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One choice can change everything

I glared at my refection. When will I ever get used to this? I asked myself.

I had once been beautiful. I have long brown curly hair and large brown eyes. I was one of the prettiest girls in the school until it happened.

I blame her, Hermione Granger. I also blame him, Harry Potter. The boy who lived. The chosen one.

Sneak that what they know me as, that's what everyone knows me as.

It's Granger fault if only she hadn't of hex that sheet. If only I hadn't signed it. If you don't know what I'm talking about it this SNEAK written across by face in big ugly purple pimples.

The whole school hates me now, expert maybe the Slytherin but they to avoid me. Even the teachers treat me badly.

I hate my life. Why me. Why did this happen to me. At least I have Cho she stands by me. She broke up with Potter because of what his friend did.

What did I do to deserve this?

Ok maybe I betrayed the whole of Dumbledore Army to Umbridge. That not that bad. Ok maybe it is.

Right now you probably think I'm some self centre bitch. I'm not.

I do feel bad for what I did. Not just because I have sneak written across my face.

I betrayed DA they were doing the right thing I just could see that. And I shouldn't have done it. Why was I not able to see that Voldemort was back. WHat we were doing was right. I was just so scared about being caught that I didn't see past my own problems.

I don't deserve a friend like Cho. She is too nice to me. She should be mad because of what I did. I ruined the one thing that made her happy. It was destroyed and it is all my fault.

I guess now I have to live with the mistake I made. I can't explain the guilt I feel.

I'm sorry Harry and everyone else in DA. I will never do anything like it again. I promise, I have learnt my lesson.

Maybe one day he will forgive me for what I did.

Maybe you will too.

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