Chapter 01: At the Moment of Her Death


I've never seen you before. Who are you? – Louise


The whole place shook and trembled as she stared at her defeated enemy before her. Concrete and other building materials crashed around her but she continued to stare at this monster, at the man that was once called Serpent, or what was left of him after the model W had sunk its poisoned claws deep inside his mind before corrupting and twisting it, rendering him nothing more than a pawn in its grand scheme of destruction.

But it is all over now as she had done it, she had defeated model W with the help of the heroes of the past. Doing so had casted a very heavy toll on her. Her wish of peace comes with a price that only she right now understood.

Her Life…

'Weird …' She thought, 'I don't even feel fear even when I am about to die …' her body was strained beyond her limits while the cracks on her body showed broken machinery, liquid coolant oozing out of ruptured tubes, and flickering circuitry instead of tendons and ligaments. She cannot move nor feel her body due to her dead pain receptors overloaded and overworked from the pressure of battle.

'Aile,' a voice whispered deep inside. 'We need to move otherwise we'll get crushed.'

'I-I know, X,' she replied, as she willed her body to move. Creaks and whirls could be heard as her body protested telling her that she was already past her limits. "I … I need to move …" She said to herself while her vision flickered from the loss of energy and blood. She stood and tried to limp herself away, never giving up even in the face of certain death. A sudden shaking of the ground forced her to lose her footing as she tumbled forward and fell deep into the void, forcibly canceling her connection to the models when she felt a sudden surge of unknown energy course through her but the models stayed with her, never leaving her side as she lost consciousness.

=A Heroine's Rebirth=

"Sh-Shut Up!" A young girl shrilled at the top of her lungs. Once again denying and disbelieving the fact that she failed again. For her, failure is nothing but a stepping stone, a stone filled with thorns that she had to crawl through to prove that she is not a failure as a mage nor a pretender thinking herself as one. Even if she fell, she will pick herself up with her head held high.

"Why don't you just give up, Vallière?" Asked the red haired student in that slow seductive voice of hers; her tanned arms crossing under her chest, accentuating her already generous cleavage while an aggravating smirk never left her face further irritate the girl.

"Now, now, miss Zerbst, no need to work her up." Instructed a balding middle aged man dressed in a blue robe and carrying a straight staff. "Miss Vallière, if you may …?" It was a bit rhetorical but enough to give drive to his students.

The little girl known only by the surname Vallière gritted her teeth and tried to block out the annoying peers and whispered comments about her already doomed spell by her classmates. For them any spells that she cast are all failures that they used to fan the flames of their insults so they could slowly grind her pride away and break her spirit into irreparable pieces reducing her into an emotional wreck of her former self.

Ms. Vallière began to cast her whispered spell in near silence; unknown to her, her classmates had considered this as the calm before the storm with double meaning: The loud bang of a failed spell and the laughter that followed said failure to add to her shame.

Magic collected on her wand, slowly getting stronger and stronger as she channeled her power into it until it glowed with a brilliant blue energy, and with a final incantation she flicked her wrist and arm, pointing her wand directly infront of her.

An explosion occurred as typical of her due to her magical affinity to none of the four basic elements before a sudden bright light deep inside the cloud forced all of the students and professor to close their eyes followed by the sound of a body hitting the grassy floor though no one heard as the noise of the detonation rang their ears.

Ms. Vallière opened her eyes as the smoke settled before gazing down, her hope morphing to despair as she saw the child lay unmoving. 'Another failure…' The thought rang deep inside her mind while unconsciously biting her lower lip to stop a scream of frustration that threatened to be heard by everyone. Oh how she wished to scream, to tear out her hear, and vent her frustrations to the wind asking whoever was listening to her from the heavens to answer her one simple question, 'Why?'. She swallowed hard as she choked down the emotion, and with empty eyes she stared at the unmoving young woman.

