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Sam had slept off his bad mood and woken up to several text messages. He went to his inbox to see that he had six new messages, each one from Rachel. He stole a look at the bedside table, noting that it was only 2:30. He gave his full attention back to his messages.

Where did you go? RB*
9:13 AM

Sam, I saw you before school. You weren't at break. You aren't meeting me for lunch. Where are you? RB*
12:45 PM

I know something is wrong now. You never ignore me. Did I do something wrong? RB*
1:12 PM

Are you okay? No one has seen you all day. Finn said you weren't at the football meeting either. RB*

Do I need to call the police? 911? RB*

He chuckled at the brunette's dramatics before going to the most recent message.

I miss my male lead. RB*

His brows furrowed in confusion. Rachel was in glee at the moment, he knew that much. Her male lead was Finn though. He sighed. Finn must have skipped or something. He hated when Rachel complained about the shortcomings of Hudson because he knew that he would never treat the girl that way. He would dedicate all of his solos to her. He wouldn't even sing Justin Bieber songs because he knew how much Rachel hated the kid! He would take her out to places that had vegan stuff. He had heard Rachel complain more times than he could count about how Finn only took her to Breadstix, where vegan options were limited to salads.

Finn nt there?

Within two minutes his phone was chiming with a new message. He knew that he really shouldn't talk to the girl if he wanted to actually move on, but the thought of not talking to Rachel Berry was daunting.

Finn is here. I was talking about you. RB*

He chose to ignore the palpitations in his heart and prayed that it wasn't a heart attack or something equally bad. He flipped his phone over on the bed and decided against writing back. He wasn't in the mood to understand anything Rachel was trying to imply. She had a way of telling him things that made him think she was interested in him, too…only for her to say something so completely different minutes later-shattering any of his hope.

The next day at school, unlike his usual mornings, he chose to do anything he could to avoid seeing Rachel. After the previous morning's outcome he didn't want to be forced to witness the love fest surrounding the glee power couple.

He wondered if Rachel still thought his note was from Finn. He wondered if Finn would have taken the credit for something that wasn't his. Sam laughed humorlessly at the thought. Of course Finn would say that the note was from him.

Instead what met his eye-sight that morning was Rachel Berry staring longingly into her locker. Finn had his arm draped across her shoulder and was talking animatedly to Puck. Sam shook his head and turned around-headed in the direction of his first class.

The rest of the day went by without any real problems. Instead of eating lunch with Rachel he sat in the Astronomy room alone. The room reminded him of Quinn sometimes, but he wasn't going to let the HBIC ruin his love of outer space. Who knew what kind of aliens and things were out there? And aliens? Well, they were cooler than Quinn Fabray.

His phone buzzed; he just knew it was Rachel asking why he wasn't listening to her practice in the auditorium. He looked at the number on his screen in confusion before going to the new message.

Hudson n Fabray r 2gether again.

It was a simple phrase from Noah Puckerman. He wondered for a moment why Puck chose him to send the message to. Instead of dwelling on it he immediately ran to the auditorium, ignoring the shouts from the teachers telling him to walk-not run.

The moment he entered he knew Rachel was upset. She wasn't singing or doing any vocal warm-ups like she usually was. Instead she was seated at the piano bench simply looking at the floor. "Rachel?" He questioned before wondering when his voice sounded so…loving and concerned.

"You've been ignoring me," was all that Rachel replied with. He expected her to fall apart about Finn, for her to shout and scream and cry about how the idiot was a moron who deserved to be eaten by a lion and a bear.

"Not really," he replied before running to the front and jumping on the stage. "Are you okay?" Rachel looked up to meet his eyes. One of the things he liked most about Rachel was her eyes. A person could always tell how the brunette felt by looking into them. He had perfected the art of Rachel Berry eye-reading. And in that moment her eyes showed no hurt or sadness.

"I'm fine, actually," she huffed with an air of indifference. "I'm honestly not surprised that he cheated on me with her. That relationship is the most disturbing things that I've had to witness in my young life." Sam chuckled, willing to agree with Rachel. "Why have you been ignoring me?"

"I haven't," he stressed again. One look from Rachel told him that she didn't believe him. "Okay, I did a little bit yesterday." Another look from Rachel. "And today." She nodded and waited for him to speak. That was another thing he liked about Rachel. She let him talk whenever he wanted to. She didn't pressure him to explain his feelings to her. She let him come to her when he was ready. "I was just dealing with some stuff. I didn't really want to get you involved." It was kind of true.

"You know I'm here for you, Sam," she whispered before slowly moving her hand over to his thigh. She rubbed soothing circles on the material of his blue jeans.

