Chapter 06: Gaia's Wayward Son


Call me Saito. Hiraga Saito. – Saito


Aile couldn't sleep that night. Well, she could sleep but the girl sleeping on her chest and using it as a makeshift pillow was involuntarily making her stay up all night due to Louise's occasional movements and making her chest tingle with that slight annoyingly pleasurable sensation. She then thought back, wondering how could this girl manage to trick her in allowing herself to be used as a pillow substitute.

'Aile…' An eerie voice called her name from within but she already knew who it was.

'X?' Aile asked, 'Is there something you wish to tell?'

She wondered why X wasn't there when Louise was trying to take advantage of her and was about to ask when a different train of thought occurred in her head and decided to wait for X to say something.

She could hear X's mental sigh, 'I know that this isn't the time to say it but I can't help but tell you right now since if Fefnir heard about it she will throw a fit and demand you to change her back.'

'Change her back? What do you mean?' She asked as she involuntarily stroked Louise's mane of strawberry blonde hair.

'Well, for us to charge our energy cores, the cores that we use as our source of power for our cyber elf forms. This form of energy that this world called magic used you as a base for channeling itself to us and unfortunately, cyber elves used the template of the bodies they inhabited to form themselves and determine their gender and mindset. Since we are all now female in thinking … well … um …' X explained but she trailed off, unable to finish her investigation about what the how they all turned into their current female selves and tried to say it into something that didn't seem like she was blaming her.

And of course she failed miserably at that.

Aile blinked and fell silent as she tried to process this information. She already knew that X didn't blame her but it still didn't stop the feeling that X was saying that it was her fault. Then again, there was no way to break this kind of information to her any easier. 'So you're saying that it was my fault?'

X winced, she hated it when she's accusing someone who did something involuntarily … or was framed; in this case it was rather both since being stuck inside Aile was the cause of their gender change and it was Louise's fault for casting that magic upon her making Aile an unwilling and unknowing pawn or subject.

Louise moaned in her sleep and tried to bury herself further into Aile's generously soft chest making said girl wish that she could squirm away from the sleeping older girl made a lot much more worse due to one of Louise's legs between hers and was trying her best to merge with her. 'God! I wish that she wasn't so clingy.' She didn't mind being hugged on since Prairie occasionally did that whenever she was invited to her bedroom. She nearly shivered at the memory of her commander's bedroom. It was fine for a girl to have a lot of stuff toys in their beds but Prairie's room was overflowing with them and she almost felt sympathy to Zero's feeling back then since the biometal had an occasional fit of nightmares from it and screaming about someone named Iris and how the once nice, fake British accent girl went after him in a purple mecha suit.

Aile shook herself out of her reverie and gazed at the silky face of her summoner nearly hidden beneath her strawberry tinted hair. 'She's beautiful when she's asleep.' She thought as she closed her eyes and waited for sleep to claim her and drift her into the sea of unconsciousness. 'I wonder what she was dreaming about. I hope she's having a nice dream.'

If she only knew that Louise was having a nightmare…

=He will not be Forgotten=

She wanted to scream but her mouth wasn't there.

She wished she could cover her eyes but her hands aren't there.

And thus she, Louise de la Vallière could do nothing but stare at the scene in muted, horrified silence as the giant, pale monstrosity ravaged the scene infront of her. Turning the room they all were trapped in into a giant slaughter house as it roared and charged at the enemies that stood in its way with its giant bare hands that seemed to float on their own accord.

The last three identical golems split up and began firing, asking the two unique individuals to retreat as they distract it.

They never heard the reply as they were torn apart.

"Ha! Do you really think that you'd get me that easily?" Fefnir stated, dashing to the side to avoid a very nasty grab that left the place where he was standing from into shattered masonry. He stood to the side and braced himself as he fired round after round of flame enhanced plasma blasts from his twin arm cannons Sodom and Gomorrah forcing Omega to set his eyes onto him giving time to his melee oriented sibling to sneak up on this reploid monstrosity.

Leviathan panted as she dashed towards her foe. She herself had faced such powerful beings before and won, well … except for Zero of course since she figured out, much to her chagrin, that he was on an entirely new level for an ancient reploid; matching her speed and dexterity, and Fefnir's endurance and firepower with his skills and experience alone. Heck, a year before this Zero had managed to survive in the desert for a year with Harpuia's entire army on full steam hunting him down at every turn and still managed to escape, destroying every unit that laid its eyes on him.

And this devil infront of her seemed to be doing the same thing as him but unlike Zero's calm and collected personality that she enjoyed to fight against, this one seemed to be utterly bent on killing his foes in horrifying and twisted manner that made her energy converter a little bit queasy making her wish to puke it out but she held herself still as she lunged into the air with her spear aimed at his neck intending to sever his spine from his body, paralyzing or killing him in an instant.

In a split second, the monster dodged just in time and avoided the tip of Leviathan's Glave. Leviathan was surprised for a bit but she didn't stop her momentum and instead began to follow up her attacks. One after another he managed to evade with agility that would have seemed out of place for such a giant reploid and infuriating the tiny commander more and more.

Fefnir growled irritably. He would really like right now to help his sister and fire off a few shots at that bastard but he was occupied for the moment as he tried to shoot down the two levitating arms forcing him to use both his Sodom and Gomorrah in his defense rather than using the other weapon to fire a few potshots against the floating freak.

Leviathan gave out a grunt of frustration as the beast eluded yet another jab to the neck by a hair's breadth. She, unfortunately, wasn't cut out for a long arduous battle outside of her elemental affinity of water for her moves are graceful yet overbearing like a fish swimming in the currents. Thus, in effect, her movements had a side effect of forcing her to brace the water's resistance but on land it has the bad habit of making her sloppier making her look like a ballerina trying to dance on ice and overcompensating it.

Fefnir's philosophy (If he ever had one) always centered on overwhelming firepower to smash his opponents to pieces with little to no actual strategy in fighting which rendered him very vulnerable to hit-and-run attacks and experienced adversaries. He usually compensated for this by the sheer volume of his forces that usually rendered such weaknesses null and void but sometimes he comes across tenacious oppositions that managed to slip by. He had retired all of them of course, all except one that is but that someone wasn't here right now and it appeared that there would be another one that would survive against him but this time he knew that he's the one who wouldn't survive.

Sensing opportunity, the great reploid spun on his armored foot and used the other to kick Leviathan at the small of her back and was rewarded with the feeling of her spine breaking in two making her numb hands release her glaive as it rattled to the ground, useless without its master.

"Levi!" Fefnir screamed and for a second his mind drifted away from the two levitating fists to his sister which proved to be his mistake as the reploid exploited this opening to slam one of his fists down to the pyromaniac and driving the air from the flame general's artificial lungs while the other went after the downed female. He looked up and he knew that this beast must be smiling madly down at his sister behind that armor of his.

Fefnir grumbled incoherently as he tried to stand up, knowing that a few of his armor had cracked and are now poking his insides. He ignored the searing pain and willed himself to fight using one of his arm cannons as a makeshift crutch to steady himself as he took aim at the beast's outstretched hand, determined to veer it off course. He fired at the instant that the other hand slammed into him, breaking his back, destroying his aim, and sending the flame enhanced plasma over the beast's shoulder and impacting at the far wall.

"No!" He rasped, his breath coming out in a pained cough.

Louise wanted to either cry or scream in rage or perhaps both, anything, just to help these two from being killed.

"I won't let you hurt my sister anymore." He grounded out, his voice flickering in intensity in each syllable. Fefnir reached inside himself and touched his very essence, his very soul. The part of himself that had, at one time, been a part of his father. He held it in his grasp and empowered it, slowly awakening his full power, his full potential. He felt the heat within him rise and his body beginning to shift preparing himself for his Armed Phenomenon.

"I wish I could help them..." Said a voice in a whispered tone.

Louise looked to the side and saw two beings floating in midair wearing robes made nearly of white and one of them had two haloes connected together in the middle and if one were to look at him from the front it would be seen as the letter X.

"Do not worry Phantom." Said the haloed one, "He will soon be here."

The other one closed his eyes and lowered his head in thinking before adding, "But will he make it in time? Master X"

And right then and there the door opened revealing two figures and a smile appeared on the haloed one's lips. "He always did."

Louise let her gaze fell to the two new beings that advanced from the door. One of them wore an armor that was similar to Leviathan's but was shaded with the tinges of green instead of blue while the other with the rich blonde hair wore a sleek horned helmet and thin body armor that was predominantly black and red with white and gold highlights.

The blonde warrior spoke first and addressed the green reploid all the while activating his Z-Saber. "Harpiua, get you siblings out of here!"

Harpuia merely growled as he flew away. "Don't you dare order me around, Zero!" he retorted but did as he was told.

Leviathan was lifted off the ground by the claw holding her and even at a distance, Zero could already see the damage that hulking monstrosity had inflicted upon her and he could hazard a guess that she was in critical condition.

Delirious but still quite conscious, she opened her eyes and her gaze met Zero's own and a tired smile crept up to her lips despite the pain that her body was in, "Zero, I'm glad that you came… for me…" And with that, her computer core shuts her down, preserving whatever energy and memory that she had; blissfully unknowing that her right leg and left arm was torn away from her body as the claw tightened itself around her, trying to crumple whatever was left of her and squeeze her life away.

It was like a bolt of lightning or the sudden flash of a fire mage's spell, for Louise could swear that she blinked when it happened.

Just when Leviathan was about to get crushed, Zero released a fully charged plasma blast straight to the connection of the thumb and forefinger, chipping the armor enough for his Z-Saber to pierce through and damage the motor and pistons giving pressure to the reploid allowing the jolt to weaken its hold and release her.

The beast gave out a roar of pain before dragging both of his claws back to him while Zero retreated and placed Leviathan at a safe enough distance from them lowering her unconscious, battered body behind the sturdiest pillar that he could find.