The sounds of laughter echoed all around; repeatedly stabbing her heart like it was laced with poison. A poison at least could affect her physically and it will allow her an excuse to rest to her room or the infirmary, whereas this emotional pain was something that she could not even show least the ones that bully her would keep on rubbing salt on her metaphorical wounds. Unknown to everyone, sometimes she would wish that she could crawl in on herself and weep in silence with no one to disturb her or hurt her in anyway so she could lick her wounds with no one watching.

But something was wrong, she knew it for the girl didn't even move at all. Her classmates' loud laughter should have awakened the sleeping young girl before her.

"Perhaps she needs a kiss?" Suggested the obese blonde noble as he remembered a story about a prince breaking the curse that had been placed upon a princess that forced her to sleep till the day she died. "Then again all of us had to bind our respective familiars that way."

Vallière ignored the boy, and just stood there in silence.

"There's no reason to jest Mr. Malicorne." The balding man reprimanded the student though his voice was nowhere near seething but rather leveled in a tone like that of a father to his son. He came closer to the girl on the grass to see what was wrong but a certain smell made him stop and once the smoky haze cleared enough …

"AAAAHHH!" Ms. Vallière screamed at the sight before her and cold fear started to etch up her spine when she realized the reason why the young girl didn't move from her spot.

Blood seeped out of from several lacerations located all over her body. Her clothes are torn on some places whilst some had been burned off completely exposing burn marks that would surely leave a scar after it was healed, if it was healed at all. But the most frightening of all was the girl's glassy eyes that bored deep into Miss Vallière own as if asking her, 'why?'

Darkness took her, letting the peace of sleep soothe the summoner's soul of what she had done.

=A Heroine's Rebirth=

The balding man sniffed the air. There was no mistaking it, he knew that smell. It was the smell of burnt flesh and clothes, making him remember his nightmare of that certain night, of his stubborn blindness to duty, of his greatest failure, and of the burning young girl dying on the ground.

The scream of Ms. Vallière shook him out of his trance and he fixed his eyes on the ground before setting his sights on the girl lying motionless on the grassy floor then to Miss Vallière who had fallen unconscious from the shock. He took a shaky breath to steady his thoughts prior to giving orders like he had done back during his service to the crown. "Miss Zerbst, Miss Tabitha, please carry Ms. Vallière back to her room. Mr. Gramont, have your golems grab that unused wooden trellis over there, laid it by its side and have them gently place the injured girl to it then head directly for the infirmary. Hurry!"

Mr. Gramont swished his wand that was tipped with a rose called forth two of his bronze constructions that he named as valkyries whose names he derived from the maidens of war. Doing as they were told they grabbed the trellis before rushing back to their master and the three of them gently laid it down on the ground beside the injured girl but it was their professor who lifted the injured girl to the improvised stretcher followed by them running to the infirmary.

=A Heroine's Rebirth=

The busty, crimson haired woman sighed, her long hair hiding her right eye, she then beckoned to the diminutive, glasses wearing girl whose short azure hair hid her ears. Tabitha as she called herself mutely nodded her head in indifference before creating a hovering sheet of ice. Miss Zerbst, being more athletic of the two raised the sleeping girl gently to the slab of ice. Miss Vallière pink hair trailed behind before Tabitha raised it to the sleeping girl's side. "She's surprisingly light." Exclaimed Miss Zerbst before another thought appeared on her mind. "How about we have Flame carry her back?" She asked her companion, who only looked slightly to her before she resumed reading her book with a shake of her head. Puzzled, she asked why and Tabitha simply pointed to the tail of the busty girl's familiar. Flame is Miss Zerbst's familiar, a giant salamander with a flaming tail. "Oh, you're right. Hmm… How about your familiar? Sylphid wasn't it?" she nodded before pointing at the low ceiling, by now they we're inside and not out at the courtyard. "I see, we can let yours do it but she wouldn't fit inside. Oh well …" She looked at the sleeping child in the middle of them before she sighed and asked in a very subdued voice, "Say, do you know why or rather how Louise managed to summon an injured human girl?" Unknown to the pink haired girl nor to their entire school except Tabitha, she considered Miss Vallière as one of her friends.

