So Samchel is my crackship. I really wish the show would have done something with Rachel and Sam...but it is what it is. I've always wanted to write a Sam/Rachel story, but I didn't really know if that ship had any shippers. Ha. So, I just thought a one-shot would work.

Reviews would be awesome. I want to know if there are any other Samchel shippers out there. :D

People thought he was dumb. He understood that. Heck, he knew that people had a reason to think that half of the time. He wasn't really good with math. He downright sucked at any type of English. History wasn't really that much better either. In class rather than doing his work he sketched out various pictures: most of them ranging from Avatar to Spiderman.

He had dated Quinn Fabray once upon a time, and although she had been kind of horrible to him, he loved her. Well, he loved her in the way someone loved their first real boyfriend or girlfriend. The "Fabrevans" ship truly had sunk before it had even had a chance to float. It was worse than the damn Titanic except no one died.

He had been upset, naturally, that his first girlfriend had found him so messed up that she had to cheat on him with Finn Hudson of all people. He knew that Finn and Quinn had really weird history, but she could have just dumped him before playing tonsil hockey with the jerk. Instead she chose to humiliate him by dragging him around. He swore off girls after that.

Quinn got what she had coming to her though, he guessed. Finn Hudson had dumped her-at a funeral no less-for Rachel Berry. Rachel Berry, McKinley's single most overlooked talented person.

One thing Sam had learned upon arriving at McKinley High was that people were cruel. A person was either popular or they were losers…and then there was Rachel Berry. She was definitely a nice girl. After joining Glee he had understood why people had called her stubborn. She would do anything to succeed. After thinking about it for a while he wondered if that was really a bad thing. He would watch day in and day out as the brunette would sit by herself in glee while taking the verbal abuse by all of her teammates for being too selfish and not a team-player.

He never did understand that.

After Finn had cost them Nationals he began to pay even more attention to the girl. She took the brunt of the blame after not placing in the top ten. He wasn't sure why-he was pretty sure that Finn kissed her first. He began to watch as the girl began to lose the few "friends" she had and was left with only Finn. He wasn't sure if it was because he was still mad at Hudson for stealing Quinn or what, but that kind of pissed him off.

He had gone to the library to look for a comic book to read during his spare period but found her seated at a table alone. He glanced around before easing his way over to the girl. "Hey," he whispered before awkwardly sitting in front of her. "What are you doing?"

"I'm reading this Barbra Streisand biography. I was going to go to the auditorium to practice, but Coach Sylvester is in there doing-well, I don't know what." Sam rolled his eyes. Sue Sylvester was easily the scariest person he had ever met. "What are you doing here?"

"Spare." She nodded. "I was going to read a comic book, but this place has a disappointing collection." The brown eyed girl laughed before being told to hush by the librarian. He felt himself grow hot at his admission. He was embarrassed. Why had he admitted to reading comic books? Quinn had always thrown them away and pointed out that they were meant for little boys.

"That's adorable," Rachel replied before closing the Barbra book.

"Are you dating Finn again?" He didn't know what possessed him to ask it. He also didn't know what made the brunette's smile fall. She cleared her throat.

"I am." He nodded and watched in confusion as she stood up and left without saying another word.

After that day they began to talk more. He would skip lunch to watch her practice in the auditorium. She would skip her MySpace video time to help babysit his little brother and sister. He couldn't help but begin to fall for her. She treated him like a real person. He never once felt like an idiot around her.

She even let him walk around with his Spiderman sleep pants on!

He would buy her random musicals he found at thrift stores with saved money from his job. She would bake him cookies all of the time. It felt amazing to be Rachel Berry's friend, but he began to wonder what it would feel like to be more. When she didn't hang out with Finn on weekends she would be with him. He began to think about what her lips would feel like against his. He wondered what it would feel like to walk around McKinley with her in his arms.

Instead he walked around McKinley watching Finn treat her like a possession rather than a girlfriend. He was once again looking at Quinn in ways that a person probably shouldn't look at someone who wasn't their significant other. He also knew Rachel wasn't oblivious to it. He would see the way her face fell after Finn would leave her to run over to the ex-Cheerio's locker.

It made him feel like he did when he found out Superman wasn't real.

That's when he knew he was in the legit love with the girl and not the obligation love he was with Quinn.

It was one day after a painful session of glee that he realized he needed to make her feel better. Finn had sung some love song to "the woman he loved." Except he was kind of looking at Quinn the entire time while Rachel just sat on the front row looking down at the ground. He wanted to get up and punch the stupid out of the Jolly Green Giant but that was out of the question.

He pulled his notebook and began to write while everyone sang and danced around. Because yeah, he was pretty but he wasn't dumb.

The next morning he had to watch as Finn began to grope Rachel in the middle of the hallway. His hold on her was controlling. He felt like he was being forced to watch some kind of high school themed porno.

The giant oaf pulled away before waving awkwardly at her and leaving her behind at her locker. He hid behind his own as he watched her looking around the hallway. Seconds later he was shutting his locker door to watch her. She was rummaging through her locker before the piece of paper fell out. "Pick it up," he mumbled to himself, hoping that a random passerby wouldn't claim the paper.

He sighed in relief as she saw the girl bend down to pick up the lone paper. He bit his lip nervously and hoped that she wouldn't throw it away without looking at it. He saw her looking around the hall once again and freaked out.

He knew he kind of looked like an idiot crouched behind a garbage can to watch a girl read a letter he left. He ignored the stench coming from the trash and instead watched as a smile began to light up Rachel's face. He instantly felt warm inside. He had been the cause of her mega-watt smile; the same smile that Rachel had been neglecting.

Without giving it thought he stood up and made his way over to the brunette, deciding to play it cool. "Sam," Rachel greeted while looking around the fairly empty hallway. "Why aren't you in class?"

"I got here late," he offered. Lie, lie, lie. She nodded. He noticed she was still holding his note-rather protectively. "What's that?" He questioned while rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.

"It's just a note." He pouted. He knew he probably looked like a fish trying to be cute or something, but being around Rachel had taught him that having a good pout could get someone anything they could ever want. "It says it's from a fan. Do you think it's a joke?"

"No way," Sam replied. "You're too pretty and stuff. You have the best voice I've ever heard. I'm kind of surprised you don't have more and stuff." She sighed before handing the note to him to read. In that moment the tardy bell rang causing the brunette to panic.

"I have to go," she shouted. "I have to go thank Finn, too," she squealed with girlish glee. Sam seethed. Finn? She thought Finn had written the note. He looked down at the crumpled paper in his grip.


I think you're the most amazing person I've ever met. Your smile makes my day. Please don't let it fade. Your voice makes my heart beat faster. I wish I could tell you this in person, but I kind of love you.

-Rachel's number one fan ;)

He sighed. He could have any girl at McKinley he could possibly want except her. Maybe he was dumb after all.

He threw the piece of paper in the garbage can before heading back towards the double doors exiting the building. He didn't really feel like staying at school after having his heart trampled on by a pint-size diva.

His heart had been broken. All over again.