"ZERRRROOOOOOO!" The beast drawled out his name, full of malice and wanton anger.

Zero, meanwhile, merely smirked and stared hard at it. It had been a while since he pushed himself and he knew that this time he will push himself hard. "Let's finish this once and for all, Omega!" And with that declaration, he charged.

=He will not be Forgotten=

Aile moaned awake, forcefully shutting off the alarm that kept blaring on her head. 'That was a very rough night.' She thought while her bleary eyes stared at the ceiling.

Last night she couldn't sleep, worried about the fact that it was her body that changed the cyberelves' gender but then again it also wasn't her fault since she didn't know about it and the elves themselves were depleted of energy.

Now that she thought about it, how did the elves lost their energy? They should have had an unlimited power source since she was sure that their energy replenishes over time and they were active right to the point that she lost consciousness after fighting Serpent.

'Well, no need to think about that now.' She thought as her eyes shifted to the open window and beyond to the horizon, to the sun streaked sky just beyond the hills. Internally, her clock had adjusted the time from the usual twenty three hours and fifty four minutes to twenty four hours and thirty seven minutes. More than forty minutes longer than Earth in day length or rather, this planet is more than forty minutes slower than her world.

Her left hand scratched something and she felt the long soft strands of Louise's hair. Looking down, she saw the mop of pink hair of the tiny girl and felt the slow rhythm of her breathing nearly in timed with her own. Whenever she drew breath, Louise would exhale, and when she exhaled, Louise breathed.

She didn't know if it was her hand that had done it but she felt her stir and moan before pushing herself up with drooping eyes staring blankly ahead to nothing and her legs straddling over Aile's own. For several moments she just sat there, unmindful of her position as if she was distracted by something other than her morning rituals.

"Um… Louise?" Aile asked uncertainly. Her previous experiences with this girl during the mornings always resulted with Louise harassing her and with that in mind she grabbed the other pillow as a precautionary measure in the case that she did something.

Hearing someone call her name, Louise looked blearily into Aile's mismatched orbs before something caught her eyes and she looked further down, passing Aile's face, neck, and shoulders until her eyes fell on Aile's not flat chest.

Alarm bells suddenly began to ring inside Aile's mind as she saw where Louise was staring at. 'Seriously, this girl must have some deeply repressed libido to be staring at me like that.' She thought, not knowing how wrong she was. But then again, some parts of that thought was right but not at this time.

Or is it?

Louise cocked her head to the side minutely before rubbing her eyes to ward off some of the sleep then gaze at it again before saying something that she really shouldn't have said at the time. "Milk?"

Years into the future, she was quite glad that she didn't regret giving away those raunchy novels to that woman.

If it was just bells earlier then this time it was full on klaxons screaming inside her ears. Without a second thought, she tightened her hold on the unused pillow and none too gently slammed it at the side of Louise's face forcing her to wake up faster. If anyone had seen her do it they'll say that she was furious, embarrassed, or just plain shy depending on who you asked. Tabitha, the cold and logical one, would say that she's furious in an expressionless tone like usual, Guiche, the flamboyant one, would say that she's embarrassed right before Montmorency smacked some sense into the peeping tom, and Kirche, darn her, would say that she's plain shy without any experience to that sort of thing yet.

"No!" Aile screeched as she kept on hitting Louise out of fear for her chastity. "I'm too young for that!" She stopped hitting the poor pinkette and sat up or would have if she didn't felt something trail down from her chest to her stomach before being absorbed by the nightgown. She froze, 'It-it can't be…' she thought, dreading to look down at her chest but at the same time knowing that she had to. She gave out a sigh of relief when she found out what it was. "It's your drool darn it!" She hissed, hitting her again with the pillow before calming down. "Honestly, what made you think like that? I'm still thirteen years old." She pushed herself up and sat up this time forcing Louise to fall down her back.

Louise started her counter-attack right then however as she rolled off of Aile, grabbed the pillow from her hand along the way and began whacking away, not mindful of where she hit. "What was that for? And what do you mean by you're too young?"

Aile was surprised by the sudden turn of events but naturally, it didn't last as she grabbed the pillow that she rested on and began trading blows. "You wanted to drink milk from me!" She said as the blush on her face intensified. "But I'm still too young to produce. And what the heck are you making me say?!"

Louise ducked low on the bed before jumping up and raising her pillow to hit Aile on the chin or would have if Aile's chest isn't that big, and it swayed from side to side like a water balloon whenever Aile moved. "I'd never do anything like that! It's just the first thing that came into my mind when I saw it." 'And why are they so darn bouncy!' Of course she didn't say the last part. 'What in founder's name am I thinking?! Focus Louise! Focus on hitting her!'

"Like heck it was!" Aile retorted, her face still flustered at what was happening.

"I'm not a baby who would do that despite how tempting it is."

"Oh? Is that why you set them free last night and use them as your own pillow? And what about that time that you had been playing with them, and you even squeezed them darn it! Don't you know how much that hurts?"

Both of them stopped right there before it escalated with Louise cupping her chest protectively as she looked away, fully knowing how sensitive they were and felt no doubt in her mind that what she had done to Aile yesterday must have been excruciating. She returned her gaze back to Aile and blushed luminously when she saw the girl had placed her arms under hers and crossed them, innocently drawing the attention to her soft orbs made even worse since she didn't made any movement to hide them behind her nightgown after being exposed last night and was thus laid bare for Louise to see. An Innocent Seductress.

Seeing those orbs made her wish to touch and squeeze them but at the same time it made Louise insecure about her body. She clenched one of her fists close to her heart as she gazed at the high heavens and bit her lower lip at the unfairness of it all.

After a few seconds she sighed and released her pent up frustration before apologizing to her summon, "I'm sorry, Aile. It's just that… It's just that … well… um …" She swallowed her insecurities aside before continuing, "I wanted mine to grow." She said her face heating up as she looked away while her arms and shoulders relaxed themselves before raising them again to show how small her own developments are.

"Hm…?" Aile tilted her head to the side as she walked closer to Louise, her mismatched eyes blinking when their attention was glazed at the twin teacups. "But they're growing smoothly."

Louise returned her attention back to Aile but her eyes were transfixed at the girl's chest. "It's… It's not that!" She objected hurriedly, "It's just that … I wanted mine to be as big as yours." She looked at her own chest and disappointment etched itself onto her face. "Mine are just tiny despite being older than you."

"Ah, I see." Aile said as understanding entered her mind. 'This girl was just too sensitive about herself and was afraid to tell anyone about it.' She sighed as she allowed her body to hug the girl infront of her who fell down to her knees and pressed her ear atop Aile's heart.

Louise reached up and cupped the mounds in her hands before a groan erupted from her lips when she compared them to hers. She squeezed a bit and whimpered at the unfair difference. She estimated that Aile's bosom is twice her size. 'And when she grows up, it will be bigger.' Were her not so innocent thoughts. She pushed herself gently away to stare at them and exclaimed, "I want mine to grow as big as these." She squeezed a bit experimentally.

Aile gasped a bit at the sudden movement of the girl's hands but didn't move away. "I'm sure that yours will grow soon, it could be that you are a late bloomer." She moaned as Louise continued her ministrations. "Um… Louise, could you please stop."

"No," Louise answered as truthfully as she could with her mind focused only on the pair before her. "I'm not done yet."

Alarm bells began sounding off in Aile's head when she heard that reply, "W-What? What do you mean you're not done yet?!" She jerked her hands to Louise's shoulders and tried to gently pry her away. Cue on the word try because no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't force herself to do anything too drastic that would hurt the girl.

And that's when the door burst open.

"Hey Louise! Are you free… today?" Kirche started to say only for the words to die in her throat as she saw what Louise was doing to the brown haired girl. Behind her stood Tabitha expressionless to what the girl was doing to the other as she turned a page of her book, mindful but unconcerned of the happenings around her.

Tabitha didn't understood what had over came her back then but she had uttered two words that she could blame to her past cheery, careless self. "They're fondling."

Aile stood stock still as her body remained unresponsive due to shock.

"No, I'm not." Louise denied as she kept massaging. "I'm just checking up on the things that I would soon have."

"T-Then why don't you fondle your own?" Aile stuttered as her heart beat hastened and blood crept up to her skin making most of her face blush scarlet. She tried to push the girl away harder this time but she still didn't bulge.

"I would but they're not as fun." She said as irritation crept up making her squeeze the orbs harder as if those are her anchors to Aile's body and making Aile moan at the sudden spike in man-handling.

A grin slowly spread to Kirche's face as she walked closer to the pair. "And why? Was it because you're as flat as a board?" This had the desired effect of angering Louise and she could tell due to the way that the girl squeezed harder making the other whimper and squirm restlessly. "If you wanted to know about the epitome of female flesh that much you could have asked me about it. I wouldn't mind if you tried it with mine."


As predictable as ever when it concerned about how small her body is, especially when it concerned about either her height or her bosom. She abruptly and deliberately exploded. "I don't care about your obscene udders, you cow!" She screamed as she let go of Aile, jumped to stand straight at the bed, and point at Kirche's nose.

Aile raised her arms up to her chest to hide her abused assets and shivered in sudden alarm when she felt the temperature in the room suddenly rise by a few degrees making her prickly and uncomfortable.

"What did you just call me?" Kirche asked, the playfulness in her tone gone and was replaced with hot tones that would make an ordinary person nervous. It was like a small lit candle gently rolling on the floor towards the large pool of volatile dragon blood and everyone on the world knew what would happen when the two mixtures had contacted with each other.

Such was what would happen now when a Vallière and a Zerbst were to face each other. Tabitha sighed and raised her gnarled staff, whispering a tiny wind spell as she did and the door closed in front of her soundlessly. She really didn't need to see how the two would tear each other apart.

