through the veil of death was really hard. Oh how sweet had it been to destroy all those trinkets in the MOB's office.

Sirius, being the first-born son and heir to one of the most prestigious pureblood houses had recognized the meaning of each of those lovely trinkets when he had waited for Harry in Dumbledore's office after the third task of the Tournament. He had told Harry in no uncertain terms, that those things had to be destroyed before he could get away from Britain. They allowed Dumbledore too much control over Harry and his location. And having just experienced an admittedly faked, but nonetheless cruel, loss he had no problems leashing out at all of the office. He would like to see the MOB trying to track him down now. But hearing his friends talking in the hospital wing when they didn't know he was there had hurt terribly.


Harry, tired of being stared at by the rest of the school, had taken to walk with his invisibility cloak on. He was on his way to the infirmary to visit the others who had accompanied him to the Ministry. He couldn't really describe how really glad he was to talk to Sirius after everything had been over. Just hearing his voice and seeing his face had soothed his nerves. It had looked too real. Then being possessed by Voldemort didn't help him either. He had reached the open door and was about to take off the cloak when he heard an argument. He got closer and saw Ron, Hermione and Professor Dumbledore talking. The others seemed to be fast asleep.

"Professor, how long do we have to keep up this farce? I mean I like being paid for pretending to be Potter's best friend but it is getting more and more dangerous. The idiot just can't stand not being in the middle of trouble. If I don't get a raise of my payment, I am going to quit." Ron said.

"Now, now, Mr Weasley. I am sure we can come to an agreement. You need to keep Harry ignorant of his influence. Between you and Miss Granger he never developed the urge to learn all he could about magic. He didn't want to show up either of you to keep your friendship. With the burden Black out of the way I can push Harry to become the martyr we need to get rid of Tom. I have already faked his will. All the money the Potters have will be divided between the Weasleys for their services, you Miss Granger, and me. But you have to act convincingly until the end." Dumbledore said.

"Don't worry, Professor." Hermione piped up. "Harry is too stupid to find out anything, I mean, he always relies on me to do research and Ron distracts him with Quidditch or other not studying related topics. Next year we will start with Ginny's part to seduce him. She should be able to occupy his mind sufficiently. With Professor Snape opening the link to You-Know-Who, when the time comes, Harry will pull him with him into death. As Harry is the last descendant of the Potters nobody but us will inherit the fortune."

"Very good, another summer in Surrey while being miserable for the mutt's death will further play into my hands. Remember, Harry can't find out about this. He as a horcrux has to die eventually and I intend to make him hunt the others while I play the wise mentor. Nothing can stop the plan."

Harry secretly crept back. His heart hurt. His friends were traitors and in league with Dumbledore. Thankfully Sirius was alive and had already planned their escape to Japan. Sirius had found out about Dumbledore planning to kill them both shortly after being forced to stay at Grimmauld Place. Then he had made all the necessary precautions to fake his death sometime after Harry's O.W.L.s and then take Harry away from the Dursleys. They would disappear in the muggle world for some time while Harry got ready to face of Voldemort without MOB's interference. They would never find him in the anonymity that was Tokyo.

Flashback end

So that was how he had landed himself in Tokyo, district Beika. He had used his invisibility cloak to disappear from platform 9 ¾ after the train had entered the station. He didn't even cross the barrier to the muggle part of the platform. He feared Moody could be there and see him through his cloak. But a little illegal apparition, taught to him by Sirius during their nightly training sessions, got him away. Really, why nobody thought of teaching young witches and wizards how to simply escape from danger was beyond him. No underage witch or wizard could be expected to successfully defend against a dark wizard with the things taught at Hogwarts. So why not let them learn apparating after third year? He would never understand the Ministry.

But nobody had detected a thing. A short apparition to the outside of the station and he had escaped his watchers. He had taken the muggle bus from Kings Cross station to Charring Cross Road, where Sirius had waited in his animagus form. They had gone to Gringotts, the only place Sirius would not be arrested straight away, and Harry finally heard his parents' wills. He had been so angry hearing that he never should have been given to Petunia.

As the goblins were in charge of the inheritance department in the wizarding world, they would make sure that MOB was sued for deliberately ignoring the will of a Lord. This would cost MOB a lot of galleons. Harry was just grateful that the goblins had always denied MOB any access to the Potter vaults as only a Potter by blood was allowed to enter them. And Harry was the last Potter. So his enormous fortune had been safe from the greedy bastard. Thankfully the goblins had provided a neat little potion that enabled him and Sirius to learn Japanese perfectly in three days. With their destination in mind this would come in handy.

They had also ensured that all their financial business would be done from the Tokyo branch of Gringotts in the future. All former keys to Harry's trust vault had been called back magically and his money had been transferred to Tokyo. Of course this had cost a small fee of 100 galleons but it was worth the effort. The goblins would keep his secret under customer confidentiality and MOB would be unable to find him.

The next morning Sirius - under glamour and with new muggle identity cards - and himself, also with a new muggle identity, had boarded the plane to Tokyo to start anew. Harry knew he had gotten the requested O.W.L.s to get emancipated and he intended to file the paperwork through the Chinese Ministry of Magic. It would be too easy for the MOB to track him in Japan if he used that Ministry and China was known for being more tolerant with underage wizards if they proved to be capable to take care of themselves.

Harry had thought how his so called friends would react when they found out about his scores on his tests. Especially Hermione. He grinned and wished he could listen to her reaction when she found out that he had beaten her in every subject, which he was really sure he had.

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