Hermione suddenly gasped and shot up.

She was shaking and sweating, that was the umpteenth time that she had re-called that particular memory. She glanced around her messy room and located her carelessly discarded clothes lying on her bedroom floor.

"Hermione you okay?" A voice she thought she'd never hear again when she was trapped in the cellar of Black Manor.

Memory Begins

She was still staring at the body of the woman who held the title of 'Ice Queen' or the newest name 'The Stony Bitch'. Narcissa Malfoy once regal and elegant women lay in the dirt and grime on the cellar floor her blood still pooling out around her lower limbs.

She looked somewhat at peace though the expression upon her face was anything but peaceful. Hermione was hauled up to her feet and held against the wall by Fenrir Greyback. Bellatrix strode over to her, she had walked over Narcissa as though she was nothing, finally the evil woman reached Hermione with a grin on her once upon time beautiful face.

"Hold her tight, Greyback." He nodded and she raised her wand. Hermione flinched as the deadly words left her mouth.

"Crucio" Hermione screamed as the curse hit her, she felt her knees weaken but the hand on her throat held her up. She begged and pleaded for it to stop, but it never did, on and on it went until eventually Bellatrix relented.

"Two minutes is not nearly enough, but we can't have her going crazy now can we." Fenrir chuckled and let Hermione go. She collapsed in a heap on the cold stone floor, coughing and crying as her body still shook with the after shocks of the curse.

Memory Ends

"Hermione?" She looked up and saw Harry standing in her doorway.

"You okay?" She shook her head and he quickly moved to her side where he held her as she sobbed.

"I'm still seeing it all, Harry. I still hear them as hey tortured Narcissa and myself, I can still feel it." Harry hugged her close and softly spoke to her.

"It's only been a month 'Mione, it won't suddenly go away, this stuff takes time and as that saying goes 'Time heals all wounds'." She nodded and looked up at him, her eyes puffy and red.

It had only been a month since the incident had occurred and still to this very day, Hermione still feels guilty over not doing anything to save Narcissa. She had been in the cellar for a year and had lost all hope that her friends would ever find her, but they couldn't have planned their timing any better than they did, for she was sure that she'd have died that night as well.

Memory Begins

Fenrir grabbed Hermione by her hair making her crying out in pain, he slapped her for the hell of it and watched as she bit her lip, she was trying to be quiet as he hit her again, but she soon realised it was all in vain, he continued to hit her until she cried out once again after he picked her up and slammed her into the nearest cellar wall.

With tears springing to her eyes she cried out again and again as he continued to punch every inch of her already bruised and battered body.

"Come on mudblood, you can do better than that." He said pointing to Narcissa's body. Hermione chocked back a sob. He looked at her for a second thinking of a way to get her to react in a different way to just crying out every time he punched her.

"Let's see, what happens if I do this?" He ripped the left side of her abdomen open with his claw like nails and she screamed in agony. He laughed at this reaction and then decided to play with his so called 'food'.

"That's better." He watched as she cried and attempted to look at the wound but he would have none of that and so he slapped her.

"Uh-Ah, you're not allowed to look." He grinned when she grimaced. He stuck his hand on her right side and watched as she visibly stiffened and shut her eyes. With a wicked grin he slashed open the skin on the right, watching as she screamed again. Still laughing at her reaction he let her fall to the floor.

She lay on the cold ground curled into a ball and was crying when she felt his hands on her leg. She yelped at the touch and screamed when he pulled her towards his body. He was on his knees and had pulled her out of her curled up position. She was trying to get away by clawing at the floor in the same way that Narcissa had when she felt his hand grab her stomach and the other grab her hip.

Frozen with fear she couldn't help but look at him with a frightened expression upon her face. She hadn't seen Bellatrix at all until some movement caught her eye. She turned her head and saw that the evil witch was grinning while she sat on an old box in the corner of the room.

Fenrir pulled his 'foods' body toward his and leaned over her in a position that screamed trouble. Hermione whimpered when she felt his rock hard member touch her thighs, he grinned and pulled her legs apart, she started to cry and scream as he slowly pulled her closer. His cock was at her entrance and he waited for her to realise that nothing had happened and when she looked at him in confusion he reacted with a forceful thrust that shattered her purity and all but ripped her in half.

Bellatrix cackling as she watched the girl stiffen at first and then let out a blood curdling scream. Fenrir was laughing at the girl he'd just forcefully entered and Hermione lay still and cried her heart out.

"Please don't do this to me, please just leave me alone!" she cried. Fenrir continued to rock in and out roughly he placed his thumb onto her clit and he flicked at the bundle of nerves, her muscle walls tightened around him and he grinned evilly.

"So you like that huh? What me to do it again?" he never let her answer for he continued to flick the nub until her felt her climax with a scream. After he shot his seed into her he pulled out and unfortunately for him it would be the last time he ever did.

Hermione heard glass breaking or more like shattering and then she heard what sounded like a herd of hippogriff's charging along the upstairs hallway but were actually over a dozen feet running. It happened so fast she can barely see anything but she heard a scream of rage come from Bellatrix before she heard a Thud on the floor. Fenrir charged at whoever it was and he to joined his fellow Death Eater on the floor dead.

"Hermione!" She heard Harry and Ron's voices before she felt arms grabbing her, she let out an ear piercing scream and recoiled at their touch.

"Merlin! Is that Narcissa Malfoy? Is she alright?" The unmistakable voice of Minerva McGonagall was heard before she gasped at the sight of Hermione. Of course they somehow managed to not stare at either Hermione of Narcissa as they were still naked and bleeding.

"She needs to go to St Mungo's. Narcissa's body must be taken there too." The last thing Hermione heard was a grunt before she collapsed.

Memory Ends

Hermione was sitting in the Burrow's kitchen drinking her tea when she saw Harry and Ron walking outside. Hermione watched her two best friends laughing and joking about something and she felt herself tear up at the sight. She felt different after the terrible incident that had occurred that last month and she also felt like an outsider to everyone.

Her flashbacks to her time at Black Manor were a frequent occurrence and she felt so very alone in the world. Harry still wanted to find out how Voldemort could survive and Ron was still trying to get Lavender Brown to leave him alone. She on the other hand wanted to rid her mind of the awful memories.

Hermione continued to watch as her friends were soon joined by everyone else. She looked to her right and saw her wand lying there in all its glory. Such an innocent piece of wood used for such wonderful and terrible magic, though on this night it would become a terrible and not so innocent magical artefact for that very night it was used for one of the three most unforgivable curses to have ever been created.

Hermione stood in front of her mirror in her room. She held her wand to her throat and let a sense of calm wash over her, she thought about all her friends and her family and she prayed that they'd all live when the upcoming war started and ended, but most of all she prayed for peace and she would soon see that peace. She glanced over to the corner of the room through the mirror and noticed the shimmering form of the only other person that knew of her real traumatic experience.

There standing in the corner of the room stood Narcissa Malfoy a small shimmering tear trailing her cheek as she watched the young girl straighten her spine, lift the piece of wood that would channel the darkest curse ever, to her throat and the words left the girl's mouth just before her bedroom door opened and the form of Narcissa Malfoy disappeared.

"Avada Kedavra"