She waited outside for the two to simmer down or for Louise to push Kirche out of her room. Whichever came first.

A door two rooms away from her opened and its occupant walked out of her room accompanied by … 'Guiche?' She mentally asked herself but didn't voice her words and instead decided on just raising one of her brows before returning back to her book in hand. Such questions are unnecessary to her or their relationship.

Unluckily for the three of them, they noticed her and proceeded to freeze on the spot unable to decide whether to hide back in Montmorency's room, run away from her as fast as possible, or explain why they are even at her room together in the first place.

For a few precious seconds they did nothing but simply gape at her until the door slammed shut behind the pair prompting Tabitha too look slightly up with a raised eyebrow.

Panicking slightly, Montmorency ran up to her and asked in a slightly pleading voice. "Please don't tell anyone about it." She could hear her heart beat pounding at her ears and she also knew without seeing it that the face was as bright as a ripe tomato.

Tabitha just continued to stare…

This is what she liked best about this pale girl. Her silent uninteresting stare, her allure, her ability to keep secrets…

And stare …

Then again, those are also her most disconcerting behavior…

And stare …

Who knew how many secrets she kept behind that uninterested gaze…


'Oh, come on! Please just say yes!'

Tabitha's lips parted slightly and Montmorency braced herself for her answer, "All right." It was barely a whisper but was still audible enough and Montmorency felt herself melt into a puddle in relief. What secrets Tabitha kept stays with Tabitha. And no one in the school even thought how much blackmail material the girl kept within.

"Hey did you hear that?" Guiche asked as he watched the closed door of Louise's room and behind it the muffed sounded voices that seemed to have gone on for a while now.

Tabitha returned herself back to her reading but answered Guiche's question with a single word. "Catfight."

"You heard me." Louise spat. "Those are obscenely far too large for a woman's."

"Ohohohoho! Is that so?" She laughed though there's no mirth in her voice. "These are perfect for enticing a man." She added, placing her arms under the bountiful things to accentuate them and it gave off the necessary vibe as Louise blushed crimson and hid hers under her arms as she looked away. Immediately, her anger dissipated as Louise's reactions are just too cute to be mad about. Oh, how she wished that this little girl knew how beautiful she was despite her size and could more easily charm a man without even trying if she just had a little more confidence in her own body. "What about yours?"

Aile didn't know what the two were fighting about but it was her chance to cover her chest with her nightgown. True that it was still visible but at least it provided some cover.

"Mine aren't too small!" She blurted and blushed even more as her words caught up to her. She opened and closed her mouth like a fish wanting to say something more but nothing came out.

"Are you sure?" Kirche cooed like she was talking to a small child which wasn't really far off the mark before noticing someone from the side. "Even your familiar is larger than yours."

"Eh?" Aile honestly uttered, thoroughly baffled that she would be sucked in their argument.

"Aile is my property!" Louise screamed and somewhere at the back of her mind was a nagging feeling that she had said something wrong but she ignored it. "Whatever she has is mine so those are my breasts too!" She stopped there as the feeling of wrongness intensified and she became aware of her own darn words with her face reflecting her frustration and embarrassment as it lighted up even more.

"Eh? I'm … huh?" She couldn't even form the words out. Seriously, what is wrong with the inhabitants of this world?

"Oh? Yours is it?" Kirche asked and the two girls knew that her words are laced with venom. "Then you must have spent some time playing with it since you'd never owned something that large before."

"Wh-Wh-What?!" for the nth time Louise screamed. "I did NOT do anything like that!"

"Are you sure you didn't?"

"Of course I didn't!"

"Then why are you blushing?" As she said this Kirche giggled. Teasing Louise proved to be always fun.

"It's because … because … ARG! Of what you are insinuating that I did!"

Kirche giggled again. "I know you Louise. If you have something you always want you grab it when your alone and deny when you're with someone else. You shouldn't hide what you wanted Louise and go with pride wherever you go and damn whatever other people think about you."

"Like what you always did around?" Louise asked, pointing to something that Kirche was famous for wherever she went. 'Poor, pure Tabitha for constantly being dragged around.'

"No, not like that but if you want to I will not stop you." Answered Kirche without any hint of being insulted. "More like you should go all the way with your relationship."

Louise didn't know on what to say. It was like someone had flipped a switch in their conversation going from two mortal enemies going off in a verbal spar to friends talking about one's relationship like a fire that would at onetime warm them up and burn them in the next second.

A low grumbled sound echoed throughout the room but was still recognizable as a girl's voice said just three words but was enough to make them notice her. "I like her."

Aile gasped at that and covered her mouth with her right hand while her left arm was covering her chest to hide the two poking things that decided to stand out due to someone's excitement. 'FEFNIR!'

"Huh?" Asked Kirche.

"WHAT!" Louise screamed sounding betrayed.

"What in the world are you making me say?!" That was Aile right before someone 'borrowed her body.'

"That's simple, Aile." Fefnir grumbled, allowing the two others to hear her right before she jumped to stand on the bed. "I like her due to her steadfast dedication to whatever she does until she had finished it." She then placed Aile's hands on her side and puffed herself proudly, declaring, "One should go all the way and kick reason to the curb!"

Another voice made itself known and this one was filled with amusement and slight sarcasm, "Is that why you always lost to me?"

"Arg! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" She screamed as she flailed at nothing.

Kirche finally decided to intervene seeing that this girl seemed to be losing her marbles. "Um… excuse me. Are you all right?"

Aile finally wrestled herself back and answered in mild embarrassment. "Um… yeah, don't worry about it."

Louise, who knew better at what was going on, asked her directly, "Aile, who was that?" causing Kirche to look at Louise in confusion clearly wondering why Louise would ask the girl with that kind of question instead of 'are you nuts?'

'I guess there's no escaping it then…' Aile thought for a while and gazed at Kirche for a moment before answering. "Sorry about that. That was Fefnir." She paused for a while before adding, "And the one who tried to rile her up was Zero."

"Eh? Who? Who's Fefnir?" She asked but despite her confusion she still managed to give Louise a parting remark with, "Since I already know who Zero is."

Aile was clearly surprised by this and asked, "You do?"

"Of course." Kirche smiled and pointed her thumb at the tiny pinkette.

"Shut up!" Louise screamed, blood returning back to her cheeks making them rosier.

Never really one to understand a good joke unless she's the perpetrator, Aile cocked her head to the side cutely and deadpanned, "But that's Louise."

Meanwhile, somewhere inside, Zero was laughing herself off. Either that she understood the joke or the fact that the joke fell flat upon meeting Aile.

'I don't get it.' X said.

'Of course you wouldn't. You're almost as dense as a rock when it comes to these things.'

X processed what Zero had said and took into account at what she was hinting at before finally understanding what was going on and once again Aile found herself incapable of controlling her body. "Now that's just plain rude." She said as she unknowingly twisted her body to the side and crossed her arms signaling that she was peeved. "Louise may not be well endowed but it isn't nice to rub it in." Yes, X did choose her words carefully, deliberately bypassing the word 'flat-chested'.

After speaking her mind X released her control over Aile's body allowing the girl to speak her mind. "Yeah, it isn't nice to call someone flat."

X groaned, feeling a migraine coming while Zero's laughter roared once again and this time it was accompanied by Fefnir.

Louise didn't know on what to say or do by this point that all she could do was gape like a fish.

Feeling that the situation was getting out of hand, Kirche decided to intervene before everything was thrown off topic. "Yes, yes, Louise is flat, now mind telling me who's this Fefnir that you were talking about?"

"Ah, well, to put it bluntly, you could say that she's another person living inside of Aile." Louise answered, deciding to move the topic away from her underdeveloped body.

Kirche's eyes widened incredulously at what her friend/rival had said before returning her gaze back at the girl who decided to hide her body using the enormous bedcover and thus only her head, arms and shoulders were visible.

"Another person? A body inhabited by TWO souls?!"

"Seven actually." Said Aile as her other eye changed color to black for a brief moment before returning itself back to green.

"Seven?" Kirche repeated as she made a lunge and took the girl to press her to her bosom. "I guess you do have talent Louise, for you to have summoned seven different individuals in a single being must mean that there must be some magic within you." She had heard stories about weak individuals suddenly becoming stronger and calling themselves in a different name during the heat of battle.

"O-Of course I do!" Said the flushed pinkette.

"But it must have been traumatizing," said Kirche as she looked down at the squirming girl. "For you to gather this many souls you must have been traumatized far too much that it should have left you insane or worse." She then pulled Aile from her cleavage and the girl used this opportunity to finally breathe precious air. Kirche looked at her straight into those mismatched eyes, "But you had persevered and remained intact."

Aile didn't really know on what to reply to that. "Um … thanks?" She tried to remember the battles that she had fought but those seemed to be hazy somehow instead of being vivid.

Kirche finally let go of her and she said, "Alas, I must have been keeping you." She then turned to Louise, "Take care of your precious honey-bun alright."

"S-sure …" Then Louise caught herself, "W-wait! She's not my honey-bun!"

But Kirche ignored her and opened the door, unintentionally letting in the two students namely Montmorency and Guiche, apparently they had leaned on to the door to hear what was inside and were caught unprepared when the door opened.

The two eavesdroppers sheepishly raised their heads to look at the two residents in their night clothes before blushing furiously.

Guiche, as noble as he is, still couldn't let this chance pass and ogled at the two beauties at his sights. Sure that he had his unconditional love for Montmorency but that doesn't mean that he won't take advantage of what he was seeing when the opportunity presented itself.

Montmorency meanwhile, uncharacteristically spoke first in mild embarrassment, "Ehehehe … um … hi?" She greeted weakly.

Realizing that there was a male in the room, the two girls slowly reeled their realizations in before erupting into twin screams accompanied by several items being thrown at the young man's direction.