If one didn't look close enough then they would miss the slight thinning of Tabitha's eyes. She shook her head again.

=A Heroine's Rebirth=

Bubbles …

She could hear bubbles and the soft cracking of water on water …

She looked around the place then stared up at the sky or what suppose to be the sky but instead she saw the soft movements of the ocean's surface dancing above her. She gazed at it, mesmerized at its tranquility and viciousness for a moment before deeming it as unimportant and headed straight for her destination; for her to retrieve something.

Or was it someone?

A small mechanical creature lingered (or was it floated?) infront of her that looked vaguely like a fish with a long thin line at the creature's head that went to the darkness beyond her field of vision. They exchanged a few strange words that she couldn't comprehend nor decipher before erupting into a fight that could only be described as something beyond a square class magic with the creature's ability to make crystals and shards of ice without any kind of incantation. And yet here she was fighting on her toes and exchanging blows armed only with a gleaming sword on her right and a strange pistol on the left against that strange creature before she managed to land a killing blow with her unnatural shimmering sword and slicing that annoying little pest before it exploded into tiny fragments.

And that is when she felt something ominous beyond her. Gazing up to where the line disappeared, she looked into the abyss, into the darkness …

Into the void …

And surprise and fear welled up within her as a giant fish raced to her at unimaginable speed with its mouth gaping intending to swallow her whole.

=A Heroine's Rebirth=

Ms. Vallière sat up suddenly on her bed, breathing hard and sweating profusely. "What was that?" She asked herself fully knowing that she had no answer to the rhetorical question. 'And why am I here?' she mentally added while gazing around. She's back at her room, sitting on her bed, but the orange glow of the sunlight outside indicated that it is already late afternoon.

The door swung open.

"Ah, you're awake." A voice stated. Ms. Vallière turned her head around and saw a maid with a raven colored hair. "Is there anything I can get you with?"

Blinking slightly before wiping her eyes, Ms. Vallière replied, "I've never seen you before. Who are you?"

"Ah! Forgive me Ms. Vallière. I am Siesta, I have recently applied here."

Ms. Vallière nodded a bit as she digested this information. "What happened? Why am I back in my room? I thought that we are going to summon our familiars today."

Upon hearing this, the maid scowled a bit but luckily for her it wasn't noticed. "You did summon a familiar Ms. Vallière but unfortunately she was in a bad shape." Siesta knew that it was an understatement but she didn't know a word that would fit the injuries that the girl sustained.

"W-What? What happened to my familiar? Where is it now?" Blurted Ms. Vallière as she jumped out of her bed wanting to find out what became of her familiar. 'Did the others hurt it?' Sudden dread welled up within her when a vision about her familiar being subjected to harmful magic appeared.

This time, Siesta's scowl was visible though Ms. Vallière didn't notice it, she hated it when they, the commoners weren't treated equally, more so when they are acknowledged as nothing more than animals or pets. Oh how she wished to slap this arrogant girl for calling the injured girl an 'it' but she had to endure. She had to endure the prejudice so that she'll bring money back home to her family.

Anger now bloomed inside her heart at the thought of what they might had done to her summon. "Why is it injured? Did the others hurt it? I will tell the headmaster on what they had done to my summon."

'Eh…?" Siesta mentally voiced. 'She doesn't know she had summoned a girl?' Deciding to risk it, she asked, "Miss Vallière, do you know what you had summoned?"

A bit puzzled by this question that had halted both her train of thought and inner tirade of revenge, she then tried to conjure the image of her familiar but nothing appeared on her mind. She shook her head.

The maid relaxed her tense facial muscles; all of the previous thoughts about this girl disappeared instantly. "It's a girl." She said in a voice that sounded suspiciously like a midwife. 'Dear founder I slipped!' Perhaps she had relaxed a bit too much.

A shiver ran up her spine but suppressed it quickly. "Ah! I see …" She blushed for a bit. "W-well, where is she now?" This maid had voiced it like she had given birth.