Sam sighed, "I know." Before he could say anything more the bell rang. "I guess I'll see you in glee?" She nodded, sad smile in place. "Want me to walk you to class?" He offered while holding his arm out for her. He ignored the rhinos in his stomach (because butterflies were totally girly) when Rachel's small hand lingered over his before coming to rest against her own hip.

He had spent the entirety of his history class and Algebra II class thinking about Rachel. He wondered what glee would be like. He prayed that Finn and Quinn would have the decency to not show up, but then again he knew they would show. If only to be able to rub their relationship in everyone's face. They were weird like that.

He looked down at his blank piece of paper and sighed. Here we go again, he thought.

He had been right. Glee had been a disaster. Rachel sat as far away from the group as she physically could, which kind of hurt him. Why hadn't she wanted to sit by him? He guessed she was paying him back for ignoring her.

Love was kind of evil.

Finn and Quinn sang their rendition of "Barbie Girl" of all things. He kind of thought it was fitting. He was glad he wasn't Ken anymore though. Finn could have that role all to himself. He was more interested in being Jake Sully or Luke Skywalker. No, he would rather just be Rachel Berry's boyfriend.

Mr. Schuester dismissed them after the awkwardness grew to be… really awkward. He couldn't really understand that teacher. It was like no matter what Finn did he was still in the right. Sam had a theory that Finn was actually a secret scientist who pretended to be dumb. Mr. Schuester was Finn's robot. It totally made sense. That was, it made sense until he really looked at Finn and realized that Finn was just that stupid.

He ran after Rachel and followed her to her locker where she was putting her sheet music up. He had learned that she had two copies of all of her sheet music. One stayed at home, one stayed at school because, "one could never be too sure when someone will break out into song a dance in the hallway." Sam chuckled at the memory.

"Sam," Rachel shouted, startled by his presence.

"Guilty," he replied while holding his hands up. "Whatcha got there?" He questioned while pointing to a folded piece of paper in her hands.

"Another note," she admitted bashfully. "It isn't from Finn." Sam arched an eyebrow. He knew that. He had written it in his Algebra class and put the note in her locker on the way to glee club practice.

"How do you know that?" He whispered before pulling her in for a hug. She probably needed a hug after the day she had survived. Actually, that was a lie. Rachel seemed to be doing just fine. She just looked really cute and huggable. So he did.

"Because," she mumbled into his t-shirt, "it says, 'Love, not Finn.'" Sam grimaced. He could have worded that differently.

"Yeah," he replied awkwardly. "That makes sense." She giggled into his chest before pulling away and holding onto his hands.

"Sam," she whispered. He looked at her intently before proceeding to freak out. He couldn't read her eyes! She had probably been hypnotized by Quinn to kill him or something. "You're my best friend. You know that, right?" She questioned while swinging their arms back and forth. He sighed. He had once thought the most depressing sentence in the world was "we decided to kick you out of our role-playing group." Now he knew that it was, "you're my best friend." Best friends sucked!

"Yeah, I know," he responded.

"So I can tell you a secret?" Sam nodded. "And you won't judge me?"

"Never, ever," he quickly whispered, unsure of what the brunette was up to.

"You wouldn't ever repeat my secrets?"

"This trouty mouth would never," he gasped, earning a chuckle from Rachel. "Seriously, Rach, what's up?" He fought the urge to tack some wise saying on in his newly acquired Yoda voice. It had taken him a while to master it, but he had it down pat after months of practice.

"I was only with Finn in the beginning because after Nationals everyone hated me again." Sam nodded, he remembered it well enough. "But you befriended me anyway. And you were everything I wished Finn would be. You listened when I talk, which I find to be a very hard feat." Sam rolled his eyes. "You always watch musicals with me. You sing duets with me just for fun. I always have to bribe Finn with grilled cheese sandwiches." Sam groaned. "Then I started to realize that it wasn't that I wanted Finn to be more like you…" He wondered why the girl he was crazy about liked being theatrical. There didn't really need to be dramatic pauses in real life! "I just wanted you," she admitted with a shrug of her shoulders. He dropped her hands immediately.

"Rachel, I don't know what to say," he heard himself saying. Why did he say that? He should have pushed her against the lockers and used his big lips for something good.

"I know you love me," she whispered. He bit his lip to keep from singing that stupid Justin Bieber song. He noticed that Rachel was slowly inching her way closer to him.

"How do you know that?" He asked with what he hoped was a flirty grin. He probably looked confused though.

"When someone is your best friend you kind of pick up on their handwriting," she whispered before throwing her arms around his neck and finally, finally attaching her lips to his.

And it was even better than the limited edition 3D version of Avatar his mom had given him for his birthday.