The gears in Montmorency's head was slow to respond and it took a while for her to notice the occupants' attire before blushing and dragging her frozen boyfriend with one arm on his neck choking the life out of him with the other at his eyes preventing him from seeing the two while Kirche laughed at the amusing circumstances as she closed the door.

Aile just stood there, pillow in one hand with the other over her semi-exposed chest as she stared with an unreadable expression on her face. She really couldn't blame anyone from that incident but she had this odd sense of déjà vu that was making her think that the door had just betrayed her. "That's it!" She roared with her full being, "I'm going to find a dead bolt somewhere here or hunt down Siesta for a nail and hammer even if I have to transform to get it!"

"A dead what?" Louise pondered for a while before dismissing it. "Nevermind, let's take a bath for now, we are going somewhere today."

"Huh? We're going where?" Aile asked as she followed Louise. "That aside, what do you mean by 'whatever I had is yours, so these …'" She pointed at her chest, "'Are yours?'"

"Hiii!" Louise stood ramrod straight while a blush crept up to her cheeks. Stupid! It had been stupid of her to have said that earlier and now it was coming back to bite her. Even if she wanted to she couldn't answer a question like that so instead she chose the second option. Change the subject. "We're – We're going to the city and I'm going to buy you some clothes." After that she continued walking but was a lot stiffer than before.

She narrowed her eyes at that while Harpuia exclaimed, 'She's dodging the question,' before deciding to drop it for now and asking the question of the matter at hand.

"But why Louise? We nearly had the same size?"

Louise jumped a bit then hugged herself. Luckily for her, her back was facing Aile that the other girl couldn't see what she was doing.

Unfortunately for the two, Zero was more … wary of a girl's insecurities. Taking over Aile for a moment she asked in a conversational tone, "I have a bigger rack than yours right?"

It was said so plainly and clearly that the other cyber elves could only groan as the tropical depression of pink accumulated itself and began her approach.

"What did you just say?!" Louise roared, "Are you saying that I'm flat?!"

"N-no! Of course not!" Aile denied as she took a step back. "And besides, it wasn't me! It was Zero who said it."

Three of the cyber elves all former Neo-Arcadia generals knew that one should never spoke of Zero's name least harm would befall on them and this were of no exception.

"And now you're calling me Zero!" Louise screamed as she picked up her wand from somewhere and began gathering her magic.

Aile had two options to choose from, one was to stop her from discharging her weapon and the other was to dodge. Stopping her right now was tantamount to suicide so she chose the second option. She dodged.


=He will not be Forgotten=

"Mou! I told you that it wasn't me."

"And I already said that I'm sorry." Louise replied as she reclined herself onto Aile's chest as they bathed for the moment on their semi-heaven of comfortably warm water.

Aile sighed as she let the subject drop and turned her thoughts back to the memory of the said explosion. It was powerful, that was for certain and she knew without a shadow of doubt that if Louise had trained her innate talent at destruction she could level an entire city with just her mind but there was something that didn't add up. For some unknown reason, her magical explosion didn't seemed to harm her. Harm her? Aile opened her eyes briefly as she remembered something and turned her consciousness inwards.

Usually, she would do this infront of a mirror to see the effects it had on the outside of her body. She couldn't remember the first time that she had done this but it had become routine for her to check up on her body in the mirror before taking a bath. Quite possibly, her mother was the one who taught this to her due to paranoia that a virus might infect her without her mother knowing. It was reasonable for her mother to be a bit paranoid like that since she was a young girl back then when all the repoids had been mind controlled by an evil scientist before being defeated by a certain hero. Calling up a scan and systems check on her body, she was surprised that all of her sustained injuries have now all healed while the errors that had appeared here and there a few days ago had normalized. 'Weird,' she thought, 'I wonder where am I getting energy from?' She knew that a heavily damaged body would be inputting most of the spared energy to the body's designated nanite manufacturing core grafted to her thymus gland with a thickness of two to three milimeters. Her energy converter however was grafted as a lining on her stomach for a smoother conversion of energy.

Returning her mind back to the present she raised her right arm and clenched her hand into a fist before releasing and repeating the gesture again.

Louise noticed this and raised her head to look at her fully knowing what Aile was doing, "Aile, stop," She reprimanded and grabbed her hand gently, "You might strain it." She moved a bit and felt their legs intertwine. She hoped that she wasn't blushing right now but if she was she hoped that Aile would mistake that it was due to the water.

"No, its fine. I seemed to heal faster than before." Aile reasoned before a sudden thought entered her. "Wait a second." She said as her consciousness drifted inwards. She checked her systems again and this time she focused her attention to her power core near her stomach and the emergency subtanks around it. What she found there surprised her, she could understand if her power core was full since it replenishes itself when she's resting or eating but her subtanks were all full to the brim as if it was never used against … against … she pondered a little on that. 'Strange, who was the man that I last fought before getting here?' She thought before pushing the thought aside as irrelevant before returning back to the world outside.

And got another surprise …

"Hm?" She asked blinking in surprise when she found out the posture that the two of them were in. The two of them seemed to have changed positions with a very relaxed looking but furiously blushing Louise under her with her face as the only part remaining above the water's surface whispering subdued under her breath and herself above in an intimate and very predatory posture as if she was going to devour her whole. She blushed suddenly mirroring Louise's own mere centimeters from her and made even worse since Louise's legs seemed to have a mind of its own as it kept on rubbing against her.

'Darn it, Aile!' Someone's voice rang inside, 'I was about to score!'

"Eh?" Was the humanoid's intelligent reply.

"Z-Zero," Louise voice was passionate and quite seductive. "Please, d-don't. I-I already have a fiancé a-and I don't think that Aile would be happy about it. I-I mean that Aile wouldn't like it if she k-k-k-k- *gulp* me again. I-I mean … um … au …" She blubbered as her eyes swirled and her mouth sunk beneath forming bubbles.

Aile understood what Louise was blabbering about and screamed, "WHAT?!" before standing up or trying to since the bathtub was full and quite slippery thus her foot slid, bringing her back down on the tub but now they were on opposite ends but the worst part was that her foot connected with Louise's crotch.

"Ah!" Louise sighed before her brain shuts itself down from too much embarrassment from a certain cyberelf.

'Wow! That went better than I expected.' Said the perpetrator.

'You shouldn't have done that.' X declared and Aile could imagine the ancient cyberelf shaking her head.

=He will not be Forgotten=

"What happened back then shall never be spoken of ever again!" Screamed an exasperated and very much blushing Louise as the two of them walked towards a barn in the school grounds. Said girl knew of how flushed her cheeks had become and was doing everything that she could to hide it behind a façade of frustration. "You should put a leash on that girl inside your head, Aile."

Aile nodded her head, "I would if I could." She had borrowed Louise clothes again though despite her refusal Louise still dressed her otherwise she knew that the girl would throw a fit. "Unfortunately, she is the most … What was the word? Carefree?"

"A jerk is more like it."

'I agree with Miss Valliere.' X stated, 'Zero likes to hide her pain behind a careless attitude.'

'Ah! So deep inside she's all mushy and stuff?' Leviathan asked and everyone could tell that she was practically beaming from that information.

Zero replied to that comment far too quick for it to be not to, 'heck no!'

'All right you guys, enough of that, and Zero, Miss Valliere is right. Don't just go and seduce someone especially if it is Aile's body.' X knew that a firestorm was about to be unleashed and like before she did everything that she could to try and stop it.

'Wait, seduce someone?' Aile asked as she flinch a bit, remembering her … compromising position.

'Don't worry Mistress Aile, we made sure that nothing happened.' Phantom stated.

'But Louise is so cute when she blushes. Its making me wanna pinch her cheek,' explained Zero.

'You sounded like an old lady.' Commented Fefnir.

'No I didn't!' Zero vehemently denied. 'We're both nearly the same age except that I'm a bit older than you by a few days.'

Not letting a beat, Fefnir replied, 'Then you really are an old lady.'

'Why you little…!'

And the bickering continued on much to the exasperation of both X and Aile.

They were right outside of the barn now and Aile's enhanced sense of smell began to pick up the mixed smells of the animals inside. Very faintly, she could hear someone humming inside and the sounds of scraping accompanying it. She raised her head and unconsciously adjusted the glare and saw that the maid Siesta was gathering the stray bits of hay using a tool that looked like a cross between a large steel comb and a wooden pole.

Aile peered at the strange tool for a moment, wondering what it was.

'That's a rake mistress Aile,' Phantom answered the unasked question and added what she knew, 'I've heard rumors about it that the ancient ninjas used it as some sort of weapon. I never thought that it was used for something mundane as this.'

'Alas,' Zero piped in, 'The real usage of tools was lost on the chaotic hands of time.'

'That's highly poetic of you, Zero.' Commented X who would bob her head in mock amusement if she could, 'Despite the fact that it isn't poetry.'

'So you're telling me that the great General of the Shadows who was also the Commander of the Intelligence Division had the blunder of misidentifying a gardening tool for a weapon?' Fefnir asked, quite pleased for some reason.

Phantom didn't answer and there were a few snickers around.

'If you're pragmatic enough anything can potentially be turned into a weapon.' Zero stated from experience.

'Ah, I see but it seemed unwieldy.' Fefnir conceded, 'I wonder what Phantom would look like wielding that.'

'That thing? As a weapon?' Leviathan whistled in as she was the expert in melee weapons that had a extensive reach and everyone had a collective thought of Phantom using one in battle or in the case of Aile, using one while clad in Phantom's armor.

'Nope, not possible.' Fefnir concluded. Others agreed as it was neither balanced not stealthy.

'I agree,' stated Harpuia.

'Hm…' Phantom tried to say and everyone could mentally picture her nodding her head.

'Enough of that now.' Aile thought as she raised her hand and called the maid forth. "Hey~! Siesta~!"