"She's at the infirmary recovering from the injuries, ma'am. Would you like for me to accompany you?"

"No, there is no need. Thank you, Siesta." Ms. Vallière said before bowing and leaving her room.

Siesta blinked. It was the first time that for her to have a noble responds to her equally. She then bowed respectfully at the girl's retreating form. Perhaps there's still some hope for the nobles.

=A Heroine's Rebirth=

"Professor Colbert?" Vallière asked, surprised that a professor was down here at the infirmary ward.

The balding man, Professor Colbert turned around to see who it was. "Ah! Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière." He smiled and nodded at her but he didn't leave the bedside nor stood up to bow. At his side were a pencil and a notepad with a few scribbles here and there. What they are though eluded Louise's mind. "I came down here to get some potions for the burns that I got from experimenting but on my way out I got curious on the condition of your summon."

Louise gazed at the strangely humanoid hand that her professor was holding up to the bandaged arm that had spots of crimson then to the face of a young girl.

Louise gasped.

She was told that it was a girl but she didn't know that it was human. "H-Her? I summoned her?" She asked skeptically. At first she thought that the maid was referring to a female beast but to actually summon a human? That was unheard of in all of history!

"Yes, of course." Replied the professor evenly, not knowing the stab of pain that he had unwittingly staked at the pink haired girl. "This young girl gave us quite a fright when she suddenly appeared as your summon with all of those very nasty injuries." Another stab of pain, she didn't know whether Professor Colbert was doing this deliberately or not. "She had lost a lot of blood and was quite near death's door before we managed to save her." He then looked at Louise, "I wound advise on not performing the contract yet as she's still in critical condition." He then set down the girl's hand to her chest before he stood up, wrote something on the notepad, and then stretched a bit. "Well then, I'll be going now. I have some experiments to do and research to look up." With that he strode away, looking at his notepad about the information that he got.

Louise was left alone in the room silently watching the young girl that was no older than her if not younger. Louise watched her breathe, the brown haired girl's chest rising and falling in time of her breathing. No sound was heard except for the slight scraping as Louise lifted a chair and placed it at the side of the bed before she sat on it and gazed again at the girl. Louise bit her lower lip but choked down the tears that threatened to come out. She's a Valliere, and she would not let her emotions take control of her. "I'm sorry." She said, guilt was etched on her heart as she thought that her failed summoning had brought this commoner and hurt her as she was dragged away from her place to an unknown land, bound to eternal servitude until the day that she died at her summoner's hands or some other being while protecting her master from harm.

=A Heroine's Rebirth=

Siesta was worried. It had been hours since Ms. Vallière had left and she had performed her duties to the little noble's room even washing her clothes despite it being out of her jurisdiction. She was just like that, a girl who liked to clean and tidy things up, and a hard worker to boot. She then opened the door leading to the infirmary and stopped in her steps at what she saw before a smile appeared on her lips.

Ms. Vallière was there and had apparently fallen asleep, kneeling at the foot of the bed with her head at the soft cushion while holding the unknown girl's right hand with her own. Siesta smiled, so she did care about them, the commoners, the ordinary townsfolk. She then went to the closet and grabbed a blanket. Carefully opening it she then placed it on Louise's body to keep her warm before patting her head. 'Strange, she looks younger than she should be.' She thought before shaking it off and letting it disappear. There are far more things that she had to do and best not to get distracted.

Walking to the door, she took one last glance at the sleeping girls before she left them in peace. She then though of all the duties she had to do before going to bed that was until this train of thought was interrupted by a voice at her side.

"Oh~! Could you be new here?" The voice asked. Siesta turned around and saw a noble boy with a rose on his hand and a very lusty gaze that set alarm bell ringing on her head as if he was disrobing her right here and now. Now very self conscious, she shifted a bit and tried to hide her body more from those eyes but I only earned her his mirth. "Hahaha! Oh, how beautiful yet fragile, like a flower that is about to bloom for the first time."

Siesta's face reddened at that, she doesn't mind being compared to a flower but rather she blushed at what it could possibly mean, she cannot move under that noble's stare so she remained where she was.

