Every 1000 years. The Mamodo World is required to select a new Mamodo King. Mamodo are very special creatures with powers beyond our imaginations. Some control ice. Some lightning. Few even control the force of gravity itself. And Every Thousand Years, Mamodo's are selected for the Battle of the Mamodo King which would take place in another world. Earth. You see, Mamodo's couldn't access their special powers on their own. They needed a spell book that only a human could read. And only one specific human was to be their partner in the battle to become the King of the Mamodo World. So along with 100 Mamodo's, 100 Humans are selected as Book Readers as they are known in the Mamodo World. The Book Readers where chosen by their strength of will and other similar attributes. Because the Spells in a Mamodo book required strength from within to be continuously cast. And our story begins...now!

Chapter 1: Meeting Your Partner

How am I supposed to find my human partner among all these pathetic weaklings? Brago thought as the dark color wearing Mamodo traveled through a place in the Human World called Surrey, England. He was dropped off here. Many Mamodo where taken to the general area where they could find their partners. However, for some unfortunate Mamodo, mainly children, they get too excited and get lost. This meant that their books would most likely be burnt without having even found a partner in the first place.

"Where the hell could my partner be?" Brago asked himself semi outloud in a crowd of people in a shopping district with lots of stores.

"And finally, many reporters around the world are reporting strange phenomena." The newscaster said reporting their last story for the early evening. Harry was listening behind Aunt Petunia's wilting rose bushes as the Dursley's didn't like him sitting with them in the living room listening to the news. "Reports of strange lightning, ice, fire storms, even plants that are acting oddly have been coming in from Japan, Russia, even the Americas."

Brago had been listening to the report from a nearby home on a street called Privet Drive. His "Partner Pull" as it had been dubbed by many Mamodo was very strong here. Sounds like the battle to become the King is in full swing. Brago thought with a smirk. Simple minded humans.

"Most mysterious." The newscaster said. "That's it for the 5 O'clock news. Good Evening and we will see you at Eleven O'clock sharp."


What was that? Brago thought as a crack like a human gunshot went off in an area causing a car alarm to go off. Is it another Mamodo? Across the street a human boy of about fifteen jumped up fast and pulled some kind of stick out of his jeans that where too big for him.

Good reflexes. A weapon of some kind? Brago thought as he hid inbetween houses.

Suddenly, a obese human male started strangling the teenager and Brago growled.

"Get off!" The boy demanded and the human let go as a kind of electric current ran through the boy's body.

Interesting. The Mamodo thought. His Partner Pull was pulling him toward this scrawny teenage human. No way. Is he my partner? How could this pathetic, wimpy looking human teenager by my book reader?

"Did you hear that car backfire just now?" The male asked several neighbors who had peeked out of their windows. "Gave Petunia and me quite a fright!" The teen tried to pull off an innocent face that Brago didn't believe for an instant. He followed the teen as he walked away from Privet Drive to Wisteria Walk. And to a park where he confronted a group of boys who looked large and stupid except for one human who had a face like a rat. The scawny boy and the largest boy in the group broke apart from the other boys and talked for a while. Apparently the large boy angered the scrawny one because he aimed his apparent weapon directly at his heart.

I think I could grow to actually like this kid. Brago thought with a grin. Then the air grew cold.

What the hell are Soul Demons doing in the Human world? Brago thought in shock. He'd heard something about a pair of Soul Demon's escaping the genocide a thousand years ago but he thought they where mere rumors. The King had declared them too dangerous to be left alone and ordered all soldiers to finish the few remaining Soul Demons off.

He ran up to one of the Soul demons and punched it sending it flying into the other one.

"What the hell?" The scrawny teen asked.

"Hey kid, read the first thing you can in this book." Brago ordered tossing his spell book.

Harry caught the book the strange teen gave him and looked at him oddly. He opened the book as the Dementors caught their balance in the air. "The First Spell." He read curiously. "Reis!" The teen brought up a hand and a large orb of crackling black energy appeared in his hand. It was fired at one Dementor and it vanished.

"Damn." The teen said falling onto one knee. "I forgot that the first spell I use can weaken me."

Harry was confused. What just happened? The Dementor disappeared as the orb thing hit it. He brought out his wand. "Expecto Patronum!" He said as the remaining Dementor got nearer.

"It might even be painless...I wouldn't know...I have never died..."

He was never going to see Ron and Hermione again.

Then, their faces burst into his mind. "Expecto Patronum!" And an radiant silver stag burst from his wand and charged the remaining Dementor down. The Dementor fled afraid to get the same fate as its fellow. He then knelt beside the teenager wearing all black. "Are you all right?" He asked.

"I'll be fine. I just need to sleep is all." Brago said as he was feeling tired.

Harry quickly made to put his wand away as Mrs. Figg came walking up. "Don't put your wand away boy! Oh I'm going to kill Mundungus Fletcher!"

To Be Continued...

This is set during Order of the Phoenix obviously. How'd I do?

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