Hearing her name, the maid stopped and turned around to see Miss Aile waving her hand and running to her while Miss Valliere was walking at a much slower pace and inspecting the horses. "Hello Aile. I see that your injured had finally healed."

Aile blinked at that and for a second she thought that she saw the girl's features relaxed into that of a caring mother before resuming her normal smile. "Ah, yes." She said as both of them looked down at her hand as she tested it before remembering why she came to her. "Wait, if you do not mind. Do you have a spare nail and hammer?"

"We do have those but why?" Siesta asked, cocking her head to the side in mild curiosity.

"Well, I was thinking of placing a deadbolt at the door to prevent people from entering without permission."

"Ah! Privacy isn't it?" Siesta asked, nodding her head in understanding at the girl's predicament.

Aile sighed, "Happened to you too?" She asked. 'This school really lacked security.'

"More than I can count."

Louise left the two of them to gossip as she looked around, finding a horse that could carry the two of them before finally settling on the one at the far end of the barn. She opened its stable door and rubbed her hand at its neck, checking its fur and its strength. Satisfied at its coarse but brushed fur and its well toned muscle, she took the reins and guided it out of its stable and climbed up its back before calling her. "Aile!" She called as the horse moved towards the two. "Hop in." She gave her palm for the girl to receive and smiled.

The two turned, stopped, and stared…

Siesta gasped as she looked at Louise and her outstretched hand at Aile. Never in her wildest dreams would she think that she would see this sort of sign. A noble gesturing like a prince for a young peasant girl to ride with him all the while telling her the adventures that he had, whispering sweet nothings to her and finally, by the end of the day, he would lower her down to the bed and a sweet, passionate …

Jealousy started bubbling up within her even though she knew that she had no reason to be.

Aile on the other hand is a lot more practical than the daydreaming Siesta. "Wow~!" She exclaimed, "A real horse!"

"Eh?" Siesta's delusions crashed to the ground when the peasant girl in her mind ignored the prince for the horse.

"What do you mean Aile?" Louise asked, quite puzzled at the question.

"Well, in the place where I came from horses are nearly extinct and the surviving ones are implanted with parts for them to survive." She responded, running her hands at the brown hairs and stroking its neck. A frown appeared at her face when a thought occurred to her, "But could it carry me? I mean, I'm a lot heavier than the average person here."

That stopped Louise for a moment as she remembered what happened in the morning the day before and conveniently trying her hardest to forget what happened earlier. 'Gosh! Why is hers so darn bouncy!' She raged inwardly trying not to blush from envy before regaining her composure. "Well," She said trying not to sound strangled, "We'll never know till we try."

Aile nodded at the sound judgment and tried to lift herself on the horse but it protested and swayed forcing her to jump back down. "I guess I'm just too heavy."

"I doubted that." Siesta said as she patted at a spot on the horse's neck. "You just climbed wrongly that's all." She applied a bit of pressure on her middle finger, 'Be as fast as the Wind, as enduring as the Mountain.' "Try again, Cervantes can take it."

Nodding her head, Aile cautiously tried again but this time the horse didn't protest.

Louise tugged a bit at the reins and the horse slowly clopped out of the barn. Siesta accompanied them out and waved goodbye at the two until they were gone from her sights. She sighed a bit longingly before her eyes gazed at the beautiful, clear, morning sky with a few scattered white clouds and chirping birds playing with each other. "Mother, your descendant is a good kid and your daughter had grown up well …" She knew her words wouldn't be answered but she knew her mother was watching her in the afterlife. She stayed like that for a couple more seconds before resuming her work.

"So this is what riding a horse feels like." Stated Aile as she kept on leaning to the sides looking down at the body of the horse she sat upon. And like a curious child, she squirmed quite a lot, shifting their combined weight to and fro. "It feels very uncomfortable."

"Aile, stop squirming." Hissed Louise as she tried to control their movements. "You're going to tip us over due to your weight."

Aile's mouth twitched as an idea appeared in her mind. "Are you calling me fat?"

"What? Of course not! And you already know what I mean!" Louise screamed in irritation but at least her passenger wasn't fidgeting to the sides again.

'Well, so much for that.' She thought as the idea crumpled away.

Now that that's taken care of, both of them stared right ahead and noticed three familiar students talking amongst each other at the front gate of their school.

One of the three noticed them since his sight was directed in their general direction and a small smile appeared at his face. "Hey! Louise, Aile! Where are you going?" He greeted as he waived his hand.

Louise pulled at the reins signaling the horse to stop. "We're heading for the city. What about you guys?"

Turning around, Montmorency jumped and blushed when her eyes gazed at Aile. Dumbfounded for a moment, she stood there frozen on the spot until their eyes met and she had to whip her head away to gather her wits for the answer. "Um..."

Oblivious to the turmoil that his friend's mind was in, the chubby boy that seemed to have permanently closed eyes and blond tidy hair with a single stray lock in the center of his forehead answered, "We're getting some reagents for Montmorency's potion."

Aile looked at him for a moment before tugging at Louise's sleeve, "Louise, who's he?"

"Oh, pardon me," He said as he turned so that his entire body was facing her, "I'm Malicorne de Grandple, and I'm a wind mage." He bowed in a gentleman's bow and would have had taken off his hat and placed it in front of his chest if he had one. "Just call me Malicorne."

"A pleasure in meeting you Malicorne." Aile replied in greeting and would also have bowed if she could.

"Introductions aside. We'd really had to go." Said Louise as she raised the reins.

"WAIT!" Guiche called out, finally noticing the lack of bandages. "Aile, are your injuries fully healed?"

Aile blinked at the question as her eyes fell to her hand. "I think so yeah."

Turning to his girlfriend he asked, "Montmorency, would you mind taking it a look?"

"Eh? ME?!" Montmorency half screamed, half squeaked as she jumped back as if she was bitten.

Raising his eyebrow in confusion he said, "Well … yes, since you're good at healing magic."

In her muddled state, Montmorency could only blabber in incoherent words before muttering, "Fine," in resignation. Walking to the girl on the horse she forcefully grabbed the hand, surprising Aile in the process and massaged it softly, searching for anything misplaced before concluding that there are none. The touch felt heavenly, she supposed and it was taking all of her will power to lean her head to it and rub the palm to her cheeks.

Guiche meanwhile noticed something at the back of Aile's hand and wondered if it was the one that he was looking for. Silently, he concentrated his mind to it, etching the pattern on the hand to his mind. For a long time he always wondered why his father taught him to always hide a piece of paper inside his pocket and how to write using his wand but now he knew why and could finally use those skills to write the runes on this girl's hand.

The sensation was akin to bliss as she felt the warm, strong hand. Feeling her magic coursing through her hands to her fingertips and into Aile's outstretched hand. She felt the blood flowing through the girl's veins, the pressure stronger than she knew would be possible in an adolescent body. She applied a mild pressure and felt the girl's bones and muscles underneath the skin and something … more? Immediately, she commanded her magic to move as it circulated on the hand now growing visible with a soft glow, the parts that she couldn't identify was something more, harder than a bone but smoother. Metal! It has to be metal but it was unlike any metal that she had ever felt before. Stronger than steel, harder than a diamond but malleable enough to be implanted into this girl's hand. She felt a strong push from something within, akin to magic but not the same as it as Aile herself said that she didn't have any magic in her. It was like something was forcing her out, no, not something … someone? A frown appeared on her features as an inquisitive sound rose up from her throat.

"Is something wrong?" Aile asked, concerned. Why shouldn't she be? It was her hand that was being examined after all.

A blush threatened to appear on her face as she fought the urge to look up at the other girl and instead she said, "No, nothing's wrong." 'Not yet anyway.' She thought but didn't dare to say it. She closed her eyes in concentration as she imagined what was hindering her.

And instead of a push she suddenly felt her entire self being dragged inside. She opened her eyes and saw herself at the bottom of a lake or sea gazing at an irritated, floating, naked girl. The strange being looked a lot like Aile but her hair was a lot longer and shaded with the coloration of the deep seas and for some reason, this girl made her remember the clear lake, the home of her ancestor. The floating girl moved closer with unfathomable grace and Montmorency saw the girl's icy blue gaze on her own, judging her and dismissing her for what she was.

Montmorency would tremble if she could in this vast sea of Aile's soul, fully knowing the impossibility of hiding what she was from this spirit and would have struck her down for it. For such a perfect creature seeing her in her original, degrading form must have been an affront to this spirit. She trembled knowing that her end is nigh.

"Get out Montmorency." The beautiful young woman said and the Halberd that Aile had used the day before yesterday appeared in her grasp as its sharp, immaterial tip was pointed at Montmorency's throat. "Get out before you raise my ire." It was the same voice that Montmorency heard when Aile summoned her armor.

Montmorency gasped as she fell to the ground and beads of sweat appeared at her brow. She looked around and noticed the concerned looks that appeared at everyone's faces. "I-I'm all right." She said as she tried to stand up. She couldn't believe it; the spirit residing within Aile had mercifully spared her despite her transgression.

"What happened Mon-mon?" Guiche asked and his usual flattery voice was gone and replaced by true concern as he helped her up.

"I – I saw her," Replied Montmorency, her legs shaking from the sudden jolt of being spared by the unknown entity inside of Aile.

"She is not pleased you know." Aile stated and everyone turned to her. "Leviathan is not pleased that you tried to probe me." She was looking down at Montmorency with that one bright bluish eye. She blushed a bit when she realized that her words could be misinterpreted but hid it behind a mask of irritation.

Montmorency refused to meet Aile's eyes for doing so while blushing might anger the spirit and forfeit her life right then and there. Swallowing the lump in her throat she ignored what it could have meant and replied with, "I – I see now. So it is true that you had a spirit inside of you protecting you from harm."