"Ah! Where are my manners?" He chided himself. "I forgot to introduce myself, I am Guiche de Gramont also known as Guiche the Bronze. And may I ask for the name of this fine-looking maid that I am speaking with?"

"It's Siesta, sir."


"Yes, sir."

Guiche frowned, "Just Siesta? Just one word?" Siesta flushed at that and didn't reply. Guiche then waved it off though, but he did make a note to ask at a later date. "Well, no matter. For a girl as beautiful as you, will you take this gift in admiration of your beauty?" Guiche asked as a rose bouquet appeared in his hands.

Not knowing what to say or do, Siesta just obliged and took the bouquet from his hands while her blush deepened. She looked at the perfectly arranged rose bouquet with each stem trimmed of its thorns with a small quantity of water to make it sparkle under the light. She then looked up only to have his breath trickle on her ear.

"I will be seeing you around." He whispered, unknowingly making Siesta shiver before walking away, leaving her standing frozen on the spot, before disappearing beyond the corridor.

Siesta exhaled the breath that she had been holding before shivering again and rubbing her shoulders with her hands. 'What a pompous brat!' She thought, not daring to voice it in fear that someone might overhear. She tried not to think about it though but she can't just throw away the roses that he gave. With a thought, she decided to go to her quarters first and find a vase to place it.

=A Heroine's Rebirth=

Guiche was still walking along the castle corridors and had back tracked countless of times but he still hadn't found the very thing that he lost; the one that he took from her girlfriend Montmorency without her knowing. If someone had found it and used it, he's quite sure that there will be a very large misunderstanding, not to mention a lot of ruckus, and God forbid, collateral damage.

=A Heroine's Rebirth=

Professor Colbert sat at a chair in the deserted library before he look again at the notepad to which he had written the injuries of the summoned girl before forcibly turning it away from himself so he could research at the possibility of summoning a human familiar. The professor sighed and rubbed his eyes fully knowing that this would be a long night. He was tempted to give the overall injuries of the young girl to the headmaster but alas! The headmaster was already sleeping peacefully and didn't wish to be disturbed. He shook his head to remove the thought before opening the first book at the table infront of him.

It is said that the familiar reflected the mage and thus his students had summoned a variety of animals and magical beast; for the upstart and uncontainable Montmorency, a frog reflecting her status as a water mage and innate patience even in the heat of a confrontation; for firm Guiche, a mole mirroring his class as an earth mage, his desire to feel the hearts around him and his hidden loyalty to the people he uphold; for the passionate Gemanian Ms. Zerbst, a rare salamander echoing hers talent as a fearsome fire mage and her secret zeal to nurture the people she considered as friends; for the swift and mysterious Tabitha, a great young dragon showing herself as a wind mage and her instinctive wish to soar free from whatever bonds that held her.

Professor Colbert sighed and leaned back his head as memory flooded his thoughts, of his once great familiar. The one who had stayed with him till the day it died. The one that he had summoned was a great basilisk, the king of snakes, and his irreplaceable partner who's gaze can kill if he ordered it reflecting his treacherous path when he served ruthlessly under the crown; one that he had greatly mourned in passing due to his own foolishness at the military for following blindly at the orders without questioning them.

And now he had this problem, a question that he had wished to be answered as fast as possible. How did Miss Vallière summon a human familiar let alone an injured one? She hadn't made the contract yet as the young girl was still in dire condition. But the question still remained and the answer out of sight. He sighed again. Pondering about it without consulting the tomes of information would be akin to walking off a cliff and asking why people fall. He shook his head to clear them and resumed his search for the answer.

=A Heroine's Rebirth=

She was running …

Gazing up at the sky, the blood red sky, she can see large structures all around her and a mountain of scrap metal on her far left before she squinted her eyes at a shadow obscured by glare of the sun. It jumped up to the sky but it never fell down but floated right infront of her. Like her dream before, she and the green winged creature exchanged a few words before it again erupted into a fight and once again she had to defend herself and dodge to avoid the lightning that was sent to her.

