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"You really shouldn't scare him like that." Gwen scolded, wiping Arthur's sweat soaked brow.

"Merlin scares too easily. He really is such a girl." He said with smile as he leaned back into his pillows.

"Arthur," she chided, wiping the cloth down onto his neck causing him to yelp in discomfort.

"What! You know it's true." He looked up at her with wide eyes. "Just a bit." Arthur said as Merlin entered the room carrying a tray.


Merlin jumped as a rat ran past.


She sighed as a slight smile crept on her face, "Maybe, just a little."

Gwen stared at the logs that held the body of Arthur Pendragon, her love, her life.

She sniffed but she did not cry. Her heart ached but she did not weep.

A knight, Sir Leon, solemnly approached the funeral pyre. He bowed in respect and lowered the branch.

Gwen watched as fire caught wood and started to burn.

Merlin stood beside her head bowed. Uther stood proud and tall, looking straight ahead.

She fell an arm wrap around her shoulder as Arthur went up in flames.

She felt her heart would never be the same.

But, still no tears came.