"Yes," Answered Aile, alarmed at Montmorency's fear induced trembling as she made a mental note to ask what Leviathan did.

Montmorency took a shaky breath and said, "Well, we wouldn't want to hold you here indefinitely and we have to gather reagents for our potions. Guiche, Malicorne, let's go. Forgive us for taking your time." And with that she abruptly walked away followed by the two confused teenagers after they excused themselves with Malicorne talking about not missing lunch.

Finally given the freedom, Louise slapped on the reins and the horse suddenly ran almost taking Aile by surprise. Almost since she managed to hold onto Louise tightly but not overtly so.

"Aile! Look at what you're touching!" Seethed Louise though she didn't make a move to adjust the girl's hands.

"I can't! I'm right behind you." Came her reply and it was completely true as her front was pressed tightly on Louise's back and her cheek was at Louise neck. She was certain that her breath must have been tickling the girl's sensitive neck as Louise shivered randomly.

"Ah!" Louise jolted for a bit. "I see, nevermind." Louise dismissed, wondering if Aile noticed that she was squeezing her mounds before she became aware that she didn't want the girl to let her go. She blushed furiously as her heart began to speed up and thanked the founder that Aile couldn't see her face and if she did her bright pink hair could easily hide it.

"Why?" She asked, leaning forward over the shoulder and looked down. "Oh!" Was all that she said before removing one of her hands and forcefully shoved it into Louise's inner thigh.

Louise nearly jumped. A fatal move if she did since the horse was running. She would have closed her legs too but she was sitting on a horse. 'T-This is getting out of hand!' Louise thought and it took all of her concentration to stop her eyes from spinning. "A-Aile! What are you doing?!" She demanded.

"Your skirt was being blown up." Replied Aile as she kept a hand on Louise's sensitive inner thigh. "I thought that you wanted me to push it back down since your hands are preoccupied."

"Y-y-yes, of course!" Louise conceded. "Just keep your hand over there. Aha-hahaha!" She laughed nervously as her mind conflicted if the reason was enough for Aile's hand to be THERE!

'*Sniff!*' Zero's voice teasingly cried, 'I taught her so well! Giro would be proud!'

'What had you been TEACHING my chosen one, Zero!' X demanded, scandalized at what she was seeing through Aile's eyes.

=He will not be Forgotten=

"You call this a city?" Aile asked echoing the question voiced in her mind.

"Why yes!" Exclaimed Louise, her back stood tall and proud and huffed her chest as she did so. Like what a noble should look like.

"How many people lived here exactly?" Asked Aile though her voice seemed to shift a bit as her eye lost its sparkle and a measuring frown appeared from her face.

Louise didn't saw this of course and had misinterpreted the disappointed questioning into an awe of wonderment. "About two to three hundred thousand at least." She replied, "It is one of the biggest settlements in Halkeginia."

"Just two to three hundred?" She asked again though Louise noted that the tone was the same as when Phantom appeared and introduced herself.

Alarmed by the voice, Louise turned and looked straight at Aile. The girl's usually green eye was now a dull black before turning into the color of the seas.

"It's tiny!" Leviathan whined.

The burning vermillion…

"I wouldn't call this big." Fefnir huffed, contorting Aile's feature into an arrogant snarl. "The deserters of Neo Arcadia were bigger than this."

Aile's expression shifted again and her blue eye returned though it was deeper than before. "Agree to that!" She said, "This looked more like a very small town than a city."

Louise was flabbergasted at the reaction. She expected amazement not the other way around. "Then how large would a city in your eyes be?"

Her eye changed back to green but it sparkled like that of a jewel, "About a million or two at the least with very tall buildings about one hundred to five hundred stories high." Explained X.

"That's – That's impossible! You would need an excessive amount of magic to hold that much stone together, more so than the ones at the school and you yourself said that there aren't any magic from where you came from."

"True, but we found creative ways on how to reinforce it to make it stronger and not all of the buildings and houses from where I came from are made up of stones. Some that I know of are made up of glass and it was quite sturdier than what you might think."

They left Cervantes back at the nearby stable, renting a place for it while they went somewhere that only Louse knew, guiding Aile by holding her hand even though their pace wasn't abrupt. To a nearby passerby they looked like childhood friends with one leading the other to parts unknown.

"A Tailor's shop?" Aile asked eying the sign perched at the front of the door.

Louise nodded her head then beamed at Aile, "Yes, Madame Taylor's works are one of the best in their arts. Her designs can range from their beautiful simplicity to their artistic elegance."

"Ah, I see, no wonder you chose this place."

Her hand clenched a bit tighter to Aile's own, "Let's go! I want to see you in different clothes other than my uniform."

"Me? But why?"

"I summoned you here, remember?"

Aile only tilted her head in confusion silently asking what had that got to do with it.

"One of the responsibilities of the summoner was to take care of her summon, that includes basic necessities like food or clothing." She opened the door …

And the first thing that she noticed was Tabitha standing there expressionlessly while Kirche examined clothes again and again, pressing some of it to the stoic young bluenette to see if it would fit on her.

"Tabitha?" Louise asked.

"Kirche?" Aile added.

Turning around, Kirche's eyes were practically beaming with mirth making the two girls shudder. "Aile, Louise, fancy seeing you here."

"Ah, well, I'm trying to buy some clothes for Aile." Louise reasoned.

Finally having Kirche sufficiently distracted, Tabitha looked at Aile with longing and worded to her, 'Help me!'

A glint appeared on Kirche's eyes and a wide smile appeared on her lips sending another shiver down Aile's spine. It's like the young woman was undressing her with just those eyes and suddenly, she understood what Tabitha had gone through and felt pity for her.

"Clothes, I see. Hm… You wouldn't mind if I help out right? I have found a few things that might interest you, Louise."

"Interest me? But Aile would be the one wearing them." Louise replied in confusion.

"True, but you're the one who will be dressing her. Plus you're her master so you should show everyone who's in charge."

A shiver ran up Aile's spine when she heard those words.

"Still no. If I were to show to everyone that I'm the one who's in charge then I have to pick the clothes myself."

"If that's the case then …" Still not backing down, Kirche leaned over and whispered on Louise's ear and the girl's eyes widened at the revelation.

"You got a deal!" Louise blurted with a faint blush and elated demeanor, grabbing on both of Kirche's hands onto her own and shaking them vigorously.

'For some reason, I'm dreading what's about to happen.' Zero stated. 'I suggest we bolt out of here. Does everyone agree?'

'I seconded that. I don't want to cross dress.' Harpuia stated.

'But it's not your body. It belonged to Aile plus you're a girl now.' Replied Leviathan.

'Third.' Aile said. Sure that she's grateful for Louise for thinking about her but right now the two girls infront of her seemed to be thinking something inappropriate.

'I … Won't take sides.' Obviously, that was X. Sometimes, his neutrality is annoying in situations like this one.

'I don't wanna go! Some of the clothes look cute.' Fefnir rejected and actually surprising everyone else. All six of them all thought that Fefnir would wail about it and force Aile to bolt away whether the girl liked it or not.

'We have now officially lost the battle happy Fefnir from our circle of manliness.' Stated Zero with a hint of sadness in it and the worst part was that she was sincere about it. 'And have now joined with Leviathan in kyas and gyas! Now we're really in trouble!'

'I was actually afraid of that. I was wondering if our ingrained template register had some side effect of instinctive brainwashing.' X stated worriedly.

'No!' Wailed Zero in actual fright.

'We will stay here. Even if I don't like it.' Declared Phantom and everyone could imagine her standing tall and proud in the face of imminent defeat. 'Louise-sama had graciously offered to buy us some clothes and we shouldn't soil her hospitality.'

Everyone was silent after that statement as even when she had said that she disapprove of it she was willing to go on and face it. And now that the battle of wills was tied Aile couldn't do anything more than stand there in indecision until …

'I can't believe I'm saying this but I have to agree with Phantom here.' X announced, declaring their fate.

Aile groaned while the other two wailed in pure horror as Aile's arm was grabbed and she was shoved into a nearby booth.

"H-Hey …! Wait a-! No, Don't …! Stop!" Screamed someone from inside the booth as Aile's school uniform was thrown out and over to be scooped up by Louise. "No! Not the underwear!" Louise blushed at what she was hearing and so did the others within hearing range. Clearly, Kirche wants to be thorough but isn't this a bit too much?

Right outside one of the female patrons walked by with a bit of blush on her face. Usually, she would stop the nobles from sexually harassing a commoner but the ones that she had stopped before are lecherous men who are easily swayed not young girls at the height of their puberty and thus she couldn't do a thing.

Louise was torn as to who to help out. Should she help Kirche then Aile might hate her for it, if she stopped Kirche then her promise would be revoked. An idea popped into her mind, one that would not compromise the relationship with the two of them.

She turned to the side. "Tabitha!" she called out only to find her … missing.

Right outside, a blue dragon and its master flew away.

=He will not be Forgotten=

Siesta hummed softly as she dusted off another shelf. In her lifetime she had seen these nobles' slow descent into corruption. Caring more and more of themselves and less and less of their surroundings especially the ordinary folk of whom they all sworn to protect and shelter. Instead she had seen and felt firsthand on how the nobles treated the people as nothing more than dirt on the road or using them as nothing more than tools until they are no longer needed then tossed aside like garbage.

Grunting in annoyance. She leaned the broom that she was using on the wall before taking several deep breaths to calm her nerves. Yesterday was the pinnacle of her irritation. 'How dare that Count call himself a noble! That title could only be earned not passed down! He should be disowned and thrown away especially with the way that he treated his subjects as nothing more than toys for his pleasure until their minds are broken beyond repair.' Siesta's hands clenched into fists as she remembered on how he treated her yesterday as something not someone. 'It was like everyone without any kind of magic was beneath him and should not be treated as a person. Well, lucky for him that he failed to take me. That Osmond protected him from me otherwise I will reduce everything that he owned to rubble.'