She watched her enemy intently. Like a grasshopper, the mechanical creature never stayed in one place and moved around erratically, confusing her and remained one step ahead of her. Her attacks are always missing but she knew without a doubt that even this one had a flaw; a pattern of sorts to exploit and use against it. Yes… Its greatest strength will become its greatest weakness.

She exchanged a few more blows as the creature kept on taunting her but she paid it no mind as the seconds stretched into minutes before she finally saw it, the weakness that she had been waiting for.

Each time he attacked with heavy bolts of light he had to glide and land, mercy to the force that it had expelled. And with each landing he had to stay for two seconds before resuming flight. She grit her teeth, she had to time her moves and lure it into thinking that it was winning as she only had one shot for it. She then stopped firing and began to gather energy.

It turned around and hovered, facing her. She knew that it was about to unleash its heaviest attack. She jumped to the side as a bolt of condensed light went through and vaporized the ground where she once was before it unleashed another and another, bathing the whole place with craters before it stopped and began to glide to the ground. She took this chance and unleashed a large wave of energy.

The creature saw it but it was too late as the huge wave of condensed energy blew its right wing apart. Not wasting anytime she accelerated to gather speed before jumping towards her disoriented foe and with a battle cry she brought down her glowing sword and sliced it apart from its right shoulder bone to its left leg. She knew it was over as they fell to the ground, she with a few scrapes and cracks in her armor and the creature that fell in pieces, and with a parting breath it exploded leaving something behind.

Or did she free someone?

Louise opened her eyes and saw the new dawn…


Siesta covered Louise with a blanket

Siesta might think that she and Louise are kindred spirit in that they hate the treatment that they had had. Though Louise didn't know about it.

The nightmare was a giant fish about to eat her

What if computers are protein based instead of silicone?

For some reason I think the biometals don't need any maintenance as they are self repairing due to Aile's body.

Aile's reploid parts are growing and repairing by themselves.

She came to Tristain heavily wounded

Aile had all the biometals


Added people bowing as a personal touch I think

Before you guys start to ask me questions. Let me just clear something.

Yes, I do agree that Grey/Ashe with Model A would be better and more likely to be summoned here as they can transform into different mechanical beings due to Model A's A-Trans ability. Heck, I do know that Vent would be more likely than Aile due to being a tough guy but I like Aile better so there you have it the reason I had Louise summon Aile.

Another reason for Aile being here is that she is human and she doesn't need the reason below.

There is one reason as to why I avoided summoning people from Megaman Series, X Series, and Zero Series. The reason is this …


Seriously, in Megaman X8, Signas even said that the player 'should head back to the lab for maintenance' when you had returned back to base heavily damaged. So where in Halgekenia are you going to refit? Sure you can make Siesta's great grandfather's hanger like that but it would give some serious plot holes considering how tough Robots and Reploids are with the people having no knowledge of them If Robots and Reploids did came to Halgekenia it would leave a very serious, frightening and long lasting impression similar to what they would feel like when they saw an Elf. (Yah I have a plan for that). Another reason is that if X or Zero's hand is severed then it will be severed forever for there are no spares in that place. Not to mention that the way they are created, it is technically impossible to replicate X and Zero's body in that low tech world.

Another would be the energy to empower them; having magic even if it is the void is not enough you know as the Void sucks and destroys not give and create except possibly only during summoning and resummoning but you know the necessities for that.

If we're concerning about Megaman Legends. It is near possible but still I think Volnutt and the others still need the energy crystals not to mention the fact that it is said that the people in there aren't human but instead 'Carbons.'

So yah I have a lot of plots holes to fill in.

A/N 3 ReWrite:

I don't like Model OX much, sure she had some cool moves but they are all impractical to wield and when you got hit it cancels the overdrive not to mention the fact that her normal attacks are powerful enough. I usually use model HX for travelling and model ZX for attacks at range since I'm more of a ranged expert than a melee combatant.