Opening her eyes, she was mildly surprised that the wall that her hand was holding on had cracked with sharp crystals of differing shades surrounding her hand like intertwining fingers of a loved one asking her to calm down. Slowly, she did so and the crystals recede before skimming her hand to the wall to return it back to its former smooth self without the cracks and crystals.

With that done she returned back to her work and on the lighter side of her musings; Miss Vallière, despite being a self centered child still cared about the commoners and treated them with respect deep in her heart. Mr. de Gramont, a flamboyant two timer, still tried to use diplomacy to stop people and even admitted to his own mistake. Miss Montmorency, on the other hand, looked down on the commoners but this attitude could be stemmed by her jealousy. Miss Tabitha smelled of pain, she could be sympathetic to the commoners due to her hardships. Miss Kirche acted like that she didn't care but her actions would tell otherwise.

Finished with her cleaning, she walked to the door and from her pocket she retrieved a few, small, broken clumps of iron. A smile appeared on her lips as she thought of Aile and of her status much like she was a long time ago. She closed her eyes as she held the broken clumps on her hands before opening them to gaze at the transmuted deadbolt resting at her right hand before resuming her work.

=He will not be Forgotten=

Guiche hastened his pace, clutching the piece of paper that contained the runes on Aile's hand. Finally, a piece of concrete information that will help them solve the puzzle that is Aile's identity. He marched across the hallway, looking at the faces of the students that he was passing by mindful of the person that he was looking for.

He had searched for a while now but there was still no sign of him even as he visited the places that he usually spends his time on but still to no avail. That was until he heard a pop somewhere in the distance around Vestri Court. Some of the students, wondering what the noise was, went there to look with whispered words that it could be the Zero failing at her most recent spell yet again but since he knew that both the Zero and her Familiar were leaving for town earlier that day he was certain that it wasn't her that caused that explosion.

He contemplated for a while whether he should investigate the noise or not but then again the runes could wait for a few moments and Reynard could be at the court at this moment wondering what the explosion was. With his mind set, he turned around and headed for Vestri Court.

What he saw there only made him raise his eyebrows at what he was seeing. The perpetrator of that sound seemed to be some sort of experiment involving a small metal ball being pulled at at opposite sides by two groups with each group having three students and it is clear that they had been doing this for a while based on the beads of sweat that they have accumulated. Looking around he spotted Gimli overseeing the experiment and taking notes before signaling them to stop allowing the other students to catch their breaths.

He knew that Gimli was a close friend of Reynard and the two would sometimes be seen together working on something or sometimes giving information or materials to other students for a price naturally. With that thought he approached the leaf-colored kid and asked the question that the mass of students have in their minds, "Gimli, what are you working on?"

Gimli perked up a bit as he turned to him, "Well, I'm working on the properties of a vacuum chamber. Specifically, on how strong it is on pulling the two separate helves of a metal sphere together."

Guiche's response was to raise an eyebrow in confusion.

"Well, um… you know how pressurized air pushes things away just so it could escape? It is the direct opposite of what I'm doing here. I'm examining on how a depressurized environment could keep the two separate bodies of its container together." He explained and then took two of the separated halves of a sphere lying on the ground. "It took us quite a while to separate these first two."

'That must be where the sound came from.' Guiche concluded before asking his question, "Had you seen Reynard lately?"

"Reynard? Have you tried the library yet?"

Truthfully, he hadn't yet. He hates the library. Well, not really, just studying actually and that place is filled with students and professors cramming and researching. "No, not yet actually."

"He said he was heading there to study about familiars."

'Perfect!' "Thanks Gimli."


Guiche wasted no time as he raced to the library armed with a copy of Aile's runes and since Reynard is studying about familiars right now this would be the perfect opportunity to show it to him and find out what kind of familiar she is.

He stopped infront of the library and its imposing doors hesitating briefly before swallowing it away, entering the structure all the while. After a minute of searching he found the person he was looking for besides a stack of books.

Reynard sat there turning page after page slowly, skimming through it instead of reading. He seemed awfully bored by it due to the way that he yawned every few minutes and his eyes looked like they would close up if given the opportunity.

'I hope this would perk him up.' Guiche thought as he called out to him, calling his attention to him to which the younger boy did and he immediately perked up.

"Guiche! Hey! Do you need something? As far as I know, it has been a while since you last called out to me like that." And that last time was something about a perfume about a month ago.

"Ah, no. I believe you asked me to bring you this." He replied as he gave the piece of paper that he had held tightly inside his pocket.

Reynard raised his eyebrow in confusion and straightened out the crumpled mess. 'Runes?' He thought. 'I didn't ask for one or rather why is he giving me one.' "What are these for?"

"Those runes are Aile's familiar runes."

Comprehension dawned on his eyes. "You mean this is Aile's … How did you get it?"

"Well, Louise and Aile were … Look, does it matter? I'm also intrigued by what kind of familiar a humanoid is."

"Hm…" Intoned Reynard as he looked at the parchment and trying to commit the runes to memory. "Unfortunately, rune research is only available to third years and above. We cannot access them since the words would just disappear when we opened the books."

"Darn, so we hit a roadblock."

"Shhh! Keep your voice down!" Reynard hissed. "We're inside the library."

Guiche's eyes flashed in recognition for a moment before nodding. "Sorry. But still, we need to get hold of those books."

Reynard remained silent for a moment before perking up. "I might have an idea but it's risky."

"Tell me."

=He will not be Forgotten=

"So you want to know what these runes mean?" Asked Professor Colbert. All three of them are inside Professor Colbert's workshop and while the Professor is right at home inside his territory the other two are understandably quite terrified since it was known that the place would combust or explode for no reason within the few years that it had been built and rebuilt. That spontaneous combustion and explosion was also the reason that the Professor was given a workshop away from the usual laboratory and classrooms that the more 'normal' Professors would use.

"Yes Professor." Guiche replied.

"We saw some of the familiars having runes of their own and we were wondering what those mean. Guiche asked for one so we could ask you professor." Reynard put in. It was technically the truth.

"I see." Professor Colbert replied and a smile appeared on his face. He was glad that some of the students were actually studying Brimir's runes. "I will tell you what I can find. Did you know that Brimir himself was the one who made these runes? And each rune corresponds to a word much like short hand writing. And did you know that the familiars are branded that corresponds to what they are?"

"Yes Professor. If you do not mind we would take our leave. We didn't want to keep you from the research that you are doing."

"All right then." Professor Colbert bowed his head in a sign of acknowledgement and the two students bowed lower in a sign of respect before taking their leave.

"You know, this will become a very big problem in the long run." Guiche said after they had placed a good distance away from Professor Colbert's workshop.

"I know."

"We should have told him which familiar those runes belonged to."

"No, I think we did the right thing." Reynard turned to Guiche then added, "Think about it. If Aile's familiar brand is important then they'll ask us who's branding is it without telling us the meaning but if it isn't significant then they'll tell us straight ahead what those runes mean without asking us the specific familiar."

"Yeah, but there is also the possibility that they'll find out that it was Aile straight away and then tell us that he forgot about it."

"That's why it's a gamble and also it will make us suspicious of them."

=He will not be Forgotten=

"Are you sure that this is the place, Malicorne?" Montmorency asked as looked around the wide plains which are as far as the eyes could see. It is now mid morning and the sun's heat was beginning to be felt reminding them of their dwindling chance to find and grab the plant and if they hadn't found the plant when it reached noon then they will have to try it again tomorrow morning at the exact same time since the plant in question would turn transparent before disappearing all together.

"Yeah. My bugbear can see it floating around here." Replied Malicorne, "The drifting feather might be hard to see with our eyes but not my bug bear. If it focused enough it can read a book a mile away."

"Good. Tell it to keep an eye on it."

The drifting feather is like its namesake, a single feather floating in the wind. But despite the fact that it looks like a dead feather, it is actually a living plant that takes its roots on the air instead of the ground. It is also very brittle and sensitive to touch thus when one tried to get a hold of it it would dissolve into fine, powdery substance; it is also the reason as to why wind mages are the only ones to have ever captured it. Its Feathers usually preferred wide open spaces to 'drift' around, and to ensure that the moisture that it had within its bristles wouldn't evaporate, it usually floated around well irrigated plains due to humidity and not deserts since the desert's heat would cause it to combust after drying it up.

Montmorency winced when she felt something 'shift' inside of her. The feeling wasn't painful nor unpleasant just … odd. Unbidden, fear welled up again inside as a cruel thought about what she was emerged, 'How much time do I have before my body dissolved away?' She is not human. Not entirely anyway. The closest that her family could come up about themselves was that they were like ice dropped on water slowly melting to return to its original state. She shook herself, 'No, now is not the time to mope around. I have to find that ingredient.' It is inevitable that she will turn into something unrecognizable but before that happens she will realize her wish.

"I can get the Feather if you want." Malicorne offered while keeping an eye on his familiar circling the plant.

Montmorency shook her head. "No, I should be the one to capture it."

Malicorne's eyebrows furrowed in confusion, "But you're a water mage." That statement earned him a look that the Zero usually gave before something exploded. He backed away slowly while raising her hands submissively, "I-I'm not insulting you or anything it's just that the Drifting Feather reacts badly with water."

Montmorency's expression softened for a bit, "Don't worry. I know of a way. Just send it over here."

Malicorne concentrated and muttered a weak wind spell. A soft breeze whispered to their ears and the Feather drifted to them, twirling and twisting in the air like it was dancing on a song of the wind.

Montmorency couldn't take her eyes away. Mesmerized as she was with the feather's white glow and for a second she was frozen in time and all that mattered was the feather's beauty and her awe toward it.


She gasped as her mind was jolted awake and looked at the chubby boy with mild bewilderment.

"Do not look intently at it." Explained Malicorne. "One of the reasons that the feather is hard to capture is because of its hypnotizing glint. And if you look for a moment longer you'll fall asleep and the feather will have flown away."

"I - I know that." She blurted out with a blush staining her cheeks hoping that he misinterpreted her forgetfulness for irritation. She turned around and casted a spell in the air and slowly but surely water droplets appeared from thin air and began massing themselves together turning bigger and bigger until it was at the same size as Montmorency's head. Satisfied at the size, she guided it with her bare left hand.

"That still amazes me you know." Malicorne pronounced. "No mage can hold their element in their hands."

"It is one of our inherited traits from the water spirit. Ever since we are born we are able to control water far easier than most people." She raised the sphere and with a mental command a bubble of air appeared in the middle of it, turning itself into a thick bubble before swallowing the drifting feather.

The feather turned and twisted around in the middle for a moment before settling itself in the middle of the bubble unmoving while remaining its distance from the bubble's walls.


"My family knows that the Drifting Feather will remain inert when placed in the middle of a bubble. My mother thinks that the Feather can feel the pressure around it and will want an equal distance from any sides."

"Hence its avoidance."


Montmorency smiled as she held the bubble with both of her hands and within it the final ingredient of her potion.

=He will not be Forgotten=

"Thanks for the purchase. Please come back again." Said the shop proprietor before his voice was drowned out by the bell attached to the door.

"Damn that Germanian!" Louise seethed as her hands closed around nothing, not even air as they are clenched too tightly while her mind was too preoccupied with the vision of her red headed classmate being choked to death with those same hands. "I can't believe she weaseled out on me and forced me to pay for her clothes too!"

Aile was the direct opposite of the seething Tristainian though for she remained passive and silent while following the pink haired girl. If anyone knew Aile personally they would understand the girl's silence and would likely crack a few jokes at her expense. 'God! I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm glad that Giro isn't here to see me. If he was here the teasing won't stop!'

'I would actually tease you about it right now, Aile, if I and the others hadn't experienced it firsthand.' Zero stated and Aile knew that the cyber-elf was shaking somewhere deep within her.

'Ugh… That experience was horrible!' Said X, wishing that she could go somewhere and hide.

The two girls, the little pinkette and the busty redhead had done a very thorough job of dressing and undressing the poor girl mostly against her will like some human sized dress-up doll with clothes ranging from normal everyday attire of the upper classes to clothes that are a bit too skimpy and thin for sleeping to clothes that she would only wish to wear alone with no one seeing her in it. The frilly pink dress that she was wearing right now fell under the third category. At a glance the clothes made her look like some pampered princess and the bag that she was carrying with her hands only accentuated her looks with the way that she carried it. The blush on her face didn't help matters at all as it made her look like a weak noble struggling with what she was holding and would soon be needing help.

Dressing up like this made her remember that time when she was still small and dreaming of being a princess and having her reploid hero save her from a horde of mavericks but that childhood dream turned into a nightmare on that amusement park long ago, shattering innocence and drastically changing her life.

'I hate that color! Why didn't they just buy that green dress?!' Harpuia seethed.

'Don't tell me that you're …' Leviathan didn't manage to finish that sentence.

'Of course not! It's just that Aile looked better in our colors especially Master X's color of dark blue or Zero's red armor. Pink just makes Aile look … Fragile …'

'Ah, I see what you mean.'

'But looking like that makes Aile so cute!' Fefnir countered. 'In our colors Aile looked very much like a hardened warrior.'

'But that's the point!' Harpuia replied, 'Aile should look strong.'

'No, it isn't, Aile is a girl and sometimes she should act like one.'

Several gasps were heard, no one have ever thought that Fefnir would say something like that.

'I can't believe I just heard that from you of all people!' Exclaimed Leviathan, voicing the thought out of everyone's minds.

"Aile!" Louise called out, swiveling around to look at the girl while walking backwards. "When Kirche comes around. Tell her thaAAHH-" Louise never managed to finish that sentence as she tripped on a loose rock and fell backwards onto a very surprised young man.

"Ow! Hey! What the…" said the kid as he was sandwiched between the dusty ground and Louise. Aile peered at him curiously; the young, black haired man was wearing a blue jacket and white pants both of which looked like it hadn't been washed for a few days while the rusted sword strapped to his back seemed way past its glory days and directly infront of him were a few loaves of bread that had no doubt become inedible due to having fallen to the ground. The young man took a single look at his fallen food before his face turned into a grimace. "There goes my food for the entire three days."

"Louise, are you all right?" Aile asked as she ran to them before her foot accidentally stepped on her skirt and she gave a startled cry.

Louise knew how heavy Aile's body was and she saw what was about to come but was too horrified to move away. "A-Aile!" She squeaked, her life flashed before her eyes.

Both Louise and the young man have their breaths got knocked out of them.

"H-Heavy…" He gasped out. The poor fellow had one of his hands out like he was trapped under tons of rubble … which, wasn't off the mark.

Unfortunately for him he missed out in seeing the two lip-locked girls mere inches from his face due to the ill-fated circumstance that he was facing the other direction.

"I can't breathe …" He rasped. A sentiment shared by the other two gasping girls who hurriedly removed themselves from each other and hoped that their faces weren't as red as they thought. "You girls…" He started, turning around to face them while rubbing his aching back, unused to the sudden weight that was placed on it. "…Weighed a ton. Where do you hide those extra pounds?"

"Wh-what?!" Louise screamed in indignation whipping out her wand as she did. "How dare you call your betters fat you plebian!" She got a good look at him and what she saw actually disgusted her. What he was wearing was nearly rags with some parts all torn up and by the looks of it she could tell that he hadn't washed for a few days with all that dirt clinging onto him. Does he know anything about hygiene?

Aile reached out her hand and placed it over Louise's own, "Louise…" She whispered lowering both of their hands, "It's all right, it's not his fault and besides we have to pay for those at least." She then pointed with her eyes at the mud covered, hard bread.

"And why do we have to pay for them?" Louise questioned, "That is clearly his punishment for blocking my way."

Aile frowned at the girl's dismissal of the boy when it was Louise's own fault for turning to face her to begin with and instead of apologizing she instead blamed the victim for the whole event. "Punishment for what?" She asked, "He's the victim here."

Louise turned to her in surprise. "Are you saying that I was the one at fault here?"

"Yes." Aile answered in a plain and simple tone that it took Louise a few seconds to process.

"Aile, how could you…" Louise recoiled as if struck before regaining her composure, "Aile, a commoner should bow down to the nobles. That is how our society worked for six millennia."

Aile blinked as she processed this information, "A Hierarchical society? I see. But still, social standing shouldn't blind you of your common sense."

"What in the founder's name does that mean?"

Aile sighed, and closed her eyes and when she opened them one of them had turned a vibrant green. "Louise, think about it. It isn't his fault to begin with. You're the one who turned around to look at Aile and thus you didn't saw where you're going."

"But that doesn't-"

"Louise," The girl started. "Even though you are of a higher ranked than him you should still respect him and admit your own blunder otherwise how could people respect someone who wouldn't even admit her mistakes?" X said, she had experience dealing with people who thought of themselves better than others and would often than not come out as pompous idiots who thought that the world revolved around them. The only way to make them realize and admit it was for people of whom they valued as their equal to tell them about it.

"No, I won't." Louise stubbornly hissed before leaning forward and whispering to Aile's ear. "Even if I want to I can't."

X was a bit surprised at this as she felt something round and flat dropped down to her hand.

Without another word Louise stormed off, taking with her the clothes that they had purchased for Aile.

X released her hold and allowed Aile to regain control of her body. She looked down, there sitting at the palm of her right hand were two glinting gold coins.

"Well, that was rude of her." Exclaimed the boy in clear irritation, "How am I supposed to eat this?!"

"Now, now, nothing's going to happen if you continued to get mad over wasted food." Aile said, trying to pacify the young man.

"True, but still, she could have apologized at the very least." The young man replied, still seething but his anger was slowly fleeting.

"She wanted to." Aile replied, "But her pride wouldn't allow her."

'She's like Harpuia. Too prideful.'

'I think she's more like you Zero. A Tsundere!'

'I am not a tsundere, Levi.'

Her thumb brushed over the impressed emblem of Tristain before raising it. "Here."

Perplexed, he looked down and saw the runes on the girl's right hand before looking up and, for the very first time, he took note of what the girl was wearing and came to the logically wrong conclusion.

He kissed it.

Startled, Aile could be forgiven for slapping the man with her other hand. Luckily for him she didn't use her full strength otherwise his neck would have snapped.

"Ow." He whispered pitifully.

"Wha-what the heck was that for?!" Aile screamed indignantly, her face flushed in embarrassment.

"Isn't it that people usually kissed the hand offered to them?"

"What? Of course not! What age are you from? Oh wait…" She nearly palmed her face as she realized what era she was really in. "Here," She repeated as she tried to regain her dignity despite her embarrassment, "I believe this is enough for you to buy some food."

He clumsily reached out to catch the two glinting coins thrown at him. Looking at it his eyes bulged out, "This, this is too much! A single coin is enough."

"Then use the other for lodging."

"Still…" He hesitated before a sudden idea struck him. Removing his black, flame pattered, right hand glove, he casually stood up and offered it to her. "Here."

Aile's eyebrow raised while deep inside of her, Fefnir squealed in delight. "I can't accept that."

A smile formed on his lips, "I'm not giving it to you, when I have enough money I intend to buy it back."

Understanding dawned on her and she casually accepted it, "All right." She said as she took the glove and inspected it for a moment. "I'm Aile by the way."

"Call me Saito. Hiraga Saito."


Went to town's clothe shop with Aile commenting the small size of the city and Louise had Aile try different clothes


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